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Mining addictions
By T.D.O.
Ever grow tired of blowing everything and everyone
up just to make some cash ? well why not give
mining a go with some added tips and tricks mining
will allow you to out profit blowing things up and even
help level your character up at a steady speed .

Introducing the space Jews guide to making credits flow.
Getting ready
First off forget everything you know about mining , you do not need a ship
with a huge cargo hold and you do not need a special kind off
ship to do mining in .

What you will need is any kind off ship that can fit 1 device , the
ship can be a combat ship with guns or a trade ship with huge
cargo hold ether one will work .

after picking any ship at random you're going to need a civilian
mining device to start with

now your ship is set for mining , feel free to pop some random guns
on if you want , or fly Rambo with no guns .

As a optional extra and if you can use or even find them for sale pop on a mining coolant upgrade , MK1 or MK2 , though would recommend doing so only after you have leveled up a bit and saved up some cash .
Skills needed and explained
We all want every skill available in void
but to get there we will need a few to start
with for mining them space rocks and
making nice cash we will focus on these skills .

Industry skill group

now let me explain what these skills will
help with , Asteroid mining will allow you
to use the basic mining device and you
will need this skill to unlock mining
proficiency , as for mining proficiency this skill
will help you mine faster at greater range with
better efficiency in short you mine rocks faster
and get more per device cycle , the skill Astrogeology
will help you use the big mining device that allows
you to see what content each rock has for example
when your mining the real nice rocks and you hover
the mouse over the rock it will give you details on how
much ore is available in that rock , helps so you do not
mine a empty rock ,

Lastly for what we need the skill mining expertise
will be gold , this skill allows you to gain more XP
from mining .

For example you mine a rock and get 10 xp meh good for a start but
not what we need now upgrading this skill and mining the same rock with
the same mining device will give you 25% bonus xp at level 1 so that will be

10 + (10x0.25) = 12.5

Still a bit meh but at level 5 you will get

10 + (10x1) = 20

Double what you would normally make , still low but lets say that rock you
mine gives you 100 xp with no extra skill level in mining expertise just gives
you the flat 100 xp but at level 5 that's 200 xp per device cycle and if it takes
you 4 seconds to complete 1 mining cycle you will make a nice 200 xp every
few seconds , it will look something like this .

Flat xp rate per cycle times bonus gives you the new flat rate .

100 (100 x 0.50) = 150

Take that new flat rate and we can work out how much XP you can make every
min so let's say it takes 5 seconds for your mining device to run once that will give
you 12 runs per min

60 \ 5 = 12

Take this amount and multiply your flat rate to get the XP you will make per
min , let's take the normally flat rate XP with no bonus first .

100 x 12 = 1200

That is 1200 xp per min its ok but not great , now with a 100% bonus at max
level you will get something like this

200 x 12 = 2400

mmmm 2400 sounds like what we would love to get .

Keep in mind you also have supporting mining skills that you can upgrade
for even more speed as well as more efficiency , though for a start lets focus
only on the basics getting more XP .

Next skill group that will be needed is the social group
Social skill group

now let me explain them all , the first skill Silver tongue is your starting
skill that will unlock the rest of the group , this skill helps you loads as it
reduces the price it will cost for refueling as well as repairs and a added
bonus trade margin , great skill to grab early on when mining as this will
allow you to refuel and repair for cheaper saving you money making you
profit .

The second skill you will need is the trader skill , this skill adds to your
trade margin bonus great for trading but we want the skill that follows
called trading expertise , this skill will allow you to max the amount of XP
you gain from mining , now how that works is simple , this skill allows
you to gain more XP from selling items , which means all the nice ore you
mine will make you XP when you sell it , making you a real nice chunk extra .

having a deeper look , with normal XP gained from mining for example the 2400 XP with max skill pew min , and it takes you 1 min to fill up your ship and then head to sell , so you arrive at station and sell all your ore and make a nice 2400 extra XP just for selling the ore will look something like this at the top left of your screen

This combined with your mining XP will be how you make high levels fast
without ever killing anything .
Map location
To find the best place to mine pick a station that you
would like to sell at or even just store you ore at for
selling at a later stage it should look a little something like this

It's also important to remember that the system and station
you pick for mining has the ore you are looking for , if you
would rather want to focus on only the super expensive type
then you might have to look around a bit to find a system that
you would like.

For me though I mine every rock in every system I never miss
anything the reason for that is I want to max my profits as well
as max my XP gain , the only way to allow me this is by grabbing
every bit of ore I can find .

Now your start location should be as far away from the station
as possible and your end location should be as close as possible
to the station , this will allow you to use a real nice trick to mine all
the rocks and drag their cargo along with you to the next one enable
ling you to mine every rock all the way to the station , giving max ore
XP and once you sell cash .
Mining prossess , drag and sell
Mining is super easy all you do is hover your mouse
over a rock and press the device number where you
have your mining device , for example mine will be in
slot 4 so when I press the 4 key my device will run
once , if I hold down the 4 key the device will keep
running till I release the key .

once your cargo hold is full , depending on what ship
your using , you will want to jettison all the ore you
have mined

this will create a nice little box in space filled with all your
hard worked for ore , now head back to mining and fill up
your cargo hold again , but this time once its full you're
going to mouse over the jettisoned can in space and
press F to tractor and loot it , once its open drag all your
ore in your cargo hold to the left dropping it into the
friendly space box

this will keep adding ore to the space box thingy
allowing you to keep mining till the rock goes empty
even while using a combat ship to mine or a cargo
ship each one of them can use this nice function to
store huge amounts of ore .

so now you're wondering why the hell would you
do this ? it will take forever to move all the stuff to
the station to sell it , wrong you are , we are not
going to sell everything in the little space box we
are going to move the box to the next rock and
mine that rock as well , the way to move a box is simple .

what your going to do is head away from the little
box and then hold down space to bring your ship
to a complete stop , once you have stopped your
going to tractor the box again but this time start
tapping the W key to move forward slowly allowing
you to drag the box around in space , keep your
speed low and head to the next rock once you
stop your ship the box will smash into you , that's
ok just close the loot screen that pops up and carry
on mining and filling it up .

now once you have mined out a whole system and need
to sell the ore simply drag the box to a station aka the
home station you picked to sell at , drag it close but
not in front of the station that's a horrible location drop
it someplace like this

once you have dragged your little box all over space
and got it nice and close to a station your ready to sell
loot it and take as much as you can carry then
dock up , DO NOT SELL everything in your loot rather
fill up the station storage

simply drag from your inventory to the station
storage , undock and keep going till its full then
you're ready to sell , the reason for this is , if you
just dock and sell straight away you will get
less XP for selling small amounts but nice huge
amounts for selling loads of ore at a time , also
keep in mind once you do sell and undock the
price will change again when you dock back
up , for example you dock and sell your ore
for 12 per unit then undock and dock again same
ore now sells for 10 per unit , so rather than selling
tiny amounts aim to fill the station hold then sell
from there giving you the max amount of cash
before price change as well as max amount of XP
for selling the ore .
Final thoughts
To obtain the max amount of profit and XP from
mining and selling you will have to invest some
time and skill points into reducing the cost to refuel
as well as all the mining support skills to allow
for faster mining as well as for mining efficiency , plus
grabbing some engineering skills will allow you to
reduce fuel use to generate power as well as allow
you to use mining boosters , boosters will allow you
to mine more faster , but will reduce your mining
range to close to nothing if you full stack boosters , hence
having your mining range upgrades done will make
this small side effect nothing to think about , for max
profits when selling try mining is a system with more
than one station allowing you to sell and crash the
price on one station then head to the next one and repeat again .

Its important to remember while playing Void you
should always have fun , if you like mining then go
ahead and give this a try if you like blowing things
up then maybe this will be a good way to make some
extra credits and XP while playing multiplayer .
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webkilla Aug 9 @ 12:25pm 
Interesting guide. Sure, it takes ages to grind the xp to get all those abilities - but you do actually earn a lot of XP doing this once you get going.

I would also suggest getting the pilot skills that basically double your cargo capacity - and the skills that maximize your power generation. In fact, power seems to be the thing I run out of the fastests.

also, make sure to combine this with the Pariah expansion questline - the mega-ship you get through that lets you front-load up to SIX industrial mining lasers at once for massive mining speed boosting.

...doing that, the slowest part of the process is constantly unloading my cargo into the external cargo box and waiting for power to regen
bearhiderug Aug 28, 2017 @ 6:16am 
Maybe, I am not sure where to begin. Though it would be easiest just to edit one in game like everyone else =D
T.D.O.  [author] Aug 28, 2017 @ 3:11am 
good idea if your up for it you can always try make a mod for one
bearhiderug Aug 28, 2017 @ 2:06am 
Need a new ship for the workshop.
T.D.O.  [author] Aug 27, 2017 @ 10:18pm 
thank you bearhiderug , reason for dragging that box is to mine more then you ship would be able to move :) meaning you can keep mining and mining and mining then once your done you can move the box which is a bit slower but it acts like a huge storage container in space :D
bearhiderug Aug 27, 2017 @ 4:43pm 
Dragging that box seems like to much work and time. I will try it to see if the time is less for myself.
Nice idea though.
T.D.O.  [author] May 1, 2016 @ 9:23am 
better skill = more mining amount per level and such also there is a mining skill that allows more XP for mining which is great to have .
brat.tyriel May 1, 2016 @ 8:46am 
I noticed you can mine without the actual mining skill so why is it even in the skill tree? I'm guessing just to waste initial points?
pǝlɯǝʞɔɐɾ Feb 5, 2016 @ 7:06pm 
Please tell me the title of the quest. Maybe I could help. :D
rockin_rex Feb 5, 2016 @ 7:05pm 
me too a few , stackin up the cash..and still haven't got the damm energy source :"