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Birth of Shadows
Genre: RPG
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Jul 11, 2015 @ 6:13am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:42pm

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Your Shadow Knight's ability to cause Fear
Rage mechanics
Release date: July 2015
Play as a Shadow Knight with unique rage mechanics. Campaign and Co-op multiplayer. Create new content with powerful map editor.

Demo :

Learn the dark arts of a Shadow Knight to rescue your fiancee. Discover the cause of a plague that is ravaging the local towns. Slay enemies and destroy strongholds using an innovative combat system. Advance your character by gaining prestige, magic gems, and experience versus different creature types. Create new boards using a variety of content, including the option to add your own quests. Play these boards alone, with friends over the Internet, and share them with others.

  • Real-time role playing game with free updates
  • Play as either a male or female Shadow Knight
  • Real-time combat with 16 abilities using an innovative design
  • Unique fog-of-war and line-of-sight design create a mysterious atmosphere
  • Gain experience versus 32 different creatures types
  • Increase your prestige by defeating strongholds, bosses, and completing quests
  • Collect gems to improve your combat abilities
  • Single-player campaign game with a deep story and 100 quests
  • Single-player and network skirmish games with up to 6 players
  • Powerful map editor to create new boards
  • 46 fully-animated models and a variety of artwork for the environment
  • 10 beautifully orchestrated music tracks
  • Over 100 custom sound effects
  • Game area is wide-open with windows that can be moved and have their attributes changed
  • Game supports resolutions from 1024x768 to 2048x2048


Pursuit of Power 2 (Greenlight) :
Web site :
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Sep 11, 2015 @ 7:29pm
got an eta on the steam version yet?
< >
Gian124 Nov 14, 2015 @ 6:03pm 
Phenomenal game design! Seamless play, great computer AI ... and the storyline fits the gameplay progression like a lock & key !!! Great job, extremely impressive for an indie-designer in an era of big-studio gaming. Glad to see the integreation of games we grew up knowing / loving with the game engine and networking of todays technology. Phenomenal job creating your own game engine, world, and mechanics. Zero lag or glitching, instant response and no ghosting of images... for a Real-Time-Strategy blended with RPG genre, this game is the synergy of evertying that is great about gaming!
MikeVitt  [author] Nov 3, 2015 @ 7:41pm 
The Steam release is set for Nov 5th around 12pm EST. The store page is up now if you want to check it out :)
MikeVitt  [author] Oct 17, 2015 @ 12:09pm 
Hi everyone! I just wanted to give a quick update. I am very close to being ready for the Steam release. The new visual effects were completed a few weeks ago. I have been working on Steamworks integration for the past few weeks. Achievements are done. Auto-cloud should be configured. Multiplayer authentication just needs to be tested. I will add more Steam multiplayer and content-sharing features in a future update. The full set of changes will be posted when I am ready to launch on Steam. Thanks for your patience! :)
Eqnx8TH Sep 7, 2015 @ 9:08pm 
Spanish traslate, please!
MikeVitt  [author] Aug 30, 2015 @ 8:27am 
Thanks! I am releasing an update tonight with the smoother line-of-sight brightness transitions. Then I will start integrating with Steamworks while the new visual effects are being created by Meagan. That will be a larger update than normal. Not sure how long it will take to complete, but I will announce when I have a better idea.
necroprowler Aug 29, 2015 @ 10:52pm 
syky_finisher Aug 28, 2015 @ 9:23am 
Congratulations to being Greenlit!:greenteam:
meito_masamune Aug 28, 2015 @ 8:26am 
MikeVitt  [author] Aug 28, 2015 @ 7:39am 
Birth of Shadows was just Greenlit! I really appreciate all of your support. Thanks everyone :)
meito_masamune Aug 28, 2015 @ 4:48am 
voted! good luck!:D: