VEGAS Movie Studio 13 Platinum - Steam Powered

VEGAS Movie Studio 13 Platinum - Steam Powered

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How to fix crash on loading previous project / crash while using GPU accelerated preview
By Nick
Movie Studio crashes on startup? GPU acceleraton isn't working? Maybe you can't load your project file you've been working on for hours? This guide will help you to solve these problems.
Introduction and important info
Hello fellow video editors.
I think many of you have spend countless hours on googling (or binging?) for solutions about Movie Studio 13 crashes. NEVER AGAIN. Let me introduce you to my guide.

~Le info~
  • I'm trying to keep guide both helpful and funny so you won't get bored.
  • Guide contain top solutions to known Movie Studio/Sony Vegas problems in one place.
  • It feels nice if you rate this guide up and/or post a comment :3
  • If you made a similar guide - using my guide - be nice and credit me (post a link to my steam profile or this guide) Thank you.
  • There are hidden eastereggs.


That's all folks!
Oh... wait, no.
There's actually whole guide down there.

1 - First things you should do when Movie Studio isn't working correctly.
To solve most problems you usually have to do these things:
  • Update your graphic drivers.
  • Reset the software.
  • Check file integrity via Steam or just reinstall it.
  • Pray to any god/praise the sun if you are an atheist.

1: Updating GPU drivers
If you are using Nvidia GPU:
If you are using AMD GPU:
And... If you are using Intel GPU powered toaster:

Download drivers depending on your machine, install it, start Movie Studio and check if it solved your problems. If not - proceed to next step.

2: Resetting the software

Turn off your program, then press both CTRL and SHIFT (two on lower, left corner on your keyboard) and double click Movie Studio icon on the desktop. DONT RELASE THE BUTTONS. Program will ask you a question "Do you want to reset Movie Studio to defaults?" Obviously you click on "Yes" and proceed. You can now relase CTRL and SHIFT.

Is it working now? No? Then let's continue.

3: Checking file integrity via Steam / Reinstalling
It's pretty self-explainatory.
  • Open your Steam. (if you are not using Steam version, skip this step and reinstall Movie Studio)

  • Go to Library->Programs

  • RMB on Movie Studio 13 Platinum -> Properties -> Local files

  • When it's done - launch app again and check for any errors. If not - as usual - proceed with the guide.

  • REINSTALLING - do what that bold word say, there's nothing to add.

...or just scroll down.
2 - Fixing freezing while loading a project file / stuck at 22-33%
There are two types of this problem.

1 - Movie Studio freezes at splash screen

2 - Movie Studio freezes at loading previous project or any other project file.

Why is it happening?

Because of broken implementation of GPU preview acceleration. I'm not kidding. You need to turn it off (not exacly, explained in "GPU accelerated preview fix" step)

  • You can't launch the program, am I right?

  • Then open it holding SHIFT and CTRL key on your keyboard and double clicking program
    a warning will pop out - click yes and proceed. (It's also explained above, section 1, step 2)

  • Go to Preferences (Options -> Preferences)
    This window should appear:

  • Go to Video tab:

  • From drop-down menu choose Off instead of your graphic card.

  • Click OK and load your project.

  • Happy editing!
3 - GPU accelerated preview fix
There goes tricky part.

Nvidia GeForce users

All you have to do:

Keep in mind that this can and will downgrade your GPU drivers. If you upgrade them - GPU accelerated preview will stop working. It's because drivers in CUDA package are some kind of "special" drivers that work best with GPU accelerated stuff.

AMD/ATI users

  • /idk/
4 - Am I still able to render video via GPU acceleration?
YES. You are.
In this guide I'm just telling you to (eventually) turn off preview acceleration. Not GPU rendering.
These two are totally different things.
You can sleep in peace now, without nightmares about rendering 30sec video for 20hours.
4.1 - Why GPU accelerated preview isn't working?
It may sound stupid but - trust me - it isn't stupid.

GPU accelerated plugins are broken. Yes. Have you noticed that when you load (before fixing) any project without GPU accelerated plugin it's working? Even with enabled GPU preview acceleration?
Well... I have created new project with few images, video clip and some non-GPU fx.
It was running smoothly... until I added GPU-enabled effect or text. Then it is working till I reload project or restart Movie Studio.
If you don't belive me - try it by yourself.
5 - What about GPU rendering?
It's simple.
If you have supported hardware then it is working.
If not - it isn't.
That's really everything.
6 - The End
Thanks for reading my guide and rating it! I hope you have found an answer to your questions!

All of steps above worked for me. However I'm not using GPU accelerated preview because I need latest GPU drivers to play in my games.

If you have any questions - leave a comment.
Have you found all eastereggs? - leave a comment.
Are there any spelling errors? I'm not a native speaker, so please point them out, thanks.

Have a nice day and check out my other guide(s):

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🎮wυsιwυɢ™ Apr 28 @ 5:33pm 
Re: Chat Yeah. Success. I´ve got it to run. (But only with the Basic MS-Driver. :| So it is a GPU-Driver Prob. No Registry, no OS Build and no Software Problem.... I try VS 2017 and upgrade to a other Driver Version.... Thx again for Support Nick....
5 Minutes later : ) haha. Re: Entry: Now it works with the official NVIDIA GTX 1070 Driver. U are my man... : ) All fine. I will recommend u @ Steam... But if u want to restart the programm u have to downgrade the driver again with Cuda.... :| I will find a way...
🎮wυsιwυɢ™ Apr 28 @ 3:19pm 
Hi threre Nick. First: Thx for this detailed Guide. I owned the Platinium Version of SVP 13 today, but it won´t start. So I try to run as Admin and change the compatibilty. Nope.
I try also the Resetting. The Reset works, but when it start and load the components it will crash again.

I try NVIDIA Cuda to solve the problem now. May u can give me any support for this problem. Btw. NVIDIA Physics is also installed. No way to deactivate the GPU-Acceleration (dxdiag)
The newest GPU Drivers are also installed.
PC Specs:

Acer Predator 17 (G9-793-72AT) Gaming-Notebook
17,3" 1080p (Full HD 1920x1080)

CPU: Intel®Core i7-6700HQ 2,60 GHz, (Turbo-Boost up to 3,50 GHz)
8 MB Intel® Smart-Cache, Mobile Intel® PCH Chipset HM170
Skylake Processor-Quad Core
L3 Cache: 8 MB
Mainboard: N\A
RAM: 16384 MB DDR4-RAM
GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070 \ 8 GB \ DX12
HDD: 512 GB SSD, 1000 GB HDD
OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit
Witcherzera Apr 13 @ 11:47pm 
Great! Number 2 works for me! Thanks!!!
Arctiix Aug 8, 2016 @ 3:01pm 
It works, it finally works! :D Thanks for the write up, I've been trying to fix Movie Studio for a few days now.
Mario Feb 13, 2016 @ 12:47pm 
I tried that with win 10 and Titan X .... No CUDA Support..
Nick  [author] Jun 22, 2015 @ 10:31am 
LDClaudius Jun 22, 2015 @ 10:28am 
huh? could this explain to me why my application is looking clunckey?
Nick  [author] Jun 22, 2015 @ 10:27am 
Well, AMD haven't relased new drivers since... since... ugh, like forever. That means lower performance on W10. Nvidia relased W10 certified drivers some time ago and it runs smoothly.
LDClaudius Jun 22, 2015 @ 10:00am 
AMD GPU. In case your wondering.
Nick  [author] Jun 22, 2015 @ 9:52am 
I'm dual booting W10 with W8.1 and on both systems render times are same. I think it depends more on your hardware and drivers. Are you using GeForce or AMD?