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King Lucas
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Jul 14, 2015 @ 9:19am
Dec 1, 2016 @ 9:01am

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Release date: 2016

After an affair King Lucas had with the Witch of Sausan, the Queen lives in second marriage in an adjacent kingdom and his daugthers are the only ones left beside him. Because of this, each and every time they get lost in the castle he moves earth and sky to get them back and he only resorts to the most intrepid ones in order to find them. Will you be one of those?

We absolutely love retro gaming and this has been printed in King Lucas’ DNA. This is a metroidvania game with 2.5D graphics and classic game mechanics for the delight of platform, action and adventure games lovers. Some have already compared this one to The Maze of Galious!

Play for the favour of King Lucas and the Princess’ love. A castle will be randomly built for you and you must find her inside a little area of it. You can move horizontally and vertically through the rooms until you get to her. Once this has been achieved, a little bit harder: a larger area will be unlocked... and so on up to the hardcore experience, when the princess will be lost inside a fully unlocked castle of more than 1.000 rooms.

In this mode, your knight will get money and be able to buy improvements that you will be able to use in multiplayer mode.

Enroll for collective multiplayer searches where you will be able to compete with friends and non-friends, and take advantage of the improvements obtained in single player mode.

It’s simple: one princess, one winner... the first to find her. Be careful not to die or you’ll need to wait for the next search.

King Lucas’ castle is made of hundreds of interconnected rooms, which are reconfigured each time a new search begins. These rooms have been hand designed one by one (we don’t use procedural level design!) and there’s no two equal gameplays. Lava wells, water tunnels, ladders, tramps... this castle is a deadly place since the queen left.

You'll be able to talk and interact with a lot of NPC who will play different roles along your deed:

Grace, Micaela and Pia: The three princesses, King Lucas’ daughters, each one with her own personality and all with certain tendency to get lost. Thanks to them you’re here!
Celandine: Illegitimate King Lucas and the Witch of Sausan’s daugther.
Faust the blacksmith: You’ll be able to buy him an arsenal of weapons.
The Witch of Sausan: Will she be friend or not?
Various citizens of Sausan.
And many more...

Haunted beings, some human like, some beast-shaped, stalking in the shadows of the castle. Ancient skeletons that once were knights like you or impossible animals product of dark magic will try to make you fail in your intent of finding the princess. Do you remember Ghosts'n Goblins? We do too, and we like it... You’ll run into:

Giant spiders.
Armored rats.
Jumping slugs.
Ghosts (of course!)
And more...

Ask Faust the blacksmith for new powerful weapons that you can advance faster with, shields to protect yourself from evil or negotiate with the Witch in order to get spells and objects that will be an invaluable help in a gameplay that can become really long. Some of them are:

Fire sword.
Ice sword.
Axe (yes, King Lucas also recalls Golden Axe a little bit ;-).
Different kind of shields
Keys (to let you pass through some places)
And more...

King Lucas started as a mobile and web oriented idea but we felt it needed to be enjoyed on something bigger, something more physical than a tactile screen: a keyboard or a gamepad. It started as well as a completely 2D game and then it grew up to what you see right now: 3D graphics, 2D mechanics, orchestral music and thousands of assets. Because of this long walk, the game is quite polished at this point and we expect to be ready to release a private beta testing version in the next months and launch the game in early 2016, after the test & QA period.

DevilishGames, is an spanish game development studio. We have been releasing casual games for longer than 15 years, and finally we’ve decided to embark ourselves on the adventure of developing something really big and ambitious.
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Looks good. Would definitely buy
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At first i thought that if i were to buy this later, i would finish the game and then have nothing to do. But i think that the castle moving around every time is an awesome idea. So i vote yes!
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Looks great!
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looks cool cant wait :happy_creep:
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nice game
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yes yes yes :csgoanarchist:
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Looks great!