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Using the Dev Console to Change Stats
Using the dev console to change stats in your game WITHOUT starting a new game.

Only 1 destructive coding method needed, and it's much easier than hardcoding it yourself.
If you DO NOT know how to code, you should NOT attempt this. (though, it's simple to change a single statement).

If you ARE NOT smart enough to create a back up of the file because you do not have it officially on Steam, then you SHOULD NOT try this mod.

I WILL NOT provide a copy of my files if you mess up. There are ways to fix the errors.

If you are on a Mac and do not have it installed through steam, I do not know the folder path you set it to.

Nothing against any of you, but if you haven't done this before, it's a learning experience. It takes time, and you'll learn things on the way.
First, you must enable the dev console.

Once the Dev Console is enabled, while you're in game, press "shift + o" and it will appear at the top of your screen)

To exit the Dev Console, type in "exit" ('esecape' doesn't seem to work)
Locate the files for Sunrider Academy.
If it's through steam, there are two ways of locating it:

If on Windows, the folder path is here, and you can copy/paste it in the address bar of your computer:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sunrider Academy\"

If you don't know where it is located:

Right click on the game in your library
Click on "properties"
Go to the "Local Files" tab
Select "Browse Local Files..."

And the folder should open up.

After that, you will want to open the "game" folder.
Enabling the Dev Console
In the game folder that Sunrider Academy is located, you have a file called "options.rpy".

Rightclick "options.rpy", and hover over "open with". A small window will pop up, asking you what to open the file with. Select "notepad".

It should look a bit like this after you have opened it:

The code you will want to change is "config.developer = False".

Erease the "False" text and replace it with "True".

Note: Be sure you do not delete a single line, or a single space BEFORE or AFTER the word "False". Doing so will result in a broken game.

Once you have changed this statement, go to "File > Save As".

After the prompt has opened, follow these steps one at a time and in order! Skipping any of this will result in a broken game.

    Save As:
  • Under "File Name", save it as "options.rpy".
  • Below that is "Save Type As:", and change that to "All Files"
  • Next to the "Save" button is "Encoding", change that to "UTF-8".
Using the Dev Console
After Sunrider Academy has been successfully launched without crashing, go into either a new or loaded game.

Once the game starts, and, if it's a new game, you get your stats, activate the dev console.

To activate the dev console, press "Shfit + O" on your keyboard.

Note: Once the dev console is enabled, you can't use the interface of Sunrider Academy until you exit the dev console.

At the very top of your screen, you should see a tiny black line going across it. That is your dev console.

Once you see this bar, type in any of the code given below to change your stats.

To exit the dev console, type in "exit". I cannot stress that enough, because if some of you ask me why you can't exit the dev console, I'm not going to respond.

Yay! You did it! That's all you had to do!
Type in any of this code into the Dev Console, press enter, and your stats will change.

You can do this to multiple stats per dev use. You don't have to exit the console every time.

NOTE: Replace the "#" sign with any number you want.

For Character Stats:
  • stat_money = #
  • stat_stress = #
  • stat_intelligence = #
  • stat_luck = #
  • stat_homework = #
  • stat_charisma = #
  • stat_fitness = #
  • stat_grade = #
  • stat_prestige = #

For Clubs:
  • stat_kendo_member = #
  • stat_kendo_readiness = #
  • stat_kendo_morale = #

  • stat_science_member = #
  • stat_science_readiness = #
  • stat_science_morale = #

  • stat_swim_member = #
  • stat_swim_readiness = #
  • stat_swim_morale = #

For Affection
  • affection_sola = #
  • affection_asaga = #
  • affection_ava = #
  • affection_chigara = #
  • affection_maray= #

Note: For the affections, put the value at 100 to no longer see them. And when you want to give them a gift, change it to anything lower than 100.
Known Problems
Delayed Activation Issue
Credit: Longyoc
After pressing shfit + o and entering the code, there may be a few minutes between the time you press enter and the time the code sends the information though the system to update your stats.

Maray's Affection
Credit: Kats
Maray's max affection is higher than 100.
Maray's affection has to exceed the maximum to ensure a certain flag goes off, and you don't miss your chance on accident by asking her what the others think of you 1 day before that flag goes off. If you have 100 and you ask her what others think of you, Maray's affection/approval rating would fall by like, 5pts or something like that, and the requirement is 96, well, you basically miss the flag, so they increased her maximum.

Escape Doesn't Work
You have to physically type Exit. I put it in the guide as well, but just in case you overlook it, here it is.

No other known problems to report so far.
Helpful Guides
Once you have the dev console enabled, and you wanna go through the routes as easily as possible, I recommend you check out this guide!
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Fartface McGallihan Jul 22, 2018 @ 10:17pm 
It was a convoluted mess compared to yours shown above. That's why I speculated that perhaps they patched it at some point to have it always on.
BITE ME UNIVERSE  [author] Jul 22, 2018 @ 9:51pm 
I will add it after some testing and making sure it works. Thanks for the info.
Alien how? Messy or just gibrish?
Fartface McGallihan Jul 21, 2018 @ 8:52pm 
Dev must have unlocked console because I hit Shift-O and it appeared without issue without the file tampering plus my "options" file looked alien compared to yours... so perhaps let others know they may be able to Shift + O without file tampering at the top?

*If lucky maybe my comment will alert others to the fact they can try to skip the coding and try SHIFT + O outright right than file tamper.*
BITE ME UNIVERSE  [author] Jul 21, 2018 @ 1:46am 
Glad it was helpful. :asagapeace:
Fartface McGallihan Jul 20, 2018 @ 7:57pm 
thanks for your work, OP
BITE ME UNIVERSE  [author] Jan 12, 2017 @ 6:34pm 
@Der Boii
I stated I will not share my copy.

What you see is what I've dealth with before in my earlier guides with hard-coding. As well:

You changed the statment and if you followed the guide correctly, it should still work. The reason it didn't usually means you deleted a space after, and that's when it wouldn't work. I've done it numerous times with the code on old Sunrider back when the beta's were around.

I recommend you "verify game cache" and try again.

When you highlight the text, first highlight the "F" in false, then hold your shift key and hit your right arrow key to highlight each character after it.

When you highlight the word the first time, windows and Mac likes to also highlight an extra space after, making you highlight it again and it working without getting rid of that extra space because f**k programmers.
Racer Jan 11, 2017 @ 3:42pm 
Hey man so I just wanted to use your guide to skip some parts of the game when I realized they added the dev console in the newest patch which gets the game to version 1.02
luckily though they fucked up the options.rpy file and it's a complete mess (it looks nothing like the pictures you added) and I keep getting a name error when I try to jump to the scenes
Would it be ok if you shared your options.rpy?
Here is how mine/the official steam one looks like
InScore Nov 6, 2016 @ 1:22am 
thx it works know :3
BITE ME UNIVERSE  [author] Nov 5, 2016 @ 10:47am 
Delete the copied file after you change one of them to "True". Do NOT empty the recycle bin until you know it is wroking.
InScore Nov 5, 2016 @ 10:32am 
i know i 'm a litlle dumb but it did't work
i save as you say but the file is copyed for another local and when i click to see if the file is with the "True" it isn't