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'Life is Strange' FULL Game Guide/Walkthrough Episodes 1-5
By Randomshadows
This is a full guide/walkthrough to Life is Strange - Optional photographs and puzzles included! Quick TL;DR sections for those who want a fast run through. Minimal spoilers!
Please bear in mind that many scenarios in this game are determinant, and depend on the player's choices throughout their campaign. I've highlighted the key actions in the game in order to progress, but the choices are up to you! Explore and make sure you make the most of this game by talking to people and examining objects.

Ratings and favourites are highly appreciated! Comments on what could be improved are more than welcome! Thanks for reading, and enjoy the game.
Episode One - Chrysalis
This guide does not cover most of the non-essential choices and interactions which make this game exceptional; explore as much as you possibly can to get more character development as you go!
The beginning is simple; Walk towards the lighthouse.
Max will jerk out of her vision and you will find yourself in her art classroom where you can have a look around.

When you want to move on, take a selfie with the camera on the desk. Mr Jefferson will notice and ask you a question. When class ends, you can’t leave without speaking to him. You will now also have a chance for the first optional photo of the episode. Take a snap of the etchings on the desk in front of Max’s one.

Leaving the classroom your next target is the bathroom at the end of the hall. You have the option to look at the characters in the halls, as well as check your locker.

In the bathroom, have a look around, use the faucet, take a picture of the butterfly and then watch through the cutscene. Boom! Back in the classroom again. Use your powers to rewind and give Jefferson all the right answers in all his conversations, leave the classroom and play through the bathroom cutscene. This time, you’ll want to look at the fire bell, rewind and push the mop bucket out of the way and grab the hammer. Rewind again for good measure and smack the fire alarm to save the girl.

Let the cutscenes play out and you’ll get interrogated by the Principal. Again, give whatever answers you like and get out of there.

Blackwell Campus
Plenty of opportunities for optional photos here! Check the front of the statue. Speak to Justin by the steps and rewind for right answers to get yourself a shot.

Have a look around and speak to people; you won’t be back here again in the episode. There are petitions to sign, portfolios to view and other nice little optional chats which are key for character development. Move on to the dorms when you're done.

Have a look around first; there's an optional photo of a squirrel by the tree opposite Kate on her bench.
To get Victoria and her sidekicks out of the way, you’ll need to switch the sprinklers on. Go down the path to the maintenance room and select use on the panel.

You’ll then need to tamper with Samuel’s bucket after watching him go up the ladder with the paint. When she’s covered, she’ll let you pass.
The Dormitories
In your dorm room, you can go ahead and take a picture in your mirror. Have a good explore, and then head to Dana’s room for the flashdrive. Cue the girl drama! You’ll need to talk to Juliet and then have a snoop around in Victoria’s room. You can re-arrange the pictures on her wall for another optional photo.

Print the email from her laptop by selecting that option on it; then grab it from the printer.
Hand it to Juliet as proof and then grab the flashdrive from Dana’s desk. You can talk to her and explore.
When you’re ready, leave the dorm. Warn Alyssa about the football coming at her, and take the next optional photo of the broken window.

Head towards the main school and you’ll come across another cutscene to intervene in.

For another optional photo, go look around the parking lot and find the RV before talking to Warren.

Write on the window and take a snap before talking to Warren. From here, you’ll end up meeting an old friend –Chloe, and going back to her house.

Chloe’s House

There is plenty to interact with in her room; you will need to locate the CD in the lock box under her bed. Turn on the power socket for the Hi-Fi in the corner by the TV, and put the music on. Then it’s time to fix your camera. Outside Chloe’s room, there is also plenty to do. Explore the bathroom and enter Joyce and David’s room for a chance to save a bird from dying.
Go downstairs to the garage. In the cabinets, you’ll find a TV revealing David’s surveillance equipment. Have a look at his files too, but don’t forget to rewind to remove the evidence!
The tools you need are on top of the dryer. Turn it on, rewind and push the cardboard under the unit to be able to grab them.

Head back upstairs to fix the camera, and eventually the conversation will turn to loud music and dancing.

Grab a picture of Chloe, and then prepare for choices. Choose to hide? Then move the lamp out of the way of the closet. Whatever your choices in this section, you’ll end up leaving the house with Chloe and heading to the Lighthouse.
Instead of going forwards, if you’re after the photos, go back down the pathway and find a bird atop the large rock. Then make your way up the hill. Stand behind Chloe to get this shot.

As the conversation ends, you’ll get another crazy nightmare scene. This time, obstacles will fall in your way. Get the timing right with the rewinds and you’ll be fine. Read the newspaper at the top of the hill on the rail to snap out of the vision. The final cutscene here will end the episode.
Episode Two - Out of Time
Again, this guide does not cover most of the non-essential choices and interactions which make this game exceptional; explore as much as you possibly can to get more character development as you go!

The Dorms

This episode begins in Max’s room. Have a look around – some things are different. Don't forget to choose whether or not to water the infamous plant, Lisa! Grab the washbag from the wardrobe and head for the bathroom - down the corridor to the left. You can save Alyssa from being hit with toilet roll; you'll have her appreciation. You can also chat with Dana and Brooke if you choose.

It’s recommended that you keep tabs on Kate; so talk to her in the bathroom. Rub the link to the video off the mirror if you want after your shower, and head back to your room to get dressed.
Grab Kate's book; it should be sitting under some notes on the table beside the sofa. Rewind to prevent the soda from ruining it! Return it to Kate in her room. Another optional photo op is here; her rabbit. Again, plenty to explore in this room. Highly recommend looking at everything to help with your later choices.

Head out of the dorms and explore as you’d like. Talking to Samuel and Taylor, and getting the optional snap of the squirrel is up to you. If you want it, interact with the rubbish to lure the squirrel over, and move away from the bench.

Warren will catch you before leaving and ask you to the movies; say whatever you like!

The Diner
Exit towards the main building and you’ll grab the bus to meet Chloe at the Two Whales Diner. Once off the bus, you can interact with many of the surrounding characters, including the homeless lady out the back of the diner who sheds valuable insight into Arcadia Bay. Look through the fence from behind the diner, and you can find the optional photo of the dog. Another photo can be found in front of the diner if you look up at the sign.

Go to the bathroom inside the diner for photo number five, in the mirror.

Then go and sit down so that Chloe's mom - Joyce, can take your order. When Chloe turns up, prove your abilities to her by divulging what she has in her pockets. Fail at your first guesses, and she will show you.

She has:
- A Panda keychain
-7 Cigarettes
- 86 cents
- A parking ticket timed at 10:34am

The proof continues as she asks for a prediction of the future. You'll need to tell her that:
-The Trucker drops his mug
- The Cop's partner leaves
- Joyce stops the boys fighting
- The Jukebox goes crazy as a cockroach crawls on it

You'll be presented with a choice upon leaving the diner; whether or not to answer Kate's phonecall. Make your choice and leave.

The Junkyard

Plenty to look at in this area. The first optional photo is the old bus. The second is a Doe which appears to Max in the grassy area beyond the bus. Warning - you have to take this photo right away before an oncoming train scares it away. As a figment of Max's imagination, rewind is ineffective. You'll need to replay in collectible mode to get it, or replay the scene.

To find the bottles, I recommend watching a video tutorial; it's a lot quicker than a written explanation. Try this one:
Time to test Chloe's shooting skills. Let her shoot and then rewind to give her directions. After this, you can choose from any number of targets around the range. However, many of them will cause disasters; you'll need to rewind and correct. Taking out the wheel rim and the left tire on the car will let you move on.
One nosebleed and flashback later, you can take another optional photo of Chloe on the car. Move to the side to catch her at this angle.

Frank appears, causing trouble for you. Difficult choices again. Follow Chloe out of the Junk Yard to the train tracks. After the cutscenes, you'll need to rescue her from the oncoming train. There are several ways to do this; you can destroy the control box or choose to open it more stealthily. If you get stuck, here is the way I chose to do it;

-Grab the crowbar to the left of the trail to the control building
-Bust open the building door
-Open the drawer nearest you and grab the wire cutters
-Go back down the path to the control box, and cut the red wire
-Switch the rails before Chloe is run over.

With Chloe once again saved, you'll end up back at Blackwell; talk to Mr Madsen, then head to the science room and speak with Warren. You can choose to help him with his project and improve his grade. Get help from Ms Grant. You can take an optional photo if you've helped out.

When you're done, leave for Jefferson's class. After you've spoken to him about Kate, go in and take the last optional photo of Alyssa, get rid of Victoria and sit down for class. You can check your phone if Jefferson is looking away.

Drama again; you'll need to make use of your rewind here to move forwards to save Kate. It's a slow walk, but you'll get there. Once on the roof, you can’t use your rewind power. You'll need to talk her down using information you've gathered earlier in the episode. If you want to save her, remember key facts like her father's affection for her and her favourite Bible passage. There's a great guide to save her here:
You’ll then end up in the principal's office with a choice of who to blame. Jefferson, David, or Nathan. Choose whatever; whether you get in trouble is up to you! A slew of cutscenes will finish off this episode.
Episode Three - Chaos Theory
Again, this guide does not cover most of the non-essential choices and interactions which make this game exceptional; explore as much as you possibly can to get more character development as you go- Especially in this episode!

Max’s Dorm
Max awakens to Chloe’s text. Explore the room and make your way out of the dorm. Talk to Taylor in the bathroom and Dana on the way and have an exploration around Victoria’s room. Shine the light on the figuring on her bookcase to eventually get the photo option.

Outside, have a good look around. The Maintenance room has some clues. A photo of this squirrel can be taken by simply getting close and rewinding. Sneak past Principal Wells and head out of the yard.

Blackwell Ninjas
Talk to Chloe and search some drawers; eventually follow Warren’s instructions to make the pipe bomb. Grab the can of soda from the vending machine, get the sugar from Ms Grant’s desk in the science room (and look at Warren’s test), the weed killer from on top of the cabinet and take two photos if you like; the aquarium and skeleton are in the classroom too. Head to the back of the art room to grab the duct tape.

Construct the bomb, and don’t panic – walk into the open office and rewind to before the bomb went off!

Unlock the door and snoop around with Chloe. You can take this shot from the front of the desk.
Grab the four files from around the office and join Chloe at the PC. Choose whether or not to steal the money and bail. In the pool, choose your changing room and play the scene out. Looking around, there’s also the option to change names on the Vortex party guest list – by the far side of the pool by the fire door. Just behind you when speaking to Chloe, you’ll find the coach’s office where the controls to the pool lights live.

Flick them and go for your midnight swim.
Hide from security by running back the way you came in, and then hide in one of the far away toilet stalls and head back towards the pool.

Chloe’s House
The next morning, wake up by taking a selfie and try to put your own clothes on.

Borrow some clothes from Chloe’s closet and head to the bathroom to take an optional photo;

Head downstairs for breakfast. Depending on your choice, collect the eggs from the bag by the front door, the bacon from the fridge and the milk from the table. If you open the window and shoo the bird out of the house from the bookcase and mantle, you can go outside to find it for a photo.

Wait for Joyce to get out the picture album and sit through the dialogue. Searching the garage for the password; go try the car under the sun visor for the diner receipt.

On the other side should be the password. David comes home and you’ll need to make another tough choice.

The Diner
After leaving the house with Chloe, head to the trucker just outside the diner and talk to him about his Needam and Rachel Amber to get a photo of his truck across the street.

Round the corner, take a snap of the dead bird surrounded by ants, and try talking to the homeless lady.
In the diner, interrogate the cop and Nathan, and get the keys off Frank. Find out more about his dog or him and Rachel Amber to get him to show the keys off. Head back out to Chloe, protect Alyssa if you like, and then throw the dog a bone.
Once inside the RV, look in the vents in the bedroom and grab the knife from the sink to pry the one on the wall by the door open. Talk to Chloe and bail from the RV.

♥♥♥♥♥ ain’t seen no Back to the Future II
Back in Max’s room, follow instructions to focus the picture. Play through the dialogue and take a picture of Chloe using the camera beside her. Have a look round.

Wait until William leaves; the scene needs to play out. Then rewind to steal his keys from under the baseball cap on the coffee table. Throw them out the back door, the window or down the sink, so he won't find them.

One hell of an ending later, we’re waiting for the next episode!
Episode Four - Dark Room
As always, this guide does not cover most of the non-essential choices and interactions which make this game exceptional; explore as much as you possibly can to get more character development as you go! For this episode in particular, it is extremely important to explore.

A lot of cutscene to begin with. As usual, say what you feel most appropriate. Get Chloe some water by grabbing the cup on the side-bench to the right of the bedside.

After more conversation, feel free to have a look around and grab the Bladerunner DVD from the drawer by the DVD player, near the TV.

When Chloe asks for her morphine, you’ll need to exit her room and make your way to the upstairs bathroom. It can be found in the left side of the cabinet above the toilet there. Again, feel free to explore.

Use the morphine with Chloe, and you’ll put it into the IV drip. Find the photo album on the dresser to the left of Chloe’s bed beside the window. Bring it to her, and flip the pages of the book as the girls reminesce.
Then consider her request. Choose as you will, and focus on the photo by pressing the left and right keys, and then the right and left mouse buttons until you hear the full sound of the girls.

The scene will play out, and Max will return to the Original Timeline in Chloe’s Bedroom. Get up, and then examine the board to continue.
Head downstairs to gather evidence from David’s locker in the garage. There are several ways to open it, but the easiest is with the code itself; 7171. Grab the documents and head back to the stairs to call Chloe down.

If you saved Kate, at this point Max can go to the hospital. Talk to her about Nathan for her help in finding his room number.

In the Prescott Dormitory Grounds, speak to some people to get confirmation that Nathan is off campus. Specifically, Daniel or Ms. Grant. Brooke will also help if you didn't agree to "Go Ape". After confirming Nathan is gone, speak to Chloe to go into the Dorm. Take the corridor to the left to find Nathan’s room (111). Investigate his PC, and then pull the couch back after examining the scuff marks on the floor; you will find his phone. Leave and head to Chloe. Nathan will approach and Warren will intervene. Choose to what extent they fight, and exit the Dorm.

Frank is next. This part is quite complex, with several possible results particularly related to previous decisions. I recommend going with your gut. However, here is a list of actions you should take for a consequence free scenario:

After failing, it is possible to ask Chloe to behave herself, discard her weapon if she has one, or ask Frank to close the RV door (if Pompidou is unhurt).
- Give Money (if you stole it from the handicapped fund)
- “I’m Sorry”
- “You Scared Me” OR "Old Hideout"
- “I love dogs” OR “Dog Rescue”
- “Rachel Photos” OR “You Know Rachel”

I’ll update here with a more detailed guide for every option when I have time, but for now here is a partially completed flow-chart for you!

Back at Chloe’s house, Max will need to organise the evidence gathered. This part is a little tricky.
Frank’s Clues
First, you will need to combine Frank’s account book with the name sheet he gave you. Then choose the three pages with multiple entries for Nathan, who shows up as “Rott”.

David’s Clues
Choose the Co-Ordinates sheets, License Plate pictures and Nathan’s pictures. From there, select the page for SXFTNDR, Nathan driving his car and the license plate photo matching it; the one to the far right with the busted light.

Nathan’s Clues
Choose the phone, the sim card, student file and small piece of paper. Use either the PUK code, or his DOB (0829), to unlock the phone.

You will then finally need to choose the third sheet of Nathan's texts (the top one), the first co-ordinates paper from the right, and the picture of the barn in order to solve the mystery of the location Nathan visited with Kate.

When you arrive at the barn, have a look around. To the left side of the barn, there is a movable sheet of metal, which you can use to get inside the building.

Locate the trap-door on the ground at the far wall (opposite the front doors of the barn). Try to open it, and then attach the hook on Max’s right to the trapdoor. Get a leg up from Chloe to the rafters above. Pull down the old motor above you to climb up. Rewind directly after this to pull the motor back up. You can then attach the motor to the other end of the rope to use as a counterweight, which busts the lock. Jump down and open the hatch.

Use the code “542” to get inside the room. Have a good look around. In the cabinet behind the PC desk, you’ll find the red files. After you’ve examined them, you’ll have time to look around before you head off to the Junk Yard with Chloe.

At Blackwell, after enduring cutscenes, you’ll find yourself in the Vortex Party. Speak to whoever you like, and find a way into the VIP section. This is slightly different depending on whether you got your name on the guest list in Episode Two or not. Either speak to Sarah at the entrance to the VIP curtain at the side of the pool, and then Courtney, who is by the bar alone, or go around to the opposite side of the pool and move the bollard. Move past it, and rewind before the angry DJ Doom comes for you! [/
Inside the curtain, speak to whoever you like about Nathan, but particularly Victoria. She's to the right of the bar beside Logan, and you'll need to speak with her to move on. Choose whichever options suit you in her conversation, and move on to leave with Chloe. After another cutscene, your next action will be to simply follow Chloe.

And then prepare yourself. Dear god, prepare yourself.

Episode Five - Polarized
As always, this game is best experienced by interacting in as many ways as possible with the world around Max. This episode is no different! Lots of cutscenes and dialogue in this one, but definitely one to explore in full detail for the best effect possible!

Max wakes up in the Dark Room. Break the bonds on her right leg and pull the trolley towards her. Then focus on the photograph. After the cutscenes you can speak with Victoria briefly. Again, focus on the photograph. Look at Max's journal on top of the crates to the left by the lamps and film equipment. Rewind all the way and speak to Jefferson about the Journal.

Focus on the photo, and then answer the dialogue questions. Examine the bag to Max's right leg and skip to the last page, then use the phone. For the optional photo in this scene, comfort Kate and the shot option appears.

On the plane, just examine the screen and you'll move on. In the gallery, head upstairs and examine your own photo on the back wall. If you want the optional photo, you'll need to take it before this, by standing behind the redheaded girl in the lower ground floor, and using her camera.
Head back upstairs and focus on the photo; do it quickly or you'll be interrupted.

Make the change by going ahead and tearing up the picture from the camera behind Max. Talk to Jefferson. Rewind after the scene and you'll be able to warn David, and also ask Jefferson for a photo, or for some water. This part is all about timing. Too late and you'll miss the mark, too early and you'll be turned on yourself. Select the warn option on the tripod Jefferson uses, just as it comes into line with the whiskey bottle. Shout at David to use the camera beside him, and then trip the cord on the lamp to Max's left.

Have a conversation with David about the situation, and leave the room.
Head into town. To save Alyssa, you will need to have saved her from harm in every episode. To save Evan, you need to talk to him before the debris hits him. To save the trucker, go to him by his truck and select help.
Head to the ruined building on the left hand side of the street, and go through the wall. Select use on the fuse box to the left by window. Walk through the fire to the fisherman and rewind to revive him. You can then access the fuse box through the broken glass in the window. Leave the building. Head towards the Diner, and use the sandbox in front of the building to stop the fire from spreading. Optional photos here are the burning whale beside the entrance and the car on the roof of the building to the right of the diner. Try the front door, then head round the side and try the back door. Head into the main diner and speak with everyone if you like, and then Warren. He will produce the photo and you can focus on it after making your decision.

Head to the scene and convince Chloe to believe you. Make her care about what Jefferson did to Max, and she'll comply.

The nightmare sequence is difficult to follow sometimes, so bear with me here.

Back in the classroom again, play through the scene as you did in the beginning of the game. Leave and you'll be in the dorm. Speak to Kate, follow her through her door. Then take the key from the table by the bathroom door, and unlock Dana's room. Rachel's room is the first door on the left; go through it too. Go to Victoria's Room. Head to Max's room. If you want the optional photo, head to the window by the bathroom door first and take a photo of the squirrels.

Head down the corridor to the bathroom; the spirit doe is at the end of the corridor.. it'll guide you. If you want the photo, open your journal in front of the skeleton decoration by the bathroom and then take the photo - you have to do the process in reverse.

Go around to the left and follow the pictures towards the lighthouse til you get to the floor cushion. Facing the lighthouse from there, turn directly around; follow the pictures. Jefferson is around the corner to the left so be alert. Keep going round til you get a clear path to the lighthouse. You'll need to go through the next section avoiding the light by hiding in the photoboards, towards the lockers.

Avoid the various other figures and keep heading in the direction of the lighthouse. The Go Ape photograph is hidden in Warren's locker; if you can find it, go ahead and take it. You'll find yourself in the JunkYard, all mashed up. Find every bottle for the last optional photo, and take it when they're lined up on the plank, similar to Chloe's gun range. Avoid the lights and keep heading towards the lighthouse. Sit on the bench, and wait out the cutscenes.

Try the door keypad, and then find the code reflected in the mirror; 0311.

Move through the diner and speak to Max. Then follow the pathway towards the lighthouse again.

Then make your choice.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to use this guide! I hope it was helpful to you, and that you enjoyed the game as much as I did.
Photograph Guide - Episodes 1 & 2
Episode One

Location: Art Classroom in the first section of the game, one table forwards from Max's.

Location: After speaking to Justin in front of the School by the steps, you can get a shot of the fallen skater.

Location: Statue in front of the school building.

Location: By the tree opposite Kate at the far end of the dorm courtyard.

Location: Victoria's Room - rearrange the photographs on her wall by the door.

Location: Max's room - take a snap of her in the mirror.

Location: After helping Alyssa move away from the football, turn for a shot of the window.

Location: Parking lot before meeting Warren - Draw on the window and take a picture.

Location: The end of the pathway going backwards when with Chloe at the lighthouse.

Location: Behind Chloe as she's sitting on the bench at the end of the episode.

Episode Two

Location: In Kate's room when returning her book.

Location: Bench on the far side of the dormitory courtyard. Grab some garbage to attract him and step away.

Location: the front of The Two Whales diner.

Location: Take it through the fence behind the diner.

Location: Bathroom of the diner.

Location: The old school bus just behind you when starting out in the junkyard.

Location: The grassy area of the junkyard. Take it quickly! Rewind will not work here.

Location: Junkyard with Chloe - move to this angle to get it.

Location: After helping Warren with his experiment, you can take this one.

Location: The Art classroom by the window.

Photograph Guide - Episodes 3 & 4
Episode Three

Location: Victoria's Room - Shine the light on the figure for a good while and it'll bring up the option.

Location: Outside by the far bench in the yard.

Location: The Science classroom by the window.

Location: The science classroom by the far door and supplies cupboard.

Location: Wells' office in front of the desk.

Location: Chloe's bathroom mirror

Location: Chloe's back yard. Open the window in the living room and shoo out the bird sitting on top of the bookcase in the corner, and then the fireplace. You'll see it fly outside.

Location: Outside the diner. Talk to the trucker and then rewind to say about his Needham and that you learnt about it from Rachel Amber.

Location: Down the side of the diner.

Location: Chloe's kitchen during the flashback. You'll need to take it before William moves to the phone.

Episode Four

Location: Behind Chloe at the desk just after returning to the Original Timeline

Location: Move the plank to access the bird's nest and take the shot.

Location: The cairn to the far side of the campus boundaries near Tobanga.

Location: The window of the Boy's Dormitory; turn right at the junction of the hall.

Location: On the beach opposit Frank's RV.

Location: The bird on the fence to the side of the barn. Quick, or it'll fly away!

Location: The top rafters of the barn to the side. Find the sleeping owl behind the hay bales.

Location: Look up to the windows of the swimming pool to see the moons.

Location: The boys' bathroom can be accessed through the door by the entry desk for the VIP section. Take this cool shot of Justin by the sink.
Photograph Guide - Episode 5
Photograph 1:
Art Classroom, Comfort Kate and then you can take this shot.

Photograph 2:
In the Art Gallery, downstairs. You can take a shot of the redheaded girl on the bench by using the camera beside her.

Photograph 3:
Dark Room, after Jefferson burns Max's Diary. Rewind after Jefferson ambushes David. You can then ask him for one last request - choose the Photo option here.

Photograph 4:
The dead whale to the left by the diner. I put out the fire first and then took this shot.

Photograph 5:
The car on the roof by the Diner. From this angle you can take it.

Photograph 6:
In the classroom during all the creepiness, the picture can be taken of the desk, the same as the first ever photo opportunity.

Photographs 7, 8, 9 and 10 are all captured in the Nightmare sequence. It's pretty long, and you'll need to repeat the whole thing to get the opportunity to get any pictures you missed

Photograph 7:
In the hallway puzzle sequence, during the Max corridor with the polaroids, head to the window by the bathroom and photograph the giant squirrels.

Photograph 8:
Go to the skeleton display by the bathroom in the corner - it's the same one from the science classroom; you have to take the photo in reverse order. So open your journal first and then take the photo... it's crazy

Photograph 9:
In the hallway of lockers, you can find Warren's by sneaking past him, turning the corner to the right towards Samuel, waiting for him to go by and heading down to the right. The photo can be taken inside it.

Photograph 10:
Collect all five bottles in the nightmare junkyard scene. they aren't too hard to find; if you need help, I suggest searching Youtube for a video to get your bearings!

Head towards the lighthouse and snap a shot of them lined up on the gunrange.

PM me if you're stuck on anything in particular and I'll help right away!
Thanks for using my guide =)
TL;DR - The Quick Guide - Episode One
For more detail and screenshots, go ahead and look at the full Episode One section of this guide.It's highly recommended that you go through each area and explore fully. For all the optional photos, check the full guides, or the Photo section!

1. Walk towards the Lighthouse
2. Take a selfie
3. Speak to Mr Jefferson and then head out of the class to the bathroom.
4. Turn on the faucet to wash your face.
5. Take a picture of the butterfly
6. Do everything over again; follow the instructions on how to rewind, and give all the right answers.
7. Move the mop bucket away to find the hammer. Grab it and activate the fire alarm.
8. Make your way towards the dorm to find your way in blocked by Victoria.
9. Tamper with Samuel’s paint bucket and activate the water sprinklers to make Victoria move.
10. Go to your room and search the desk for a post-it from Dana. Go back to the hall to talk to Juliet.
11. Search Victoria’s laptop and print out the email to take to Juliet.
12. Speak to Dana and grab the Flashdrive from her desk.
13. Make your way to the parking lot – there should be a cutscene in between to interact with.
14. Go to Warren and chat with him, and you’ll eventually end up in Chloe’s house.
15. Find the CD in the lock box under Chloe’s bed. Turn on the power for the Hi-Fi in the corner and put on the CD.
16. Go downstairs to the garage and find the tools. Use the door just off the living room.
17. Turn on the dryer, rewind and push the cardboard under the unit. Turn the dryer on and off again.
18. Go back to Chloe’s room and try to fix the camera.
19. Take a photo of her, and prepare for big choices!
20. Hide or don’t hide – up to you. Move the lamp out of the way and get in the closet if you’re hiding.
21. Whatever happens, you’ll leave through the window with Chloe.
22. Follow Chloe to the lighthouse and speak to her on the bench.
23. Head towards the lighthouse, dodging the obstacles with your rewind.
24. Grab the newspaper on the railing at the top of the hill.

TL;DR - The Quick Guide - Episode Two
For more detail and screenshots, go ahead and look at the full Episode Two section of this guide.It's highly recommended that you go through each area and explore fully. For all the optional photos, check the full guides, or the Photo section!

1. Press the snooze button and get up.
2. Grab the wash supplies.
3. Head to the bathroom down the hall to the left.
4. Talk to Kate and the shower.
5. Rub the link off the mirror if you like.
6. Go back to your room and dress.
7. Pick up Kate’s book on the side table by moving the glass out of the way after rewinding.
8. Take the book back to Kate’s room; have a look around in there to get a bit more insight into her character.
9. Head out towards the front of the main school to grab the bus to the diner.
10. Go in and grab a booth at the end.
11. Order food from Joyce and wait for Chloe
12. Prove your skills to Chloe by telling her she has: A panda keychain, 86 cents, a parking ticket set to 10:49am and a pack of 7 cigarettes.
13. You’ll then need to predict that: The trucker drops his mug, the cop’s partner leaves without him, Joyce breaks up the fight and the Jukebox freaks out due to a cockroach.
14. After this, you’ll head off with Chloe to the Junkyard. On the way out, choose whether to answer your phone or not.
15. In the junk yard, you’ll need to collect 5 bottles. Check out a video guide for this one; it's way more helpful than directions or pictures.
16. Help Chloe with the shooting; you can rewind to determine where to aim, and after that pick the wheel rim to the left and the left tire on the car.
17. After the fainting, speak to Chloe.
18.Choose whether or not to shoot Frank and then leave the junkyard.
19. Save Chloe from the train in whatever way you like. I chose this method:
- Grab the crowbar
-Bust open the door
-Grab the wire cutters from the first drawer by the door
- Run back to the control box by the tracks
-Cut the red wire
-Switch the tracks

20. Head towards the science classroom to talk to Warren; choose whether or not to help with his science project.
21. Talk to Mrs. for information on helping him.
22. Go towards the art classroom and sit down for class after talking to Jefferson on the way in.
23. Rescuing Kate - you'll need to use your rewind the whole way back to freeze time and walk forwards
24. It's a long walk to the roof- but the door is at the far end of the corridor just after Max's room.
25. Rescue Kate or let her jump - it's your actions which make the difference here. For a more detailled guide, check here:
26. In the Principal's office, blame who you will - again the choice is yours!
27. After all the cutscenes, the episode will end here.

TL;DR - The Quick Guide - Episode Three
For more detail and screenshots, go ahead and look at the full Episode Three section of this guide. It's highly recommended that you go through each area and explore fully. For all the optional photos, check the full guides, or the Photo section!

1.Leave your room and talk to either Taylor in the bathroom or Dana in her room.
2. Search Victoria's Room.
3. Go out and sneak past Principal Wells
4. Follow Chloe into the office and speak to her.,
5. Search 4 drawers for the key.
6. Follow Warren's instructions by....
7. Grabbing a soda can from the vending machine
8. Grabbing sugar from Ms Grant's desk in the science room
9. Grabbing the weed killer from the top of the science supplies cabinet
10. Getting duct tape from the back of the art classroom
11. Bring the pipe bomb to Chloe
12. Step into the office and rewind time to before the bomb being activated
13. Unlock the door
14. Search the office for the files.
15. Choose wisely about the money!
16. Get out of there and go for a swim.
17. Choose a locker room and then turn on the pool lights in the coach's office, just behind you when you talk to Chloe.
18. Pool dialogue followed by a run to the door you originally came through - run through the girl's locker room to the far door.
19. Hide from David either behind some lockers or in one of the far toilet stalls. Rewind if he catches you!
20. Head towards the pool to get away from David and end up back at Chloe's house.
21. Wake up by taking a selfie.
22. Try to put on your clothes.
23. Search Chloe's wardrobe for Rachel's clothing.
24. Go downstairs and make breakfast.
25. Gather eggs from the front door, milk from the table and bacon from the fridge (decision dependent).
26. sit at the table and eat while Joyce gets the photo album.
27. While Chloe covers for you, enter the garage.
28. Go to the laptop and try typing in the password.
29. Get the diner receipt date from the car sun visor.
30. Go back to the living room and speak to Chloe.
31. Make a decision about whether to support Chloe or David!
32. Leave the house and head for the diner.
33. Speak to Frank
34. Interrogate both the cop and Nathan:
-Ask about the dog
-Ask about The Prescott/ police alliance
- Ask about Rachel Amber with Frank.
35. Confront Frank and steal the keys.
36. Get back to Chloe and throw the dog's bone.
37. Go to the vent by the door in the RV bedroom
38. Grab the knife from the sink and pry open the vent
(If you did not shoot Frank and he has the gun, you can steal it back if you wish in this time frame. Find it in the RV!)
39. Take the book to Chloe
40. Back in Max's room, press the A and D buttons, then the mouse buttons to focus the photo.
41. Let the scene play out and wait for William to leave the house.
42. Rewind and steal his keys from under the baseball hat on the coffee table.
43. Put them down the sink or throw them out the back door/ window.
44. Watch as things get even more dramatic than you expected.....

TL;DR - The Quick Guide - Episode Four
1. Get Chloe water from the side bench to the right of the bed.
2. Grab Bladerunner from the drawer to the left of the DVD player, and put it on.
3. Head to the upstairs bathroom.
4. Grab the morphine from the left side of the medicine cabinet above the toilet.
5. Get the meds to Chloe.
6. Fetch the photo album from the dresser to the right of the window.
7. Flip the pages of the album.
8. Consider Chloe’s request.
9. Focus on the photo using directional keys, then mouse buttons.
10. Cutscenes, cutscenes! Press Space to get up.
11. Examine the Board.
12. Head downstairs.
13. Use the code 7171 on David’s padlocked locker. (Easiest method)
14. Call Chloe downstairs.
15. (Determinant) Head to the hospital, talk to Kate about Nathan.
16. Talk to Daniel, Ms Grant (Or Brooke if you chose not to Go Ape with Warren) at Blackwell to confirm Nathan isn’t on campus.
17. Speak to Chloe and head into the dorm.
18. Head to Nathan’s Room (111, round the corner to the left).
19. Search his PC, then the scratch marks on his floor by the couch.
20. Move the couch and grab the cellphone.
21. Head back to Chloe.
22. Choose whether to intervene in the situation.
23. Leave Blackwell and head to Frank’s.
24. Choose these options:
- Give Money (if you stole it from the handicapped fund)
- “I’m Sorry”
- “You Scared Me” OR "Our Old Hideout"
- “I love dogs” OR “Dog Rescue”
- “Rachel Photos” OR “You Know Rachel”
25. Organise the evidence by examining each section of the board.
26. Frank’s clues – Account book and client sheet.
All three pages with “Rott on them”

27. David’s clues – Co-Ordinates sheets,
License plate photos,
Nathan’s photos.

28. Nathan’s Clues – Phone,
SIM Card,
Blackwell File,
Scrap paper with numbers.
29. Choose the barn picture, the third sheet of texts (top one) and the first Co-ordinate slip on the right.
30. Head to the Barn with Chloe. Move to the left side of the barn and move the metal sheet.
31. Explore the barn, and locate the trap door on the ground; far wall directly opposite the front doors.
32. Attach the hook at Max’s right side to the lock after examining it.
33. Get a leg-up from Chloe to the rafters.
34. Pull down the old motor and climb up.
35. Rewind it back up.
36. Attach the other end of the rope to it, and pull the motor down to kill the lock.
37. Open the hatch.
38. Use the code 542 on the door.
39. Head to the cabinet behind the desk and look inside.
40. Head to the junkyard with Chloe.
41. Head back to Blackwell (cutscenes again).
42. Head into the party through the curtain after talking with Stella, and get into the VIP section.
43. (Determinant) Speak with Sarah by the curtain entrance to the section, and then Courtney, or go to the far side of the pool and push the Lane Reel. Rewind after walking past the disaster. Both these will get you inside depending on whether you schmuzed with Courtney or not.
44. Head into the VIP section and talk to Victoria. She's to the right of the bar with Logan.
45. Ask her about Nathan, and choose your dialogue.
46. Head over to Chloe and click to leave with her.
47. Follow Chloe. Keep up with her.
48. Cutscenes... Dramatic… dramatic…cutscenes.

TLDR; The Quick Guide - Episode Five
1. Break the bonds on Max's right ankle.
2. Pull the trolley towards her.
3. Focus on the photograph.
4. Speak with Victoria.
5. Focus on the photograph.
6. Look at Max's journal by the crates to the left by the photo equipment.
7. Rewind and speak to Jefferson about the Journal.
8. Focus on the photo and go through the dialogue.
9. Examine Max's bag to the right on the floor.
10. Skip to the last page and then use Max's phone.
11. For the optional photo, speak to Kate.
12. Examine the screen on the plane seat.
13. Head upstairs in the gallery towards the back wall, and examine your photo.
14. Go back upstairs and focus on the photo.
15. Tear up the photo.
16. Talk to Jefferson.
17. Rewind and warn David.
18. Ask Jefferson for a photo or some water.
19. Timing - Click warn on the tripod just as it comes inline with the whiskey bottle.
20. Shout at David to use the camera.
21. Trip the lamp wire to Max's left.
22. Talk to David, and leave.

For instructions on how to save everyone, see above section!

23. Enter the ruined building to the left of the town past the truck.
24. turn on the fuse box by the wall to the left next to the window.
25. Leave the building.
26. Use the sandbox in front of the diner.
27. Head to the side door and enter.
28. Speak to Warren.
29. Focus on the photo.

30. Convince Chloe to believe you; make her care about what Jefferson did to Max.
31. Play through the classroom scene again.
32. Speak to Kate, and enter her door.
33. Grab the key fromt he table by the bathroom door.
34. Enter Dana's room.
35. Enter the first door on the left.
36. Enter Max's room.
37. Enter the bathroom at the end of the hall.
38. Head around the gallery avoiding Jefferson; follow the pictures, and head towards the lighthouse.
39. Avoid the light and hide behind the picture boards.
40. Avoid the people and head towards the lighthouse.
41. Sit on the bench.
42. Try the door keypad. Use the code 0311.
43. Move through the diner and speak to Max.
44. Follow the path towards the lighthouse.
45. Speak to Chloe.

46. Make your choice.
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