Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic, 2005)

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic, 2005)

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How to Install Mods, v1.3 Patch, & a List of Mods to Try
This guide will show anyone the directory on how to install mods and will also list a couple of them. I do not take credit for any of these mods in this guide. This is literally a guide to where you can download these mods from where their creators posted them. Also don't be shy and thank them for making all of these mods possible!
Directory for Patch and Mods
To install the patch and mods, follow this directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\

Or go to your Library and right click on the game. Go to properties and then click on the tab "Local Files". Lastly click on Browse local files.

Then create a folder named addon.
V1.3 Patch r117 Installation
If you downloaded the r129 patch from the link below, then ignore this section. This is here for those who downloaded r117, not r129.

Create a new folder within the addon folder named AAA-v1.3patch. Extract the patch to the newly created folder and then open up the folder. Run menu.bat and follow the instructions. Once completed, run the game and check for new maps, eras, etc. If installed correctly, you should see the new content and a fake console in the pause menu.
Mod Installation
Simply extract the mod and place it in the addon folder. Otherwise, read the readme file that came along with the mod.

Also if you are crashing from the the 500 mission limit, you have too many mods installed. If you don't want to get rid of the mod(s), create another folder inside the GameData folder called addon_inactive. Place the mod(s) in this folder and it should stop the 500 mission limit.
Link to r129 Patch
Do not follow the patch section above if you download the link below. It was put there to help those who had downloaded r117 and not r129.

UnOfficial v1.3 Patch r129 for GOG·Steam·Retail by Spiret
Visual Mods
These mods are compatible with one another in the sense that it will not cause or do harm to one another. These mods will not change anything from the base game other than to visually upgrade certain things. These mods are online compatible as well. Be sure to read the readme that comes with these visual mods as they have different directions than the rest of the mods.

Battlefront Evolved (graphic enhancement & online compatible) by Frayed Wires Studios

"Battlefront: Evolved is a simple mod which is designed for people who play unmodded online. It improves the look of the existing sides, with better models, textures, and effects. It is completely online compatible."

Rezzed maps (Graphic enhancement & online compatible) by Dev0lved

"This is my attempt at re-texturing the maps in the game with no care for file sizes. These are replacements, so they should be multiplayer compatible. Please can someone test this for me? The only files edited are .tga, .fx and .lgt which from what I understand shouldn't affect any multiplayer or other mods."

In-game skin changer beta by CommanderAwesome

"Is it online-compatible?

Can I use this with <insert mod name here>?
I originally thought it would be compatible with most mods, but I was wrong. After the release of the first beta I received dozens of crash reports. That said, it MAY still work with some mods, but all I can guarantee is that it'll work for the original, un-modded sides."

Having Battlefront Evolved installed will cause crashes on certain skins. For the best experience, play using unmodded sides. r129 is required for this mod.

Snol-ENB V1.5 by poepsnol38

"POEPSNOL38 - Bf2 Snol-ENB Enables a few effects like:
High Bloom
Better water reflection
Sharper Shadows
Godrays (only on Endor)

This mod could make the game run like s*** If your hardware is too old.
I've tested everything myself every map is playable without crashes or problems.
THE MOD IS TURNED ON BY DEFAULT, - Website description lied O_O
You can toggle the ENB at any moment(also in the menu and loading screens) using SHIFT+F12"

Map addons
These map addons are compatible with one another in the sense that it will not cause or do harm to one another.

Mos Eisley Spaceport [] by Rends

"...Rends's "Mos Eisley Spaceport" is about as accurate a recreation of any movie location as one could hope for. It recreates, of course, the iconic "wretched hive of scum and villainy" we all saw in great detail in Star Wars..."

Coruscant City Droid Invasion [] by Bantha 55

Jedi Temple Order 66 [] by Darth_Z13

Verena Defence: Immortal [] by Arcane_Penguin

"The Republics Capitol Ship Immortal is the last defence between the CIS and Verena untill the Republic Fleet arives.

It has crashed on the Planets Moon. The CIS have landed on the other side of a small Power Plant."


"This is a mod map based on the game "Star Wars: Republic Commando" and designed for those who enjoy:
- the feeling of being the last player left on their team during Conquest matches
- the feeling of cornering the enemy to their last CP during Conquest matches and blasting them without mercy
- mindless shooting with some strategy
- fighting while under overwhelming odds
- playing 2-Flag CTF, Hunt, Hero CTF, Hero Assault, and/or Team Deathmatch

The design of the map itself is loosely based on the multiplayer map of a similar name."

Hypori: Greivous Attacks [] by Dann Boeing

"The setting is at a crash site on the planet Hypori from the Clone Wars Animated Series. This is where General Greivous made his first appearance and greatest strike. You can either play as Jedi, or as the enourmous CIS army. Around 18 jedi at a time vs. more than 200 droids. Fortunately, a division of the Republic's Clone Army has recently touched down and will help the Jedi fight the CIS army. Victory is possible for each team. This battle is the beginning of the end for the Jedi, whether they win it or not is up to you."

Coruscant: Skyline [] by yuke5

Geonosis: Landing at Point Rain [] by Darth_Spiderpig

"My map plays right after Waxer and Boil rescued Obi Wan out of the crashed Gunship and
medically treated him in the defense area they set up. Now the CIS and the geonosians are
attacking and Obi Wan has to fight even though he is already injured. Can the Republic
defend or even push the CIS back and destroy the shield generator so that the Strike Force
can destroy the Droid Factory?"

Bug with award weapons causing a freeze bug requiring a restart

Capital Strike 2.0 [] by Darthdaddy

"The Story:

Clone Wars � A Trade Federation coreship was intercepted by Republic forces as it entered the orbit of an Outer Rim world. The coreship has crash-landed on the planet's 2nd moon, but is not entirely destroyed. Despite the fact that a Republic Assaultship is holding position over the crash site, a CIS capital ship has moved into the area and is attempting a recovery mission. CIS troops are already landing at the site and preparing a ground defense. It promises to be an intense fight in the thin atmosphere and on the ground!"

Attack on Venator (Republic Cruiser) [] by ForceMaster


"This is an interior map, not a space map, though it is possible to fly around in space in conquest mode.

Conquest mode is more of a boarding party mode; the rebels start with 1 cp in the hangar, and the Imps have the other 15.
Playing as the Imps will be easier because of this and the fact that they have the higher "ground."

This map successfully makes use of multiple levels, this being achieved through careful planning."

Map addons Part 2
These map addons are compatible with one another in the sense that it will not cause or do harm to one another.

Naboo: Theed Hangar [] by Koolaid7g


- Complete Theed Hangar, including the generator room area as seen in Phantom Menace!

- 95% ALL NEW models and objects!

- Battle as either Darth Maul or Obi-Wan in a one-on-one battle royale!

- Enjoy conquest and CTF, both in the Clone War and Civil War eras!

- fight for the first time as the Royal Security Forces!"

Christmas in Jinglin' Town [] by Dann Boeing

"In the snowy little town called Jinglin' Town, it's christmas every single day. What is there to do other than open presents? Snowball fights. All weapons have been modified to shoot snowballs, presents, candycanes, and of course Beer. The town is in a small rural-ish area surrounded by snowy forest and a frozen lake. Up on the higher part of town up the hill there is also a more rustic area. There are a couple cabins as well in the forest. There is a small park by the town with a frozen pond and bridge. You can even enter some house to find a nice, warm, cozy place to take a break from all the snowball fighting. Some houses have snowmen and christmas trees on their front lawns. Snowmen can also be placed as autoturrets that throw snowballs at people. There are also drivable cars and trucks that shoot beer and snowballs. Instead of Health/Ammo droids there are piles of snowballs to recharge both health and ammo."

{LINK REMOVED} by El Fabricio

"Hello and thanks for download my Sky To Ground Mappack. There are three maps: Rhen Var, Tatooine and Naboo. This maps are based on the Space To Ground Mappacks. But with only one difference: The space ships are not in space, there are in over 500 metres high over the terrain/ ground."

{LINK REMOVED} by El Fabricio

"Hello and thanks for download my Sky To Ground Mappack 2.
There are three maps: Coruscant, Mustafar and Kashyyyk. This maps are based on the Space To Ground Mappacks. But with only one difference: The space ships are not in space, there are in over 500 metres high over the terrain/ ground."

Battle of the Titans [] by Dann Boeing

"Deep in the Realm of Chaos, the most powerful beings from across the universe have come to fight each other in the ultimate deathmatch to decide who is on top. This map, covers a different and much larger area of the Realm of Chaos than it's predicessor. The map is filled with diverse environments all clashing in on one another, ranging from two large volcanoes, desolate fields and channels of lava, snowy hills, and a forest. Old Temples and buildings of unknown origin are scattered across the terrain, one being an Arena of Doom featuring a death pit with spinning platforms on the surface. Also found on the map are small industrial complexes belonging to Madness Inc. one of which holds several secrets."

Capital Down Mappack 2.0 [] by Darthdaddy

"I fixed the biggest complaint about each map, which was that there were not enough units. Now each side has 150 units on the field at once! I wish that I had figured out how to do this earlier on. Talk about an improvement!...

...The only thing that some of you will not like is that I removed the eras that did not fit the maps. I removed Galactic Civil War era mode from both CD1 and CD2. I also removed Clone Wars era mode from both CD3 and CD4. I hated to do it, but it made fixing some of the bugs that much easier. It also made the story for each map much more believable. Sorry!

All four maps are now much more balanced and stable. Overall, each map now feels more like a massive battlefield than before."

Rhen Var: Monastery [] by a_speck_of_dust

"Here is Rhen Var: Monastery. It is my most fun map yet. It's extremely awsome! With its complex system of bridges and variety of battle locations to satisfy any type of player, it never gets boring... ever. This is the standard Rhen Var level for all SWBF gamers. I think all who download will find it to be worth it in every respect. Map completely by a_speck_of_dust.I didn't fancy up the sides like Majin Revan or Yankfan, but I did add the "toxin Droid" and I localized. I personally don't like editing the sides too much because it takes away from the feeling of SWBFII."

Episode V: Hoth [] by Jake AKA Battlefront conquer

"This is a map of the epic battle on hoth. I tried to keep the map and characters as close to the movies as possible. this map features 30-48 ATSTs, 4 ATATs, A ton of TaunTauns, an almost unlimited supply of snow speeders, and about 230 ai units on the map at one time. I spent many hours on this map and I hope you enjoy it."

Geonosis: Freight Dock by Locutus

Map addons Part 3
These map addons are compatible with one another in the sense that it will not cause or do harm to one another.

Legend Of Zelda: Hyrule Field [] by Vyse

"This is my first map for SWBF2 that I have completed. It is huge and is based on the Legend Of Zelda Series, mostly the yet to be released Legend Of Zelda: Twlight Princess. I've made it to the best of what I think it would be like. As kind of a bonus and just for fun I have made a little dungeon as in Zelda Games. It features it's own boss and bad guys. "

Rhen Var Temple (2.0) [] by Dann Boeing

"Many additions have been made to the map, including a mountain side with a landing area, and a lower plateau with vehicle battle. There are a total of 14 CPs. There are two modes: conquest mode and bonus mode. Conquest mode is typical battle no enhancements made on the units, this is mode mainly intended for online play. The Bonus Mode is a mode where enhancements have been made on all the units, vehicles, weapons, and skins (textures). There are also a few new units (such as Darth Bandon) and weapons (such as the Boeing Bomb 2.0) and new vehicles such as flyable Millenium Falcon and Ebon Hawk."

Death Star II: Emperor's Throne Room by Maveritchell

"This is a near-scale replica of the Emperor's Throne Room as seen in Return of the Jedi (as well as in 'Inside the Worlds of Star Wars Trilogy'). This is a small map and as such is designed with low unit-count, close-quarters combat in mind. Those with my Dark Times 2: Rising Son mod installed will notice the presence of the three facets of the Battle of Endor - the battle on the Death Star (this map), the battle in space (Space Endor, enabled for Dark Times), and the battle on the ground (the Rising Son campaign mission selectable in instant action)"

Suun Ra: Desert City v1.1 by JazzMaster94

"My first map release. Started out as an experiment that tests the limits of mixing Starfighter combat with Infantry Conquest and XL ai numbers. Lots of ai, starfighters, skyscrapers, and Capital ships! Intense fighting Takes place on platforms between skyscrapers."

{LINK REMOVED} by Pinguin

"Map experience may change during online play. Really."

Tatooine: Outpost 3.0 by Jendo07

"Uber Mode replaces XL, and has been added to all eras, CW, GCW, BFX and DTII
All Conquest modes have hero support, and random heroes"

{LINK REMOVED} by jedimoose32

Mustafar: Blazing Gorge [] by bobfinkl and theultimat

"This is another December mapping contest map. Its set on mustafar, on ledges and bridges above lava in a fiery canyon."

Naboo Daylight Mod by -Box-

"This mod attempts to brighten up the stock Naboo map a bit. I've added a skybox and tweaked the streetlight properties, but unfortunately wasn't able to do theing the 'correct' way (i.e. messing with .sky and .fx files). Because of this, I recommend you adjust your lighting setting to 'Medium' and your shadows to either 'Low' or 'off' in order to get the best results."

Rhen-Var Droid Factory [] by Yankfan

"A small ARC squadron was dispatched to Rhen-Var to sabotage the production facility on it. The squadron first bombed the entrance creting massive caveins all throughout the facility. Now another squadron lead by Commander Helgo attempts to capture the facility and use it as a mining operation."

This map causes a crash when a map from the Natural Map Pack is played in the same game session

Verrah: Valley 1.0 by DaiJigen

"The map design is inspired by Endor visually with the feel of Kashyyyk's beachhead assult during the single player campaign."

Coruscant Modern Warfare [] by El Fabricio

"This is a map that supports 2 modes (Conquest and Hero Assault) and 5 eras (CW, GCW, Stock CW&GCW, Episode 7) . . .There are many features such as remoteable predator rockets, destroyable ships and more..The most have been listed in
during the loadscreen (Tip boxes in the middle).

Map addons Part 4
These map addons are compatible with one another in the sense that it will not cause or do harm to one another.

Natural Map Pack by TK432

This map pack causes a crash when Rhen-Var Droid Factory is played in the same game session

Dune Sea: Sunset (Final) by BlueAngel7

"This is the final version of my map conversion of Tatooine: Dune Sea. It has random skies, new units and support for the DTII and BFX mods. Credits are in the Readme.txt file."

Hoth: Infiltration v1.0 by BlueAngel7

"This is a conversion of the original Star Wars Battlefront Hoth level with extra content. This map supports Battlefront Extreme 2.2 and Dark Times II: Rising Son mods. Credits are in the Readme.txt file."

AI Hero Support Minimod [] by Archer01

"This mod changes the original packaged maps so that the AI will use the hero units for each team."

Sol Map Pack by Frayed Wires Studios

"The Sol Map Pack is a map pack that adds maps set on various planets and moons throughout our Solar System to Instant Action. Both stock eras include new sides with enhanced visuals and sounds, as well as new hero units. Also supports the Mass Effect era if installed."

Battles of the Storm by Lorul1

"Star Wars Battlefront 2: Battles of the Storm Map Pack is a huge 5 map addition to the Star Wars Battlefront 2. Throughout this map pack you'll experience planetary and space battles like never before. Fight as a star fighter on ground maps, Tear droids apart with your bare hands as a wookie, freely play as a Jedi and other new classes, and even destroy, yes DESTROY moving star destroyers in space maps."

Caron Prime: Liberation Action by Master_Luke

"The Story

Caron Prime [21 BBY]
On the search for a place for a new droid factory, the CIS under the leadership of Count Dooku invades more and more into the depths of the Outer Rim.
As their scouts discovered the neutral system Caron Prime, the government of it saw no other chance as to call the Galactic Republic for help..."

Bespin: Escape 4.0 by BlueAngel7

"Support for Maveritchell's "Dark Times II: Rising Son" mod and Battlefront Extreme 2.2 by ARC_Commander. BFX and DTII mods need to be installed for those eras to work. The Millennium Falcon is flyable only in the DT era, and both the Slave 1 and Y-Wing only appear in all conquest modes if the Dark Times II mod is installed."

Saga of the 607th [] by Xavious

"This map pack contains all the maps from both the 607th Map Pack 1 and Map Pack 2, as well as Jandoon: 607th Purge (which was released seperately) and Space Kamino: 607th Stand. (which has not been released untill now) All the maps have been improved from the various versions released earlier. These maps have also been tested for online compatability. Lastly, the maps are all in ONE addon folder, for easy identification, installation, etc."

Tatooine At War by El_Fabricio

"Tatooine At War is a huge map for Battlefront II which combines Mos Eisley, Jabba's Palace and many more places into one large map. You can even fight in space or just battle your enemies on ground. There is much to explore and to see. Many assets are stock (edited), self-made, some assets were made by other modders but there are also assets from Battlefront III (cancelled game) such as Tie Fighter Models, Rebel Fighters, Player Models (Boba Fett and Han Solo) and HD weapon models."

Space map addons
These map addons are compatible with one another in the sense that it will not cause or do harm to one another.

Battle of Endor (Space) [] by Maveritchell

"The Battle Of Endor is the most iconic and exciting space battle from the entire Star Wars saga. Quite a few people have tried recreating it for the Battlefront series but those all ended up being as incomplete as the second Death Star. Well now we have a "fully armed and operational" version. Sorry, I couldn't resist the ROTJ references. "


"CIS make yet another attempt at conquering Naboo (space)
Heavy turret-laden space action (If you hate lots of turrets, DONT play)

I made this just for kicks, then thought why not publish and see how people take to it... So yell at me, tell me what you think, etc"

Battle Over Coruscant [] by Arcane_Penguin

"Its a big Courscant space map (BOC = Battle Over Coruscant)

it features custom cockpits for all vehicles, heros for both sides,
multi-capital ships, and over 250+ modifed ship to ship turrets."

Dogfighting Death Star [] by 11of3

"This is a space map with no cap ships. The rebels spawn from the rebel base on yavin 4 and the imperials spawn from the death star."

Space Angruya [] by Pinguin

New Eras and Total Conversions
These addons are compatible with one another in the sense that it will not cause or do harm to one another.

Republic Commando by [GT] Anakin

"The Star Wars Battlefront Republic Commando Mod is a side mod for SWBF II.
This mod contains completly new Unit types, weapons, sounds, streams and the RC HUD we all know from the original game.
Enjoy a complete new Battlefront feeling with this side mod."

Battlefront Extreme 2.2 [] by ARC_Commander

Ultimate Battlefront: The Clone Wars by Xavious

"This is an era mod which adds the Ultimate Clone Wars era to all shipped maps, as well as several new included maps. Some notable features include: -Random clone legions, commando units, and heroes for all maps. -AI Heroes -Enhanced side layout -New lasers, sounds, effects, etc. -New characters from various places, including the new Clone Wars TV series -Balance and difficulty similar to the shipped game. (Maybe a little bit harder) -5 New maps -New game modes"

{LINK REMOVED} by Delta-1035

Star Wars: Battlefront Power (big download) by Syth

"This is a big side mod for the original maps in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Everything has been changed (every single stat from Wookies to V-wings). This will make Battlefront more accurate to Star Wars, more challenging, more complex, more battle-packed and more of what it should of been in general. I try to explore every possibility with side modding in SWBF2. Battlefront Project includes my redone side layout that includes hundreds of new models, re-vamped weapons interface, improved AI and improved Jedi/Sith light saber combos."

Conversion Pack 2.0 by GT & TAW clans

Conversion Pack 2.2 (make sure to download 2.0 first) by GT & TAW clans

"This version has a lot that earlier versions either didn't have, or had - but were bug-ridden. There's so much to try out; one simple review won't cover it. Here's a short list of everything the Pack has:

-25 new maps
-New era (KotOR)
-Five new clone legions
-Three new unit classes added to the original classes.
-Over 40 new heroes for CW and GCW, and over 30 heroes for KotOR alone
-Six new game modes
-Nearly 30 new vehicles
-UnOfficial 1.3 patch (includes visual upgrades of 1.2 with shell upgrades)

There's so much content in here, it's almost like a completely new game. If there's anything on this site you should check out, it's definitely this."

Dark Times II: Rising Son by Maveritchell

"The mod draws from the time period before and during the beginning of the Galactic Civil War. Several prominent characters from the movies as well as the expanded universe show up as one of over 20 new heroes added to the game - each hero supported by a special "hero support" unit.

While the mod of course supports multiplayer (and in fact has some scripted missions specifically for multiplayer), the majority of the content in the mod is designed with the intent to diversify the singleplayer experience - which is why there is a focus on randomization. A number of new game modes have also been added, including the popular "wave mode.""

{LINK REMOVED} by Dreadnot9

"This side mod adds a new era (Rising Conflict: CW) to all stock maps as well as incorporating two new maps. It incorporates a new class system that deviates slightly from SWBFII&apos;s. The new classes are as follows: soldier, sniper, engineer, rocketeer, anti-infantry, support, special (will vary) and commander class. The mod also brings in a few new game modes (team deathmatch, deathmatch, VIP, wave and Uber) on certain maps (specified in &apos;Content&apos; section)."

{LINK REMOVED} by Marvel4

"-This mod adds two new eras to your game: Marvel4's CW Mod and GCW Mod
-Get "Marvel4's BF1 Conversion Pack" to play this mod on all BF1 maps

-4 standard classes
-4 unlockable classes
-1 unlockable hero class
-New weapon models
-Different units based on the map
-Removed overpowered weapons
-Removed award weapons
-Better AI
-Better balance
-Better movie-accuracy"

New Eras and Total Conversions Part 2
These addons are compatible with one another in the sense that it will not cause or do harm to one another.

Beach Troopers [] by Maveritchell

"Beach Troopers is a simple side mod based on the amusing premise of Star Wars troops running around in bathing suits with water guns. You can play as these summer-themed sides on any one of five maps - Felucia, Kamino, Kashyyyk, Mos Eisley, or Naboo. Each of these maps has four modes available to it: Team Deathmatch, Sand Castles, Soak the Wookiee, and Survival."

{LINK REMOVED} by Cavalry Captain Mike

"I had originally planned SWBF3.5 to be an elaborate modification of the game Star Wars Battlefront II set in the era between Star Wars Episodes 3 and 4 (thus the name 3.5). However as many modders know, first expectations rarely match the final product, and this mod was no exception. I never got ZeroEditor to work, and so I could never make maps. I also failed in getting the XSI 4.2 exporter to work and so my plans for making custom player models also failed. However I'm no quitter and decided to push on and just finish what I had started. What I'm releasing now is basically just a modest sides mod. There are a few features included that set it apart from other mods, these are what I'm probably the most proud of. Anyways I started work on my first SWBF2 Mod in October of 2010, and it slowly evolved into this mod. Enjoy!"

Empire Rising beta IV [] by TwinkeyRunaway

"Beta 4 Marks my fourth public beta for Empire Rising. This includes some fixes for
a lot of weapons and updated skin work. Obviously not everything is 100% final, so some
things like weapon/unit names are still under review. The muzzle flash for several weapons
has been fixed.

Three maps are playable:
Mos Eislely
Death Star
*NEW* - Tantive 5"

TORfront (The Old Republic) by ZoomV

"Torfront is a mappack and mod about the Old Republic era of Star Wars lore, with focus on the Great Galactic War, Cold War, and Second Great Galactic War time periods."

{LINK REMOVED} by Deviss

I'll add more mods on here as time goes on. Hopefully this guide will be helpful to whoever is searching for more out of the game.

5/21/15 Update
  • Added 12 more mods to the map addons list starting from Verena Defence: Immortal to Star Destroyer. Dark Times: Rising son II and every map in the space section except for Endor.

    Happy to see this guide has helped at least a few people!

5/29/15 Update
  • Added a map addons part 2 list which includes 9 mods to try. Added Space Angruya to the space addons and Rising Conflict: Clone Wars as a new era.

6/3/15 Update
  • Added a map addons part 3 list which includes 7 mods to try. Added a new visual mod called Snol-ENB V1.5 and a new era called Marvel4's Era Mod.

8/5/15 Update
  • Added a map addons part 4. Added 10 new map addon starting from Mustafar: Blazing Gorge to Sol Map Pack.

    12/25/15 Update
    • Added 5 new map addons and a part 2 Eras and Total Conversions with 5 new eras.
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Additionally, if any were Filefront links, that site died a while ago, and they wouldn't work anymore. However the link would probably still be there, but be dead, if that were the case.
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(I'm guessing the authors asked for them to be removed?)
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i followed all the steps and then i downloaded some mods but when i started the game up again it was the exact same as when i bought it, does anybody know why?:steamsad: