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Genre: Action, Arcade
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Russian
May 1, 2015 @ 4:33am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:42pm

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DungeonRift is out on Steam!
  • New playable character - Ironbraids;
  • Active abilities (Space button):
    Dodge Roll - character rolls in movement direction and gains invulnerability for roll-duration;
    Battle Dash - character boosts in aim directions, while damaging and pushing enemies. Damage grows with maximum health of the character;
  • Agility upgrade reduces recharge time of abilities;
  • Weapon throwback is smoother now;
  • Game levels now turning on 90/180/270 degrees and sometimes transpose to make more gamelevels for players;
  • New weapons grade - Runic weapons. It drops on later stages and worns down to “Worn” weapon, so it’s smart to change Runic for Fine weapon in some cases;
  • Two new melee weapons:
    Mace - unlocked at start of the game;
    Spear - unlockable after gaining enough experience;
  • New range weapon - Lightning. Unlockable.
  • Mace, Warhammer and Plunger got a chance to stun the enemy;
  • When monster reaches every 5th level first - he becomes The King of the Rift (and 18th level too). He receives a crown, his health grows 2 times and his damage grow 1,5 time. After 20th monster level the crown is given every 5th level to a random enemy. It could be picked up from defeated monster - it will protect the player and give experience bonus at the end of the level. Better crown - better defense;
  • There is a magnificent spark on the Fine weapons;
  • Game finishes after 50th portal;
  • Level editor is active again and it got a little better interface;
  • Now dead monsters are marked in pause menu;
  • New monster - Hardwin the Troll;
  • New perks:
    “Thick Skull” - ignores stun effect and becomes enraged instead;
    “Tough Guy” - increases monsters health and make him immune to throwback;
    “Smart Guy” - increases experience gain rate for monster;
    “Body Slam” - monster can jump to create a wave of damage and throwback;
  • Potion stops bleeding and poisoning now in addition to standard heal;
  • Settings Screen! Only with audio volume sliders and controls info at the moment;
  • Bug fixes, balance and graphics tweaks and many others big and small changes not cool enough to have their own bullet-point. =)

Our Steam page is Live!
Release date: Summer 2015
Welcome to Dungeon Rift!
This is a 2D dungeon-crawler game about proud knight Sir Bucket and his journey through endless depths of Dungeon Rift.

Kill every monster on the level, grab the loot and move to the portal. But what's that? Monsters are following you! And they're becoming stronger and smarter! And the dungeon itself becomes darker, crippier and more dangerous! How long will Sir Bucket survive?

Monsters are persons too!
Monsters are levelling instead of the player. Each enemy in DungeonRift has its own perks, abilities, stats and evolution paths that they learn randomly, creating surprising and dangerous combinations. Every run won't be the same - different monsters choosing their own professions, defining their behaviour and tactics - and Sir Bucket will have to choose new strategy every time.

You can already play the Alpha!
You can always download latest build of DungeonRift on IndieDB:
Or on our improvised website:
Also, check out our first reviews:

Main features already developed:
  • Fast and dynamic action;
  • Various abilities and perks for monsters;
  • Dozens of dungeon layouts;
  • Menacing traps;
  • Weapons with different mechanics;
  • Dark humor;
  • Funny collectibles;
  • Two different surroundings types;
  • Sweet and tasty hand-drawn art;

Supersecret PolandRift game mode!
In this game mode you take control of Poland Ball and guide him through endless dungeons on his way into Space. But there is a lot of other countries, starving for his soul... And oil. Does Poland have oil? Never mind...

And there is more to come!
The game is still on active development stage - we will launch some more feature and content updates before official full release.

Features yet to be developed:
  • Local co-op and versus;
  • Professions for monsters;
  • Even more perks and new evolution paths for enemies;
  • Different secondary and more types of primary weapons;
  • Modifications for Sir Bucket;
  • More surroundings type;
  • Lots and lots of additional content;
  • Different playable characters;
  • Progression system for unlocking new weapons, perks and enemies;
  • Achievements system;

Developing was started for GamesJam 2014 hackaton, but then we decided to continue this project.

We will appreciate any feedback!
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not a fan on the graphics but seems like a good game
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интересный проект
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