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Wolvin's: Prop Hunt ENHANCED v.15 Rev. C patch 1
Type: Gamemode, Addon
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Apr 1, 2015 @ 2:17am
Jun 3 @ 11:33pm
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Wolvin's: Prop Hunt ENHANCED v.15 Rev. C patch 1

In 1 collection by Wolvindra [FriendPC/LaptopDied]
Wolvin's PH:E Server Contents
48 items

Version 15 Revision C has been released.
There might be no backward versions & revisions as it is will be no support anymore.

This version and onwards will be more maintained with subject major changes. To read full changelog please click on the link below :

We need your Help!
The Version 15 is a big update and we'll appreciate with your Support by Donating!
(We also open Ko-Fi, Patreon alternative)


Available Public Server (for quick testing)
[EUROPE/UK] Server #1:
[EUROPE/UK] Server #2:
[USA] Server #1:
[USA] Server #2:

More info:

Attention, Please Note:
  • Be sure you HAVE TO unsubscribe ANY modified (your own)/original prop hunt version before using this one.
  • This gamemode Requires ULX Admin Mod in order the make the gamemode to work properly.
  • For Server Owners, To obtain gamemode files without having to use Workshop, Click Here.[]
  • Avoid using any addons such as 'Enhanced Playermodel' Selector. This causes the addon to be break this gamemode!
  • Pointshop Playermodel & Prop fixes will be available on Prop Hunt: Enhanced Wiki[]

The requirements:
ULX Admin Mod | or Workshop: Subscribe ULX

Gamemode Description
This is an alternate enhanced and fixed version Game mode called Prop Hunt that apparently to be broken from the last gmod's March 2015 update.
This enhanced version is pretty similar to the classic one, but in this version, I've fixed several things in the code and added new features in game to make it more better.
The gamemode also includes several new features you might never experience before in Classic Prop Hunt! With this new version we added several things that makes feel better in Modern Prop Hunt Gaming.
Added new PH:E's mini-gamemode: Random Event
This event is an additional plugins for Prop Hunt Enhanced which adds some unique events to the Prop Hunt: Enhanced gameplay!
To obtain this plugin, Click Here[]

Github Repository

Help & Documentation - Install, Download, gameplay Controls, Helps, All everything is Here!

Reporting Issues
Let me know if you found any issues, please report it in the Workshop Discussion or through github issues tracker here.[]
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Jun 25 @ 7:56pm
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Nov 19, 2017 @ 10:44am
[SOLVED] How to blacklist/disable certain props?
Feb 11 @ 4:07pm
PINNED: Pointshop 2 integration
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IceBerg Jul 11 @ 12:49am 
How do you change player models?
Jul 3 @ 12:48pm 
Every time the last person leaves from server, it randomly changes to a new map. Is it supposed to do this? If so, how to disable it?

swapmasterx Jul 1 @ 4:03pm 
maybe that could be an option in later updates?
D4UNKN0WNF0X2010  [author] Jun 30 @ 10:37pm 
Hey everyone, just letting everyone know that Wolvindra's computer has died and so this'll mean potentially no Workshop gamemode updates for a while. We're sorry for this terrible news and we hope you keep supporting our gamemode. Be aware that the GitHub version may still receive updates though.

@Pawelxxdd, we're happy to take requests (even maybe on GitHub would help too)

@swapmasterx, unfortunately not as the weapon loadouts are hardcoded so you'll need to have an edited version.
swapmasterx Jun 30 @ 2:46pm 
is there a way to change the weapons given on the workshop verson
Pawelxxdd Jun 30 @ 2:01pm 
Can you add PHOnHunterDeath hook or something like this?
SonySeva Jun 29 @ 7:05am 
Is it possible to put my skins on the props through pointshop?
Perhaps only for hunters.
If so, how (in the files looked, and in attempts to make a mistake)
Wolvindra [FriendPC/LaptopDied]  [author] Jun 24 @ 12:25am 
@Everyone: Make sure to update everything including 'addons' folder provided from the github. Also do not use multiple addons at the same time (workshop AND github installed together) which caused the gamemode fail to start.

Another thing to note that disable any gamemode modifications such as player models and taunt loader

And also dont forget to POST any error console messages. Without that we cant analyze whats the problem!
Bloodrose Jun 23 @ 11:41am 
@Orange I was having the same problem and had to re-download the files from Github because I discovered that for some reason, GitHub didn't download all of the files :/
Orange 🙏X🙏 Jun 23 @ 7:36am 
Round wont start what can i do?