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Modular Combat

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[Official] Manual/Guide
By PAL-18
This is the official manual/guide for Modular Combat. In includes an indepth look at every element. Gameplay tips are also included at the end.

Modular Combat is a role-playing shooter based in the Half-Life universe.

The Resistance, Combine, and Aperture Science are testing the HEV Mark VI Combat System. Combatants face off against each other, and monsters, in the Controlled Combat Testing Facility, which is monitored by a super-computer known as BoSS.

There are dozens of modules that can be upgraded at any level, in any combination. Modules give combatants amazing abilities such as flying, teleporting, spawning minions, and shooting flechettes or energy balls. Basically, if you want to kill something in a special way...

We have a module for that.
To make it easier to read, several short terms are using throughout this guide. They are:

  • EXP: Experience Points
  • AUX: The battery that modules get their energy from.
  • DM: Deathmatch (No teams, its your vs everyone else.)
  • TDM or TeamDM: Team Deathmatch (Teams, its you and your team vs all other teams).
  • Free-For-All, FFA, PvPvM: Player vs Player vs Monster (No teams, its you vs all other players and monsters).
Modular Combat gameplay is fast paced and very chaotic. Combat difficulty is greatly influenced by the size and design of the current map as well as the skill of the other players.


When you kill other players or monsters, you gain EXP. When you gain enough EXP, you gain a level. Each time you gain a level you get 2 points (configurable by server host).

Each consecutive level requires more and more EXP to reach. The max level is currently level 25.

Kill Streaks
Kill streaks occur when any player kills a certain number of players in a row (without dying).

5 Kills: A message displays in the center of every players screen telling them about your kill streak and your player model begins to fade to red every few seconds (glow is visible when you are cloaked).

25 Kills: A message displays in the center of every players screen telling them about your kill streak, your player model begins to glow red (glow is visible when you are cloaked) AND all other players are put onto one team (they can't do damage to each other), they can only do damage to you!

Spawn Protection
When you first spawn (or respawn), you are temporarily invulnerable for a few seconds. When you fire your weapon, spawn protection is disabled. The default/max value is 5 seconds.
You will be unable to install Modular Combat if your Steam account does not own Half-Life 2.

More details are available at:
Main Menu

Find Servers - Displays the server list. All official servers are prefixed with [Official] in their name.

Create Server - Starts a server. Use this if you want to play alone. If you want others to be able to connect, you will need to open several ports on your router/firewall. See "Addendum 1" of the Dedicated Server Howto. If you want to keep your server up even when you close your game, then you will need to run a dedicated server instead (click link mentioned in last sentence).

Options - Change your keybinds, mouse, Audio, Video, Voice and Multiplayer settings.

Quit - Closes Modular Combat.
Creating An Account on a Server
When you connect to a server for the first time, you will need to create an account. Your username can only contain English letters, numbers, hyphen and underscore. There is also no way to recover your password so make sure you write it down somewhere.

Creating a Suit on a Server
After you connect to a server and log in with your username and password, you can create a suit (up to 12) or use a suit you already created. Currently, your suits are locked to the server you created them on but we're trying to add universal suits that work on all servers.

You can choose a name for your suit (it appears on the scoreboard next to your name), a model and the team.

In team based game modes (PvM Coop, Team Deathmatch and Hoarder), being near your teammates gives you all a perk:

Players gain tactical advantage when near each other. This enhances weapon damage.

Players gain comradery when near each other. This gives them innate health regen.

Players gain energy boost when near each other. This gives them innate AUX regen.

Modular Combat uses standard source based controls for movement and firing plus new ones specific to the modification. Most modules can be set to a key, but because there are so many of them they are not pre-configured.

Move Left: A
Move Right: D
Move Forward: W
Move Backward: S
Sprint: SHIFT
Walk: ALT
Duck: CTRL

Primary Attack: Left Mouse Button
Secondary Attack: Right Mouse Button
Reload Weapon: R
Use Item (button, door): E
Gravity Gun: G
Flashlight: F
Suit Zoom: Z
Weapon Category 1: 1
Weapon Category 2: 2
Weapon Category 3: 3
Weapon Category 4: 4
Weapon Category 5: 5
Weapon Category 6: 6
Next Weapon: Mouse Wheel Up
Previous Weapon: Mouse Wheel Down
Last Weapon Used: Q

Modular Combat Specific
Menu: B
Activate Module: X
Next Module: C
Cycle Minion Stance: N

Text Chat: Y
Team Text Chat: U
Voice Communication: V

Take Screenshot: F5
Display Multiplayer Scores: TAB

1: Your current health.

2: Your current armor.

3: Your current suit AUX power. As you use AUX power, the yellow squares turn dark and when you're almost out of AUX power they turn red.

4: Shows your currently equipped module. The white bars on each side of the module act as a timer showing you when you can use that module again. Once they disappear, you can use the module.

5: Your current weapon ammunition. The large number on the left is the ammo in your weapon, the small number on the right is the ammo in your clips and the number on the far right is special ammo (grenades, etc.).

6: Your crosshair shows the current enemy name, teammate or enemy and level.

7: Your current amount of EXP. The number increases as you gain EXP and the bar expands to the right the closer you are to leveling up.
The Modular Combat menu allows offers everything you need to control your experience. By default you can open it with your B key.

Game Tab
The Game tab shows the current map name and if the server allows it, the ability to start a map vote or gamemode vote.

Character Tab
The Character tab shows stats about your current suit and allows you to change suits.

Module Tab
The Module tab shows you all the modules you can buy and the modules you have already bought. See the "Modules" section of this guide for detailed module information.
Each upgrade point you put into a module increases its effectiveness/damage output.

Module Types

Passive Modules: Active all the time and do not drain AUX power.

Toggled Modules: Manually activated and drains AUX power while active.

Instant Modules: Immediately uses a portion of your AUX power.

Passive Modules
Toggled Modules
Instant Modules
Energy Ball
AUX Power Tank
Armor Capacity
Critical Hits
Poison Spit
Armor Regen
Freeze Bomb
Incendiary Grenade
Brute Force
Clip Size
Ammo Regen
Damage Amp
Mag Mine
Crow Launcher
Fast Zombie
Antlion Worker
Long Jump


Core Modules
Make you tougher.

Recharge: Increases recharge rate per level.

Vitality: Increases your maximum health.

AUX Power Tank: Increases your AUX power capacity.

Armor Capacity: Increases your maximum armor.

Armor Regen: Increases armor regeneration speed.

Weapon Enhancement:
Make your weapons more lethal.

Impact: Increases your ranged weapon damage.

Brute Force: Increases melee damage.

Critical Hits: Gives a chance of increasing all bullet and melee weapon damage by 4 times. Uses AUX while active and for each shot (regardless if shot hits something).

Clip Size: Increases ammo clip size on all weapons that use clips.

Ammo Regen: Regenerate bullets and buckshot every few seconds.

Help you get around.

Cloak: Makes you invisible, draining 5 aux per second while immobile and more when moving (depending on your speed).

Jetpack: Fly through the air, draining 20 AUX per second but only while module key is pressed.

Teleport: Teleports you a moderate distance straight ahead allowing you to pass through walls.

Long Jump: Duck just before jumping to launch yourself forward.

Adrenaline: Killing increases your walking and sprinting speeds.

Help you attack your enemies from afar.

Energy Ball: Fires an energy ball that deals damage and will not bounce.

Flechette: Hold to fire a burst of up to 7 hunter flechettes that deal damage on impact and explode for more damage.

Poison Spit: Spits poisonous acid in front of you, damaging whatever it hits.

Freeze Bomb: Damages and freezes enemies for a few seconds so they can't move.

Incendiary Grenade: Launches a grenade which explodes and ignites all nearby opponents.

MIRV: Launches a grenade that explodes into 4 explosive bomblets with both the main and bomblets doing damage.

Target Effects
Help you or annoy your enemies.

HEALD: Heals yourself or a friendly target. Also heals you and friendly target's who are infected with plague.

Damage Amp: Increases all damage taken by target.

Weaken: Reduces target's damage dealt by a percentage and decreases their sprint speed by another percentage.

Plague: Infects nearby enemies with plague which drains health each second and spreads to other players and monsters. Also drains AUX power for each victim carrying your plague in addition to the drain of having plague toggled. If you are killed, deactivate plague, or run out of AUX power, all victims of your plague are immediately cured.

Shockwave: Steal a percentage of AUX power from nearby enemies while dealing damage equivalent to 100% of the AUX power drained. 100% of stolen AUX power is added to your own AUX supply.

Help lock down an area.

Lasers: Creates a laser mine that burns enemies each second but ignores allies. Up to 6 lasers can be deployed at the same time and they can last until 1 minute before vanishing.

Turrets: Creates a turret to fight for you, which regenerates its ammo. Only movable by its owner. You can have up to 2 turrets deployed simultaneously.

Mag Mine: Creates a gravity well on the floor which sucks in opponents and explodes after a few seconds.

Crow Launcher: Releases a kamikaze crow which flies at enemies while carrying a small explosive. You can have up to 4 crows deployed simultaneously.

Friendly monsters that follow you and fight by your side. They have 3 attack modes: roaming, defensive and balanced.

Zombie: Spawns zombies who fight for you.

Fast Zombie: Spawns fast zombies who fight for you.

Antlion: Spawns antlions who fight for you.

Antlion Worker: Spawns antlion workers who fight for you.

Vortigaunt: Spawns vortigaunts who fight for you. It can also recharge your armor.

Manhack: Spawns manhacks who fight for you. You can have up to 6 deployed simultaneously.
Gamemodes drastically effect gameplay by introducing new objectives. There are 5 gamemodes:

Deathmatch: Deathmatch with no monsters.

Team Deathmatch: Team Deathmatch with no monsters.

Free-For-All (aka PvPvM): Player vs Player vs Monster.

Player vs Monster Coop (aka PvM): All players vs monsters.

Hoarder: Team Deathmatch with a twist. Randomly around the map brains appear. Pick up enough brains and your team wins that round. Special monsters spawn that give more EXP. This gamemode is only playable when there are at least 6 players in the server. This gamemode will level you up quickly.
Suit Builds
This section was last updated April 11th, 2015

If there's a specific play style you want but you aren't sure which modules to buy, then here are some suit builds (with the minimum you need):

The Assassin
Evenly upgrade Recharge, Cloak and AUX Power Tank (in this order) until they're Level 10. Then put at least 1 point in Armor and Ammo Regen. Get HEALD too because it removes plague which can uncloak you.

You'll be spending most of your time setting up the perfect kill. This also has the added benefit of getting lots of kill streaks. When you enter a room you need to get as close to the walls as possible. Don't sprint as your AUX drain will be faster, walk at normal speed. If the room contains any unbreakable things like chairs, shelves, etc. jump on them. Players will not bump into you and you'll have a great place to attack from.
  • Recharge Level 10
  • AUX Power Tank Level 10
  • Cloak Level 10
  • Armor Regen Level 1
  • Ammo Regen Level 1
  • HEALD Level 1

Patient Zero
First max out plague to level 10, then evenly add points to Armor Capacity and Armor Regen until they're Level 10. Then put at least 1 point in Ammo Regen and Turrets. Get Teleport and HEALD to Level 5 (to remove enemy plague infection and heal yourself quickly).

Your aim is to stay as alive as long as possible and hide. When a player is near you and you have no chance of beating them, use your teleport to get away. Turrets also help defend you when you can't find a good spot to hide in (choose a dead end hallway or room, put 1 turret in front of the door and another in the corner of the room).
  • Plague Level 10
  • Armor Capacity Level 10
  • Armor Regen Level 10
  • Ammo Regen Level 1
  • Turrets Level 1
  • Teleport
  • HEALD Level 5

The Trapper
Evenly upgrade Turrets, Lasers, and MagMine. Certain Minions (Vort for instance) are good too, but you may want Recharge to offset their Aux drain.

Set the MagMine where it has easy access to draw attention and pull players and monsters in. Set up turrets where they can see the mag mine and shoot players or monsters that get pulled in, but not too far away that they can't shoot very accurately. Behind a fence is good because an Antlion can't shoot it, and monsters have to run around the fence to melee the turret.
Set up the lasers so they are lined up over the mag mine, as they damage any enemy that moves through them.
  • MagMine Level 10
  • Turrets Level 10
  • Lasers Level 10
  • Vortigaunt Level 10

Optional essentials:
  • Recharge Level 5
  • Armor Regen Level 3
  • Heald Level 1
  • Ammo Regen Level 1

Munster (Highly Mobile Damage-Dealing Tank)
Get Long Jump first, then evenly the rest of the modules in this list, saving Cloak for last.

When you have gotten used to the suit, adding cloak changes the whole dynamic of the suit from "Leap kill leap kill fly leap kill" to "Leap kill leap kill fly leap cloak snipe" or even "Leap kill leap kill leap around corner cloak ambush pursuers".
  • Long Jump Level 4
  • Jetpack Level 4
  • Cloak Level 4
  • Aux Recharge Level 10
  • Armor Capacity Level 10
  • Impact Level 5
  • Ammo Regen Level 4
  • Aux Power Tank Level 4
  • Armor Regen Level 3
  • Heald Level 2

Weapons of Mass Irritation
Leap all over the place while plaguing on and off to soften the players. Ignite them and blow them up if they don't burn first. Use freeze grenade when you have a shotgun and can't slow a player down to get a bead on them, as you can blow them away as soon as they unfreeze. Find someplace high up like a ceiling where you can rain down ice, fire and bombs on your enemies.

  • Recharge Level 10
  • Long Jump
  • Incendiary Grenade Level 10
  • MIRV Level 6
  • Freeze Bomb Level 3
  • Armor Regen Level 3
  • Plague Level 2
  • Clip Size Level 2
  • Ammo Regen Level 2

Credits: Trapper, Munster and Weapons of Mass Irritation Suit Builds by Nuetron.
Creating/Managing a Server
Please see the Official Dedicated Server HowTo at:
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