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Legends of Pixelia
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Feb 16, 2015 @ 11:42pm
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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Thanks to all of you for the support.

Everyone who owns a copy of Legends of Pixelia (via Indiegogo, or Kickstarter) will receive a Steam key once the game is available here.

Don't own a copy yet? Check out the Kickstarter campaign:
Legends of Pixelia full version + Steam key for just 5 euros.


Legends of Pixelia on Kickstarter
What's new?
Greetings! Legends of Pixelia's Kickstarter has just started, your chance to get the full version for 5 euro. Also, there's some new press coverage, read on!

Luke Siuty (IGM) did a preview on Legends of Pixelia:

"At first look, Legends of Pixelia seems like what Blizzard’s Diablo could have been, had it been made before its own time. The jutting pixilated art style isn’t for everybody, and newcomers may find it apprehensive. But beyond its visuals reminiscent of generations before lies an appealing combat system with deep-rooted RPG progression, coupled with up to four player cooperative gameplay."

Read the full article here:


Legends of Pixelia full version for just 5 euros.

Please pledge and/or share the link to the campaign. Thanks!

Full Version
Why bother buying the full version when there's a great free demo available? Well, here's a short feature list for the full version:
  • 3 Hero classes: Knight, Barbarian & Paladin
  • 7 procedurally generated dungeons (with 3 stages each)
  • 21 boss fights + 21 crazy boss fights in Game+
  • Build your hero with level-up stats and randomly generated items
  • Fast-paced combat that favors good positioning and timing
  • Plug in some gamepads to enjoy local multiplayer co-op or PvP

Versus Mode
The Versus mode of Legends of Pixelia is my personal favorite part of the game. After some multiplayer dungeon crawling, I really enjoy some pvp with my friends. "Oh, thanks again for letting me die in the dungeon by grabbing the potion I really needed. Now eat my SWOOOORD!"
Well, you get the idea... :-)

That's it
I hope you enjoyed reading the news. Any help on Kickstarter or Greenlight is really appreciated.
Thanks for the support!


Release date: Early Access: April 15th

Legends of Pixelia is an action role-playing game that combines retro pixelart with modern gameplay mechanics. Tired of left-clicking through hordes of brainless one-hit-KO enemies? Random dungeons, precise controls via gamepad (or keyboard) and a strong fighting game AI provide challenging encounters. Be prepared!

Buy Legends of Pixelia
Early Access started, you can buy the game on

When you buy the full version on, you get a Steam key once Legends of Pixelia is greenlit and available on Steam.

Local Multiplayer:

You can download/ play the demo version here (Win/ Mac/ Linux):

Did you enjoy the demo? Do you have great ideas on how to improve it? Well, go ahead and tell me about it.

All dungeon maps and all dungeon rooms are procedurally generated to offer a fresh experience on every run. Unlike in most roguelikes, you keep your progress in Legends of Pixelia even after death. So if you managed to beat dungeon 1 at least once, you will always be able to continue or restart your journey at dungeon 2 and so on.

At the current state of development there are two dungeons in Legends of Pixelia:

(1) The Crypt

An unholy place full of undeads. The Crypt has three stages, each one ending in a boss fight.

(2) Winged Cave

A cave inhabited mostly by flying enemies. As well as The Crypt, the Winged Cave has three stages and three bosses.

More dungeons will be added over the process of development. I'd love to release the final version of Legends of Pixelia with six or more dungeons and the typical "normal, nightmare, hell" or "new game+, new game++" mechanics that you know from other action RPGs. :-)

Your cute little pixelated heroes! I like the feeling of constant progress, that's why I decided to let the heroes in Legends of Pixelia be real ones: Your characters can level up, choose stat points, change equipment and they are saved and can be played over multiple gaming sessions.

You won't even lose progress when dying (just some EXP). Too easy for you? You have the option to create hardcore heroes - those will stay dead once they die.

At the current state of development there are three hero classes in Legends of Pixelia:


Noble fighter, fast attacks, easy combos
(X): Sky Slash
(B): Sword Blast
(Y): Shield Dash


Powerful fighter, strong skills, slow attacks
(X): Shockwave
(B): Throw Axe
(Y): Whirlwind


Blessed fighter, ranged magic, crowd control
(X): Force Nova
(B): Spirit
(Y): Holy Cross

More hero classes will be added to the game over the process of development. Since four is the maximum number of players in multiplayer, at least four different hero classes would be nice for the final version of Legends of Pixelia to add some variety.

There are multiple ways of how to increase your hero's power in Legends of Pixelia. One of them is leveling up your hero and choosing stat points. There is a choice of 5 different stat “packages”:
  • Melee: Increases your (X) skill damage and 2x your hit points
  • Ranged: +(B) skill damage, +all damage, +heal per room
  • Special: +(Y) skill damage, +all damage, +defense
  • Offensive: +3x all damage
  • Defensive: +hit points, +defense, +heal per room
Every time you put 5 stat points into the same package, you gain access to a passive skill:

Another way to build the stats of your hero is by choosing the right equipment and by upgrading your items. Every dungeon stage has a treasure room with a giant treasure chest inside of it:

When opening a big treasure chest, your hero has the choice to either pick one of two randomly generated items or to pick gold:

The blacksmith can upgrade your already equipped items in exchange for gold and item durability:

Can't wait to see how you folks out there build your hero. It will be interesting to see if some crazy theorycrafters will start playing around with the stats, trying to break the game's balance. :-)

A PvP match consists of multiple rounds. A round starts with all players alive, each one in a corner of a randomly generated room. The last surviving player or team gains one point and wins the round. The first player or team that has 5 points wins the match. The duration of a match with equally skilled players should be around 10 to 20 minutes.

There are three different PvP modes in Legends of Pixelia at the current state of development:

2 vs 2:

1 vs 1:

Death Match, 4 players FFA:

All matches in Versus mode are played with a set of preset characters, called champions. Champions have fixed stats and are balanced in power to provide a fair PvP experience, suitable for e-sports tournaments.
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How to vote the new character ?
Sima  [author] Jul 10, 2015 @ 12:12am 
Hey Robben. I'm fine and how are you?
There are hero class votes going on in the Community Hub at the moment, join if you're interested:

Cpt.Urb4n Jul 9, 2015 @ 12:06pm 
Hi everyone I missed u 4 a long time
How are you ??
Sima  [author] Jun 23, 2015 @ 4:13am 
Check out the Steam store page and the community hub:
Tante Dagobert Jun 23, 2015 @ 4:04am 
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Thanks! :-)
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Игра великолепна! Game is AWESOME!
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Well, the name is set since about 9 months now - I can't kill my baby! ;-)
And, yeah, I like the name.

And the abbreviation.

LoP LoP LoP.
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Please just change the name. It's so cliched.