Final DOOM

Final DOOM

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Final DOOM - Codes & Secrets
By Jr786
This Guide contains Codes & Secrets for Final DOOM. (PC Version)

NOTE: Final Doom consists of two 32 Level megawads (level files):
TNT: Evilution by TeamTNT
The Plutonia Experiment by the Casali brothers.
1. MS-DOS Version - Cheat Codes
Max ammo, all keys, all guns:
In game enter ''idkfa''

Music change:
In game enter ''idmusXX'' where XX is the music track you want (e.g. idmus21).

No clipping mode:
In game enter ''idclip''

Level warp:
In game enter ''idclevXX'' where XX is the level number you want (e.g. idclev2 or idclev 25).

Gain various items:
Type these in during a game in progress or during a paused game
idbeholda: Gain Computer Area Map item (active until next level)
idbeholdi: Gain Blur Artifact (can be toggled on/off)
idbeholdl: Gain light-amplification visors (can be toggled on/off)
idbeholdr: Gain radiation suit (can be toggled on/off)
idbeholds: Gain Berserk Pack (can be toggled on/off)
idbeholdv: Gain Invulnerability Artifact (can be toggled on/off)
idchoppers: Gain chain saw (cannot be toggled off)

Display your position in code
In game enter ''idmypos''

Fill in map
Hit tab to go to the map screen and enter ''iddt''

All weapons, full ammo, 200% armor with no keys:
To get full ammo, all weapons, 200% armor without the keys, press IDFA during gameplay.

Full Map, but with object indicators
Press IDDT TWICE when the automap is displayed, and you will get a full map, along with object idicators (they display enemies, items, etc..).
Gives you a full map, along with object indicators = IDDT (Twice, with automap displayed)
2. TNT Evilution: Act 1 Maps - Experimental Lab
Level 1: System Control
Level 2: Human BBQ
Level 3: Power Control
Level 4: Wormhole
Level 5: Hanger
Level 6: Open Season
3. TNT Evilution: Act 2 Maps - Military Base
Level 7: Prison
Level 8: Metal
Level 9: Stronghold
Level 10: Redemption
Level 11: Storage Facility
4. TNT Evilution: Act 3 Maps - Night Time
Level 12: Crater
Level 13: Nukage Processing
Level 14: Steel Works
Level 15: Dead Zone (Exit to secret level)
Level 16: Deepest Reaches
Level 17: Processing Area
Level 18: Mill
Level 19: Shipping/Respawning
Level 20: Central Processing
5. TNT Evilution: Act 4 Maps - Hell
Level 21: Administration Center
Level 22: Habitat
Level 23: Lunar Mining Project
Level 24: Quarry
Level 25: Baron's Den
Level 26: Ballistyx
Level 27: Mount Pain
Level 28: Heck
Level 29: River Styx
Level 30: Last Call
6. TNT Evilution: Bonus & Secret Maps
Level 31: Pharaoh (Exit to super secret level)
Level 32: Caribbean
7. The Plutonia Experiment: Act 1 Maps - Earth Part 1-2
Level 1: Congo
Level 2: Well of Souls
Level 3: Aztec
Level 4: Caged
Level 5: Ghost Town
Level 6: Baron's Lair
8. The Plutonia Experiment: Act 2 Maps - Earth Part 2-2
Level 7: Caughtyard
Level 8: Realm
Level 9: Abattoire
Level 10: Onslaught
Level 11: Hunted
8. The Plutonia Experiment: Act 3 Maps - Hell
Level 12: Speed
Level 13: The Crypt
Level 14: Genesis
Level 15: The Twilight (Exit to secret level)
Level 16: The Omen
Level 17: Compound
Level 18: Neurosphere
Level 19: NME (AKA Nightmare Enterprises)
Level 20: The Death Domain
9. The Plutonia Experiment: Act 4 Maps - Devil Hive
Level 21: Slayer
Level 22: Impossible Mission
Level 23: Tombstone
Level 24: The Final Frontier
Level 25: The Temple of Darkness
Level 26: Bunker
Level 27: Anti-Christ
Level 28: The Sewers
Level 29: Odyssey of Noises
Level 30: The Gateway of Hell
10. The Plutonia Experiment: Bonus & Secret Maps
Level 31: Cyberden (Exit to super secret level)
Level 32: Go 2 It
11. Playstation 3 Trophies
Evilution Theory
Complete the Final DOOM: TNT Evilution single player campaign
on "I'm Too Young to Die!" or higher.

Plutonia is DOOMed
Complete the Final DOOM: Plutonia Experiment single player campaign
on "I'm Too Young to Die!" or higher.

Level Entry
Complete any Level in any difficulty in singleplayer.

100% Level
Complete a Level with 100% Kills, Items and Secrets in singleplayer.

Find a BFG in singleplayer.

Finder of Secrets
Find a Secret in any Level in singleplayer.

Knuckle Sammich
Kill a CyberDemon with your fists in singleplayer.

DOOMed Lumberjack
Kill 20 enemies with your chainsaw on a single map in singleplayer.

Kill 20 enemies while in berserker mode on a single map in singleplayer.
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The cheats for Ultimate Doom also work in Final Doom
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