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Sinking Simulator 2
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 6, 2015 @ 8:58am
Feb 8, 2015 @ 5:32am
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Clearing some misconceptions about the game
Moved into Concept
Sinking Simulator is back!

I’d like to forward something first:
This is not a silly game, it is a serious game. There are people out there that are paid for sinking ships! This game might seem silly, but it is intended to be able to be serious, yet still flexible enough to be used a silly game :) .

This game is in early Alpha development. Don't expect a finished product yet.
Our definition of alpha, beta and release:

The alpha, is like the sketch of the masterpiece, it lets you see in which way it goes, but not exactly how it is gonna be. like a painting sketch, it is rough, colorless and maybe even ugly. We are currently in early alpha, it is like having only drawn the basic geometric shapes of the painting. We are currently working on the framework: the lines of perspective, depth and boundaries, that won’t be visible in the end, but without, the painting is an “non exquisite” piece of medieval art (no offence if you are for that time, we apologize, we admit the possibility that time travel could be possible, so, never sure enough :P (even if this art is like… nevermind...).In this framework belongs the physics, which are the most important aspect of the game, that is more or less a physics sandbox :)

The beta is like the paint. the graphics are improved, and you start getting the general idea on how the game will actually end, even if every feature is included since the alpha, everything still needs polishing and optimisation. Beta is the point where you cannot erase anymore the work you've done, so, we had to plan everything, and sketch it down so that no error is left. This is why the alpha will be free, to allow you to decide on the features that will be included.

The release is when everything is done, and perfect, there might be still some little hairs trapped in the paint, but they can get easily removed. It should not contain any flaws, and should look so gorgeous that you would cry in front of it :’) .

I hope you liked these metaphors and understand what the game currently is, and what it will become :). our goal is to have the game look like the concept art in the first pic up there in the image and video section :)

Sinking Simulator is a little indie game created over some ideas I have been holding since many years.

If we make our way through the Greenlight, we will work on the integration of the Steam Workshop. This way, it will be possible and easy to share your ships and modification of the game.

So what is Sinking simulator?
Sinking Simulator is a little game in which you create your own ships or what ever structures you feel like making then sink it.
We plan on expanding the gamemode, for instance, having fire, explosion and Maybe, a little bit of AI. If you like destruction of want to kill time by breaking stuff, It will be the perfect game for you.

Right now, to create a ship, you must draw it by using a image editor software, such as Paint, photoshop, gimp, or anything that is compatible with transparent images and can save it in a PNG format.
The game use a set of modable color codded meterial system to determine the parameter of the ship and create the ship in the game. Then, it fate is up to you!

Is it the same game as the old one seen about two years ago?
Almost! The old game was created by Luke Wren, and abandonned after about one month of development. We are taking back some different aspects of the Old game. I was not able to contact Luke and a new Programmer joined me to recreate it all. His name is Frederic Nieto.

Here is a list of features approved by Frederic himself.

Public avaliable features:
    Already included ones:
  • The Game is currently able to sustain any thip with about 500 pixels on the wosrt performing computers, it can handle about 10k on an average gaming pc and if you have nasa’s servers s gaming pc, congrats, this game is not yet optimised with multithreading XD, so on the best performing computers, it will be about 100k max parts. The current game has volumetric buoyancy and a relatively realistic material behavior :).
  • There are options for the waves, so they can look like everything you want, but it won't do anything for now except decorate your scenery :) (physics are planned for next update)
  • I remind this is a very early alpha, and it will amazingly improve in the future, the time it is on greenlight :) and then even more when it will be on steam :)
    Planned ones:
  • We plan a lot for this game. The first things we will improve is the framework, so you can get up to 1Million particle ships O.O and even more past this! but that is only for the close future.
  • We have access to open source libraries, that will allow us to implement fast and easily shader based 2D lightning, a day/night cycle and sprites for populating the sky with clouds and birds, to the sea with fish, and even down to the underground with fossils.
  • We later want to manage the flooding of the water in the ships with GPU generated particles, that will allow us to model seriously the water and air pressure. we want also to add particle effects like bubbles, fires, explosions (as if it was directed by michael bay :D ), and water splatters.
  • In the last versions, we plan to have up to 10 million maximum particles in a ship if there is enough processing power, like the last gen 8 core computers at 4 Ghz, but only in that case, else it will be around 1 million. This is unclear and the numbers might be exaggerated or underrated, but you get the idea, big ships :D!
  • In the release, you will be able to sink a star destroyer from star wars :D (if it is the right scale, the scale is to be defined tho :P)
  • And what is a sinking simulator without little stick man and woman that drown into the deepness of the ocean! and why not even furniture, that floats around and even engines, to make your ship move, and even cannons, missiles and bombs!
  • And a game, is not complete without a nice and nifty battle between friends, yes, indeed, Multiplayer (for later, really later, but later not so later, like very soon, like closer than now, then soon, that is in between now and the end of the world :P)
  • Oh, and I nearly forgot, the game will be 99% moddable, all available and sharable in the steam workshop :)

The current game is in alpha stage, You can try it for free. However, the full game will cost about 5$.


If you happen to be a Youtuber or Game reviewer, we will gladly send you the current build of the game so you can review it. We are looking for honest review. Like it or not, we need to know it and why.

Please, contact us on this address. :

Hope you like it.
Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments.

Luke Wren, for making the Original game, even if he abandonned it, I thanks him for the work he did.
Francis Racicot, for creating the project based of different Idea. He took risks and really wanted this project to succeed.
Frederic Nieto for reviving the project. He is the programmer behind the new game.
Steven Markaterios, for keeping creating videos of the game and helping the community it used to had.
Roy Berardo, for the awesome musics he is creating for the game.

Thanks a lot
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DOGGO Sep 25 @ 12:32pm 
how do i download it
BunnyBunBun Sep 4 @ 6:33am 
The download link is no good.

I have the Alpha 2.02 version, and Im using a Windows 10 pc, but the ships don't spawn. Can't find any fixes on it, only for version 1.05 or something.
[P2:Abyss] Pac0master  [author] Aug 30 @ 12:55pm 
Well, it's not really failing.

it just takes some time to do properly.

I haven't updated this page for quite a long time,
We're all on a Discord server now
The_Sniffi Aug 30 @ 12:03pm 
I knew this game would fail... i didnt want it to fail... but when so many people had trouble with it, it was doomed
Tomand15 Aug 21 @ 3:10am 
found an error thingie on the download page: The file you are trying to download is no longer available.
This could be due to the following reasons:
X The file has been removed because of a ToS/AUP violation.
X Invalid URL - the link you are trying to access does not exist
X The file has been deleted by the user.
Falling Black Feathers Jul 16 @ 10:06am 
would really like to see this game when it comes back and poeple on steam are ale to download not trying to rush take your time =)
.Anomaly xD Jun 27 @ 8:46am 
how can i vote?
theemeraldlake May 15 @ 9:09am 
how can I install
Paraso Apr 18 @ 1:57pm 
How do you install this game???? ive been trying for hours!! ive gotten java, the game, but i just... cant. Im so frustrated. can someone help?