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How to Hek? (6 Forma)
By ⎛Odeusus.exe⎞
A build for Hek made to mow down entire squads of enemies down in a few shots.. :D
''The Hek is a powerful shotgun that fires its shots with a tight spread, making it efficient at medium range as long as its strong recoil is properly managed.'' - ingame description of the Hek.
The hek is a shotgun by grineer design and is also used on Councilor Vay Hek on the right arm of his battleframe. And is also used by a member of the Gustrag Three named Vem Tabook.
The Hek is one of the highest hitting shotguns ingame and has a smaller cone (thus less spread) then other shotguns, the only downside is it has only 4 shells each mag and takes some time to reload.
The Hek takes 24hours to craft and requires the following materials:
- 50.000 credits (blueprint + crafting costs).
- 900 circuits.
- 1.000 rubedo.
- 1.200 salvage.
- 5 neurodes.
You can find the blueprint in the market for 25.000 credits.

Or you can buy the weapon instantly for 225platinum... >_<
- Requires mastery rank 4.
- 26,25 impact damage.
- 113,75 puncture damage.
- 35 slash damage.
- 10% crit chance.
- 200% crit damage.
- 25% status chance.
- 2,2 relaod speed.
- 4 magazine capacity.
- accuracy 9,1.
- semi-auto trigger.
- 7 pellets each round.
It doenst have a base polarity.
The basic build:
The 2 empty slots are for elements who switch according to the faction you're fighting.

This build uses 6 forma's and has 3 Madurai (V) and also 3 Naramon (-) polarities.

- Maxed hell's chamber and scattered justice: to get a 320% multipshot, making every shot you fire have 29+ a 40% chance to fire a 30th pellet. Every pellet has it's own chance to cause status or a crit, so the more you have the more procs/crits :D. Scattered justice also makes you send out a pulse which restores 25% of your hp and temporarly increases your armor by 25% too, and deals 1000 blast damage to enemies and stuns them. The stun makes them vulnerable for a short time against finishers (like banshee's silence does) This effect occurs each time you get 2.000 affinity ingame while having the Hek out.

- Maxed breach loader: Adds 120% puncture damage, use this because Hek's primary damage is puncture so it will give you alot more damage.

Seeking force: Adds 2.1 punch through, so bullets penetrate targets and makes you hit other targets behind them. VERY usefull when there are alot of enemies in a small hallway all piled up on eachother, then you jsut charge in with your Hek and shoot a few times :D

Primed point blank rank 8: Adds 135% damage (165% at max rank), although I didnt max it out due the lack of credits and cores, a maxed primed point blank will fit in however.

- Maxed viscious spread Adds 90% damage increase and also adds 60% spread. Spread decreases the accuracy of the Hek, thus increasing the cone it fires. Because the hek fires so many pellets at once (28-29) low accuracy (big cone) can be a good thing. You will be able to hit alot of enemies at once, basicly you can close your eyes and fire since you will always hit something in a room :D.

Grineer build:

Add the following elements to the basic build:

Fire + electric: creates radiation which increases by 75% to bombards and napalms
Corpus build:

Then add the following element:

Toxin: Ignores shields and directly damages hp, making it highly effective against corpus, since they have high shields and low hp.
Infested build:

Add the following elements for infested:

Electric + toxin: creates corrosive, gives and 75% damage boost to any ancient infested which is the strongest enemy in the infested faction.
Void build:
Because of the new enemies that have been added to void it's really up to you which element you wanna use. Use corrosive (infested build) if you're having a hard time killing the heavy gunners and ancient healers. Or use radiation if you're struggeling with the bombards and MOA's (Grineer build). Personally I use radiation in void, I am having a hard time fighting dem bombards!!!
If you feel like something is missing/wrong feel free to comment about it!
Also if you liked the guide/build or even better if you had to the reaction to it as in the video above, then it would be great if you could rate and favorite my guide/build^^
Because you gotta love those gold stars :D
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A Mountain Jul 16, 2018 @ 4:55am 
And what about the Vaykor Hek?
A Mountain Jul 16, 2018 @ 4:54am 
What about Primed Ravage?
Kirbmyster Aug 29, 2016 @ 8:27am 
Ok, let me make it clear then, My Old build didn't use status mods (I recently changed it to get that extra little bit of damage) and I did use status only mods (so specificly mods that only gave status chance) You have to excuse how the hell I said it, at the time it was like 6am and I'd been up quite a while. my bad on that part.
⎛Odeusus.exe⎞  [author] Aug 29, 2016 @ 7:24am 
Now if I use the same build on an updated hek it does 30k dmg with ~70% status chance and 2m punch through (can't check ingame because I sold it after the sancti tigris came out).

⎛Odeusus.exe⎞  [author] Aug 29, 2016 @ 7:16am 
So first you said you didn't use status mods and now you suddenly do? I have officially lost you now...
Kirbmyster Aug 28, 2016 @ 2:48pm 
Multishot my friend.. multishot, and I mean directly straight out status mods.
⎛Odeusus.exe⎞  [author] Aug 28, 2016 @ 2:42pm 
There's no way to get 96.5% status chance without using any status mod so that kinda seems like magic to me...
Kirbmyster Aug 28, 2016 @ 11:47am 
Actually I don't use any status mods.
⎛Odeusus.exe⎞  [author] Aug 28, 2016 @ 11:46am 
Yeah the stats are outdated (before the rework), and if you use the status mod you need little to none forma's. Tho the Hek doens't matter anymore now with the sancti tigris being here sadly...