DOOM II: Hell on Earth

DOOM II: Hell on Earth

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DOOM 2: Hell on Earth - Codes & Secrets
By Jr786
This Guide contains Codes & Secrets for DOOM 2.
1. MS-DOS Version - Cheat Codes
Enter in the following cheat codes during gameplay for the desired effect.

All Weapons/Ammo = idfa
All Weapons/Ammo/Keys = idkfa
Beserk Pack = IDBEHOLDS
Bonus Level = idclev31
Choose Game BGM = IDMUSxx (xx being a number)
Computer Area Map = IDBEHOLDA
Destroys all enemies except Lost Souls = FHHALL
Entire Map = IDDT
God Mode = iddqd
Invisibility = IDBEHOLDI
Invisible to Enemies Until You Attack = FHSHH
Invulnerability = IDBEHOLDV
Level Warp = IDCLEV xx (Where xx is the level number, like 05)
Light Amp Goggles = IDBEHOLDL
Makes you completely invisible to all enemies until you shoot = FHSHH
No Clipping Mode = idclip
Radiation Suit = IDBEHOLDR
Replace fists with Chainsaw = idchoppers
Show Position in Code = idmypos
Wolfenstein 3D Level = idclev32
2. View all objects
n map mode, hit IDDT *TWICE* to see all objects, you, monsters, items, and all, in the form of little triangles.

View all objects = iddt, iddt
3. Glitches
Invincible Monsters
If a monster is ever crushed by a door at the exact time an Arch-Vile resurrects it, the monster will become an invincible ''ghost''. This is a very annoying glitch because the ''ghost'' can attack you and float through walls! The only way to stop it is to avoid it at all costs.

Killing ghost monsters
If you've managed to encounter a ghost monster and can't kill it, here's how: whip out your rocket launcher or BFG and shoot a nearby wall when the ghost monster is near it. It will be harmed or killed due to splash damage.
4. Secrets
First Secret Level
On level 15: Industrial Zone, activate the switch on the pillar in the large lava trench. Next grab the invulnerability in the now open area at the east end of the large lava trench. Finally enter the southwestern most building on the map and take the small lava river south until you find the newly opened branch with the secret exit teleporter. The branch will not be open if you skip the invulnerability!

John Romero's head on a stick
On the final level, turn on clip mode (type ''idclip'' during game) and walk towards the final bosses exposed brain. You should enter a small hallway behind the hole to his brain, and see that there is actually John Romero's head on a stick. You deafeat the final boss not by destroying the monsters brain, but by shooting the decapitated head of John Romero

Main character really getting into it
Hold the fire button down on any gun for a little while and the main character's face will get very intense and angry looking.

Secret Level Number Two
This level is not in the German version of Doom 2
To get to the second secret level from the first, go to the last room (with the 12 SS guards and the elevator) and immediately turn to your right, and open the wall back to a secret area with health. Grab the heath, turn around and press that wall to get to another secret are with a elevator to the second secret level, another knock off of Wolfenstien 3D, only this time the level is a remake of Grosse, the first boss.
5. Act 1: Subterranean/Starport Maps
Level 1: Entryway
Level 2: Underhalls (Exit to secret level; Xbox only)
Level 3: The Gauntlet
Level 4: The Focus
Level 5: The Waste Tunnels
Level 6: The Crusher
6. Act 2: Hellish Outpost Maps
Level 7: Dead Simple
Level 8: Tricks and Traps
Level 9: The Pit
Level 10: Refueling Base
Level 11: 'O' of Destruction! (Known as Circle of Death on the intermission screen.)
7. Act 3: City Maps
Level 12: The Factory
Level 13: Downtown
Level 14: The Inmost Dens
Level 15: Industrial Zone (Exit to secret level)
Level 16: Suburbs
Level 17: Tenements
Level 18: The Courtyard
Level 19: The Citadel
Level 20: Gotcha!
7. Act 4: Inside Hell Maps
Level 21: Nirvana
Level 22: The Catacombs
Level 23: Barrels o' Fun
Level 24: The Chasm
Level 25: Bloodfalls
Level 26: The Abandoned Mines
Level 27: Monster Condo
Level 28: The Spirit World
Level 29: The Living End
Level 30: Icon of Sin
8. Bonus & Secret Maps
Level 31: Wolfenstein2 (Exit to super secret level)
Level 32: Grosse2
NOTE: These two levels do not appear in the German version.

Level 33: Betray (XBox Verisons Only)
9. Playstation 3 Trophies
DOOMed to Die Young Again
Complete the DOOM 2: Hell on Earth single player campaign on "I'm Too Young to Die!" or higher.

Level Entry
Complete any Level in any difficulty in singleplayer.

100% Level
Complete a Level with 100% Kills, Items and Secrets in singleplayer.

Find a BFG in singleplayer.

Finder of Secrets
Find a Secret in any Level in singleplayer.

Knuckle Sammich
Kill a CyberDemon with your fists in singleplayer.

DOOMed Lumberjack
Kill 20 enemies with your chainsaw on a single map in singleplayer.

Kill 20 enemies while in berserker mode on a single map in singleplayer.
10. ADG Episode 122
Tagline: "Thou hast lost an 8th!"
Developed: Id Software
Published: 1994 GT Interactive
Genre: FPS
Players: 1-4