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Genre: Action, Adventure
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Feb 3, 2015 @ 10:10am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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Release date: Now
Transcendence is a game of space combat and exploration. This single-player PC game is set in a vast and dangerous galaxy. Travel through dozens of randomly generated star systems and fight against hundreds of unique ship classes on an epic journey to the edge of Human Space.

Roam an open universe.
As you travel the galaxy in your ship, you will dock with myriad stations, each with its own story to tell.
  • Buy weapon and armor upgrades at the competing shops of the Corporate Hierarchy.
  • Defend agricultural stations from marauders and drive away warlords preying on undefended habitats.
  • Deal with the Black Market—if you can get an appropriate introduction.
  • Escort giant freighters at Korolov Shipping and defend them against the Charon Pirates.
  • Earn money and respect in gladiatorial combat at the Battle Arena Maximus.
  • Join the Commonwealth Militia in its battle against the Sung Slavers.
  • Help the Huari at their secret refuge.
  • Rise through the ranks of Admiral Decker's Fleet and face the archcannons of the Phobos-class dreadnought.

Battle over a hundred unique ship classes.
The further away from home you get, the deadlier the enemies become.
  • Even in the civilized areas of the New Beyond, you will face laser cannons and missiles from the Charon Pirates and various other marauders and warlords.
  • Beware the radiation weapons of the Sapiens; if they get past your shields you will have to decontaminate within minutes or die.
  • Particle beams and cyber attacks are the hallmark of the Sung, a fearsome sovereign that uses captured slaves for computing power.
  • If you can avoid the EMP weapons of the Dwarg masters, you may be able to convince some of their zoanthropes to follow you.
  • The asteroid mines of the neohuman Ferians will yield precious ores, but avoid their warrior ships and their plasma cannons.
  • Battle the self-upgrading drones of the Luminous AI, and use their cyber cubes against them.
  • Command a squadron of gunships in a desperate battle to defend Point Juno, the Commonwealth's last stronghold against the Ares Orthodoxy.

Join in an epic space opera.
Domina, a mysterious hyperintelligence, compels you to undertake a dangerous quest across the galaxy. But the deeper you travel the more you realize that your actions could determine the future of humanity.
  • The first part of the Domina & Oracus trilogy, The Stars of the Pilgrim, takes place almost entirely in Human Space. Part II will explore the rest of the galaxy and the domain of the Ancient Races.
  • Dozens of story arcs explore the richness and diversity of human civilization in the 25th century.
  • Travel through dozens of randomly generated star systems; no two game sessions are ever alike.
  • Unravel the mystery of the alien Iocrym and the quarantine they've placed on Human Space.
  • As your journey progresses, you will acquire awesome technologies and mysterious powers—enough to make you the most powerful being in Human Space.

Extend the game with dozens of mods or build your own with a robust modding system.
  • Add new ship classes, weapons, missions, or even entire adventures.
  • Use simple XML files to modify existing resources or build entirely different mechanics with a powerful Lisp-based scripting language.
  • Download official mods from the catalog or choose from hundreds of player-created mods on
  • Rely on our friendly community to learn about modding and get advice on projects.

"Elegant controls, clear maps and a simple autopilot mode mean navigating the vastness of space is easy and relatively quick. Naturally episodic and admirably accessible, this is a game that fits a five-minute play window as neatly as it fits a five hour one."

"Mind you, the game is pretty huge and you should probably set aside a few hours to properly enjoy it and fully appreciate its depth. Oh, and Star Control and Elite fans will be very happy indeed."

Greg Costikyan - Play Thing Thing!
"In addition to a huge number of enemy ship types and weapon systems, there are the equivalent of magic items: chips, cannisters, and devices the purpose of which you can only learn by using them. As in a Rogue-like, some of these are very useful--and others quite dangerous, doing things like flooding your ship with industrial acid."

Derek Yu - TIG Source
"The clean graphics and simplicity of the interface make it very easy to get into, and the Roguelike-esque randomization and number of options gives it plenty of replayability. Definitely worth checking out."

Transcendence is available now.
Download the core game for free at the Transcendence site[].

Everything described here (and much more) is currently implemented. The core game takes about 24 hours to complete. If Transcendence is greenlit, we will likely bundle two expansion packs: Corporate Command[] and Eternity Port[].
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