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X Rebirth 3.0
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X Rebirth 3.0 Features explained
Faster Playing
Abort cutscenes
All cutscenes can now be aborted by pressing escape (e.g getting out of the Albion Skunk).

To run on platforms double tap the “walk” button (w by default).
Configuring Joysticks
As of version 4.30, default input profiles for the Saitek X52 and the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog are now available in addition to the generic default profile for joysticks.

Backing up your Input Profile

For those of you who already have existing input profiles and do not want to risk losing these profiles when trying out defaults, it could be a good idea to back up your existing profile. You can do this by scrolling to the very bottom of the Controls submenu of the Options menu and activating "Save Profile" to save your existing profile. You can later load that profile to restore to an input state that you are reasonably satisfied with.

Activating your Devices

Before loading the default profiles for joysticks, use "Manage Controllers/Joysticks" to make sure that your input devices are active. If using an input method comprised of multiple devices such as some stick+throttle combos, make sure that the stick is at the first position, while the throttle is at the second position. If using a stand-alone stick, make sure that your stick is at the first position.

Bi-directional Throttle

If you prefer, or have to, use a throttle device's entire range of motion to only control forward movement, such as when using a throttle with no center notch, you could deactivate the setting "Bi-directional Throttle". Note, however, that this can cause problems with other input devices such as gamepads or the Oculus Touch controller that expect this setting to be active.

Automatic Target Selection

With automatic target selection on, targets that are directly in front of your ship are automatically selected. In 3D mode, this automatically selects what you look at. The default joystick profiles were designed with this setting active, but since buttons are also mapped to other methods of selecting targets, this can be safely turned off.

If automatic target selection is on, it is useful to have a control mapped to "Toggle Target Lock". This locks your currently selected target so that looking at, or facing, other targets does not change your selection. Toggle target lock again to allow you to switch targets via automatic selection again.
Exploration and Rare Items
Rare items: Complete redesign of all items found in the universe. Many new rare items were added including some that can be used for special missions.

Lockboxes: Objects are now found in different types of “lockboxes”. To open these containers, the player has to first shoot locks without damaging the container.

Crafting: Some items can be used in crafting. Once you find one craftable item, the inventory menu will show the other missing items and the product that you can build out of it. Read the objects’ encyclopedia entries for hints of what unique missions and activities can be unlocked with these objects.
Gifts and Bribing (Unlocking Rewards on Platforms)

Gifts: After a successful smalltalk conversation on a platform, not only do people (NPCs) offer valuable rewards, such as the option to update your trade computer with live trade offer updates from this station permanently (2.0: Trade agents), but you can now also give them a gift to play an extended conversation and unlock special rewards. Several gifts can be crafted from rare items. Among the rewards are:
  • Virtual seminars (—> Skill improvements)
  • Long term discounts
Station Sabotage (New Hack Panels)
Hacking on platforms:
A range of new control panels and security terminals on stations allow
you to skilfully sabotage all areas of station operation on your opponents space station:

Sabotage station defence: Successfully sabotaging station defence systems can give you a limited period of time in which a station is weaker or even defenceless. This requires a security decryption system, which can be crafted in your inventory once you found all of its components.

Sabotaging Station Repair: Successfully sabotaging a station's repair facility will greatly increase the time the crew needs to rebuild the station after an attack. You need a temporary local security ID to access this terminal, which can be crafted from items sometimes found on platforms.

Hack trade offers: Hacking into a trade terminal can be used to gain illegal long-term discounts or commissions. You need a temporary local security ID to access this terminal, which can be crafted from items sometimes found on platforms.

Sabotaging Production: Successfully sabotaging a station's production will cripple it for a long period of time. You need a temporary local security ID to access this terminal, which can be crafted from items sometimes found on platforms.

Blocking station security: Successfully sabotaging station security will increase the time for stealing containers after hacking. This requires a security decryption system, which can be crafted in your inventory once you found all of its components.
Stealing Goods from Stations (Improved Trojan ROV)

First preparation:
Before you start your career as a thief, you should have several security decryption systems.

  • Step 1: Identify target station: Decide which station to rob. A successful robbery needs a target that has valuable goods.
  • Step 2: Identify target storage module: Where does the station store its most valuable goods? Scan the station and look inside all storage modules to choose the one with the most valuable goods, or those you need yourself.
  • Optional preparation: Consider disabling the station security before starting to hack the storage. This is not necessary but reduces your risk. (—> Station sabotage / Blocking station security).
  • Step 3: Make sure one of your trade ships, capable of transporting the wares you want to steal, is very close nearby (consider a Fly to my current position command) and has a large amount of Cargolifter URVs to pick up the stolen goods as fast as possible!
  • Step 4: Approach the selected storage module and launch the Trojan ROV. Once you are remotely controlling the ROV, avoid security ships at all cost. Fly to the info point of your selected storage module, click on it and select the “hack” action.
  • Step 5: Fly to the target points shown now as mission targets and hack them by selecting the hack action. You will have to succeed in the very fast minigame by pressing the button when the scan line is near the peak of the curve.
  • Step 6: Once the progress bar reaches 100% you will receive the message “hack successful”. You will then see that the station has triggered its alarms and raised its security level.
  • Step 7: If you choose the right target, you now will find lots of free floating ware container in the area around the station.
  • Optional preparation: Land on a platform and find the station defence control panel to disable all station turrets for a short period of time. You will need a security decryption system for this step.
  • Step 8: You can switch to cargo collect mode and tag containers so your freighter can pick them up. The moment you claim the first container, you reveal your identity and intention to the station and station security will retaliate for your actions. If you disabled station defence systems, you have to be quick or you risk that your freighter being attacked. However, the reward can be more than worth the risk.
Skill Improvements
Virtual seminars: You can now improve the skill set of your workers (NPCs) in relevant categories (those in bold) by giving them virtual seminars. These seminars can be acquired from experienced NPCs by giving them crafted gifts. You can give a virtual seminar to an NPC either by
visiting them personally or, in the case of active pilots in your ships, remotely when
talking to them (COMM from NPC details menu)

Improving your NPCs: Levelling up your workers' skills can now improve important features of
the game. Examples:
  • Managers: Will work more efficiently and increase station productivity
  • Engineers: Will repair stations or ships faster.
  • Marine Officer: Will lead teams more effectively in fights and thereby increase boarding chances.
  • Pilots: Will learn more advanced flight techniques and improve at mining.
  • Defence officer: Improved tactics for better results in fighting with your capital ships.
  • Specialists: Will increase their effect on station productivity even further.
Promoting marines: Marines are now promoted through successful boarding operations. Look to board weaker targets first to train your marines. With a full complement of marines (50) and with some of them promoted to Veteran or even Elite status, you will be able to take on increasingly stronger ships. With these changes, only Recruit marines are available to acquire at Recruiting Officers.

Educate the Marine Officer: Further improve your chances in boarding by educating your Marine Officer with virtual seminars (—> Skill improvements). The Marine Officer will also gain experience after a successful boarding operation.

Marine losses: Marines can now be lost on boarding operations, even those which are ultimately successful. Increase your chances of zero casualties by training your marines.

Boarding resistance: Capital ships now display a 'Boarding resistance' value in their info menu. The resistance will affect how effective your marines are and how many casualties you may suffer. The more expensive and upgraded the ship, the higher the resistance. Lower it by destroying surface elements and damaging the hull. Of course, the more damaged the ship is, the less it will be worth.

Boarding missions: Throughout a boarding operation your Marine Officer may suggest targets to be hacked or destroyed to help aid their progress. Fail these tasks and you risk more Marine casualties.
Chain missions: Occasionally you will see this new mission offer type. These are groups of missions offered by various factions. They do not just give you the usual mission reward, but often promise a special reward at the end of the chain. Some unique discounts and unlocks are only available through these new missions.

Many new missions: The set of missions offered on stations has been improved. If you enjoy playing missions, you can accept many missions at the same time and try to play them simultaneously. This is especially useful when multiple missions send you in the same direction. Be careful however when missions introduce time restrictions. Losing the mission may cost you some reputation.
Map Improvements
Mouse interface: The map system has been greatly improved to allow more interactive control.
  • SELECT objects directly in the map with a left mouse click.
  • PAN the map by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the map around.
  • ZOOM by using the mouse wheel, including changing the logical level of the map (e.g system to sector to zone).
  • ROTATE map by holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse at the same time.
Trade Improvements

Trading with non squad ships: All your ships that are not currently assigned to a superior (e.g: They are working for a manager to supply a station or are part of a squad protecting another ship), will now be selectable in the TRADE MENU. This means you have now two options to manage your trade ships:

  • Ships that are part of your squad will execute trade orders and try to fly to your current location as soon as they are done.
  • Ships that are not in your squad will execute trade orders and remain in their last zone after they are done.

Set your own prices: The managers of your factories now have the new option to “Manage trade offer prices”. This can overwrite the default automatic price choice, which is based on the stations current storage of resources and products.

Ware exchange: It is now possible to order to transfer wares directly between all of your property. This always starts with a ship in your squad. From the conversation with the pilot or captain, you will find the “Transfer wares” option in the “New order” section. In the following step, you can select any other object to transfer wares TO or FROM. This also includes wares that are not available as trade offers, allowing you to get resources out of a station again, or even move drones from one station to another. The ship will of course have to fly to the other station, or in the case of two ships exchanging wares directly, have to meet somewhere in space. Capital ships will then exchange wares using their cargo vessel drones, while small ships have to pick up the wares as containers floating in space.

Trade computer MK2 and MK3: These extensions now improve your trade computer's memory. This means that all your trade ships will have a longer command queue. With the trade computer MK2, for example, you can assign 5 orders to each of your trade ships. The trade computer extension is not cheap and therefore reserved for expert traders.
Commanding Squadrons

Broadcast commands to entire squad: The property owned menu now has a new “Broadcast” button when you select your own Albion Skunk. This will allow you to select orders that can be sent to all ships currently in your squad at the same time! (All that appear if you click on the “plus” symbol of the Albion Skunk.

Attack command: An “Attack” action was added to the interact menu of many targetable objects, such as ships and info points of stations. This action replaces the “Hail” action in many places, which is still available through the C hotkey and in the info menu by selecting the NPC you want to talk to. Giving this “attack” order behaves exactly like giving a BROADCAST command from the property owned menu, selecting “Attack object” under new commands and selecting this same object from the map. Note that in both cases, your order is sent to all the ships in your squad that can fight, no matter where they currently are. If you want to exclude ships, you can remove them from your squad and still use them for trading.

Creating sub squads: To make controlling large amounts of ships easier, you should consider organising them into groups. Instead of commanding each ship individually, you will only deal with the “boss” and all ships assigned to him will follow his command.

Withdraw command: One of the new commands available from the “ORDERS” group in conversations with your pilots or captains is the simple order to withdraw from battles. This could be especially important when trying to sabotage stations and steal their goods without ending up in all-out open war.
New Weapon Types and Ship Upgrades
Pulsed Maser Mk3 
: This is the Teladi take on the popular Pulsed Maser. It fires from alternating barrels and at a lower fire rate than the regular masers, but the projectiles stick to the target and continue giving off energy for some time.

Heavy Laser Mk1: 
The Heavy Laser Mk1 is a powerful beam weapon that delivers enough energy to damage ships. However, it is still an improved version of the Mk2 Mining Laser and as such also makes for an effective mining tool.

Particle Repeater Mk3
: The Particle Repeater Mk3 has a longer reach and does more damage, but comes at the cost of a slightly reduced fire rate.

Constrictor Missile: 
This unguided missile is used by security forces and pirates, disabling the boost capabilities of all known engines and stranding ships for easier looting and boarding.

Engine Mk5 Upgrades
: All engine variants can be upgraded to Mk5 versions - if you manage to find the components that are needed for this, and complete the "Treasure Hunt" crafting mission centred around the "Rare Engine".
Building Stations
Build spots in empty space have been added. This now allows you to start construction anywhere in empty space, no matter if you just leave a local highway in the middle of nowhere or simply boost far out of a normal zone. This works like with any normal build spot. Once you have a construction vessel with architect in your squad, the HUD will show build spots. Select the one you want to use and select the “Build” action, then follow the instructions in the conversation with your architect.

Switching between automatic and manual management of building and trading: Both architects and managers can be freely switched from a mode where you manually execute every necessary transport and trade operation to a fully automatic mode, where you just give the NPC the money and they order all required resources for you. To do this, just switch the “Restrict trade to other factions” option in the NPC's info menu to "No" and and add or remove funds to the NPC's budget. An architect with a budget and permission to trade with all factions will build the station you ordered completely or until he runs out of money. Money left after building will always remain on their account and you can move it back to your own account any time. You can now also exclude individual factions from potential trading partners for architects and managers.
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Return player here. Game worked fairly well for me upon release so finished campaign then. I like this as well as Zloth's guide as they got be back up to date without having to replay the campaign and included changes since. Thank you.
suicidewooten Nov 29, 2015 @ 7:03pm 
cause im about to just ask for a refund
suicidewooten Nov 29, 2015 @ 7:00pm 
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Thanks! Been having trouble finding detailed info that is up to date, this has cleared some things up for me.
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Zloth, does that go for everything else besides the Rare Engine? find the parts in roids?
Zloth Mar 6, 2015 @ 6:26pm 
McSkumm - you don't use those fake spacefly eggs you find lying around everywhere. You need the ones marked "authentic" to make the collection. Those are found... in nividium asteroids .
McSkumm Feb 28, 2015 @ 9:08am 
I cant seem to figure out how to craft the Spacefly Eggs Collection and the Artifact Collection, anybody got any pointers?
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