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Insurgency Windows Dedicated Server (updated 8.2.2017)
By Arc and 1 collaborators
Dedicated Server basics and advanced in comprehensive yet easy to read guide.

Linux specific guide can be found here:

Day of Infamy (Standalone) guide now available !
1.) Introduction
Ohai, I'm Arc and this guide will show you how to start a server in a few simple steps and help you maintain and even customise it.

Before we proceed to the next point, I’d like to thank everyone who helped me, the devs for providing as much info as they can, and also thanks to the modders which providing us with awesome creations :)

Special thanks to:
“sparkie951” for text corrections and additional content,
that b*stard phil (aka “frombehind” ) for text corrections, additional content and general overhaul of this guide.

If you seek for Listenserver guide, search no more:
2.) Preparation, requirements
In this section i’ll explain what you will need to have. From necessary Hardware to minimum and recommended software requirements.
2.1) Hardware requirements
It is possible to run server and a client on the same machine, if you have Hardware capable of it.
Minimum Requirements:

10GB HDD space or more for custom content and future patches,
2GB free RAM,
CPU at least Core i3 (or AMD equivalent), prefered high performance per-core,
Stable internet connection, prefered wired (cable, fibre optic),
Internet Bandwidth: At least 2Mbps Download/Upload for 6 player COOP or 6v6 PVP, You will need a lot of bandwidth for big PVP server.
External HTTP server: Custom content needs to be hosted externally, otherwise you will not be able to upload files greater than 64MB to the clients. Fear not, there is Steam Workshop support, explained later.

The next step is for those of you behind a router.
You need to forward the following ports (port forwarding):
27005 (client port) and 27015 (default server port, UDP for traffic, TCP for RCON)

If you want to assign other port than default 27015, you need to portforward it.
Port range normally used for servers:
UDP/TCP 27000 to 27030

How to do port forwarding:
2.2) Software requirements
These are required for the guide and minimum amount of software you should have for comfortable server management.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

Steam Client or SteamCMD for downloading the server

Notepad++ for easier file creation and editing

7Zip for custom content packing and unpacking

GCFscape for unpacking VPK files if you want to create your own mods or theater scripts
3.) Downloading the server
Once we meet the necessary requirements we can download our server. I’ll describe both method of how can obtain server, pick only 1.
3.1) Steam Client
Go to your Library, change “games” tab to “tools” and find “Insurgency Dedicated Server” (not a MOD one !), let it download, that’s all.
3.2) SteamCMD
Download SteamCMD, create folder C:\SteamCMD, put the steamcmd.exe into that folder, run .exe and it will download necessary files and updates. Once it’s done you can now download Insurgency Dedicated Server by typing following commands into SteamCMD console line by line:
login anonymous force_install_dir <path> app_update 237410 validate quit
login: it’s like steam login, you can use your account if you want but it’s not necessary
force_install_dir : if you do not want to have Server downloaded inside of SteamCMD folder use this command, <path> means full path to your desired folder (example: force_install_dir E:\Games\SRCDS )

app_update: is actual download/update command, requires ID of tool you want to download (237410 for Insurgency server).
quit: if you want to quit SteamCMD after you download the server.

This error message pops up if you put unsupported character to folder path (example: E:\Games?\SRCDS )
error! app 237410 state is 0x1 after update job.
4.) Basic Server setup
Now You can proceed to setup the actual server, only with minimum necessary commands.
4.1) Startup file (aka batch)
You will be starting your server with this file instead of srcds.exe.

Go to your SRCDS folder and create plain text file inside same folder as srcds.exe is. Rename that file to “Startup” and change it’s extension from .TXT to .BAT (you need to have unchecked “Hide extension of known files” in windows, google for it if you do not know).

Now, edit the Startup.bat in notepad, and place there following commands:
start srcds.exe -usercon +maxplayers 24 +sv_lan 0 +map "market skirmish"

-usercon: enables server/rcon port so you can use 27015 as an actual server port
+maxplayers: limiter for player slots, this is also needed for COOP server as it’s limit bot+player number
+map: change it to map+mode you want to server start with

Complete maplist:

List of game modes:

There are few optional parameters you might be interested on:
-port xxxxx // sets server port, example: -port 27020, needed for multiple servers at same IP +servercfgfile name_of_cfg // use ONLY in case you have custom named main server.cfg, otherwise do not include
4.2.) Creating basic server.cfg
Every “config” (*.CFG) file is located in “..\insurgency\cfg” directory,so server.cfg belongs to that directory as well..
Fully functional example of server.cfg (you can copy&paste it, just change password, name and mapcyclefile):
/////////////BASIC////////// hostname "your_server_name" // server name rcon_password "your_password" // remote console access password sv_password "" // server password for private matches, if you have sv_playlist, it won't be matchmaked /////////////LOGGING///////////// log on // enables/disables server logging, it will store all text which console prints into TXT files sv_logbans 1 sv_logecho 1 sv_logfile 1 sv_log_onefile 1 /////////////BAN LIST///////////// sv_nwi_banlist 1 // official banlist exec banned_user.cfg // personal banlist based on user IDs exec banned_ip.cfg // personal banlist based on user IPs writeid writeip /////////////MAPCYCLE FILE///////////// "mapcyclefile" "your_mapcycle.txt" // this cvar sets your mapcycle file and defines your map/gamemode rotation

mapcyclefile: this Console Variable (aka CVAR, cvars can be found in “cvarlist” explained later in this guide, you will not need this for basic setup) sets your map cycle file, you can either use default mapcycle files or create your own.

List of default mapcycle files:

Default mapcycle files usually have maps with modes corresponding with name of the mapcycle text file. For example “mapcycle_checkpoint.txt” contains only “checkpoint” mode while “mapcycle_cooperative.txt” contains all cooperative modes. My advice is that you should not modify default mapcycles rather than create your own.

Now You have fully functional server with basic settings, if you want more customization just continue reading this guide.
5.) Advanced Server settings
Now we can proceed to personal modification of the server, starting with list of locations of files we will be using. As well as example files for other server functions.
5.1) Useful file directories
"..\insurgency" // this is our parent directory, there are mapcycles, our generated cvarlist, motd file, and other directories shown below "..\insurgency\cfg" // server config files (*.CFG) directory "..\insurgency\maps" // here goes custom maps "..\insurgency\maps\workshop" // here are legacy maps downloaded from workshop "..\insurgency\maps\<mapname>.txt" // text file containing supported gamemodes for specific map, do not modify! "..\insurgency\scripts\theaters" // theater script director "..\insurgency\scripts\playlists\<custom>" // Custom Playlists (update "..\insurgency\custom" // folder for custom content (VPK format) like skins or sounds "..\insurgency\custom\workshop" // here are mods downloaded from Old workshop "..\insurgency\custom\<custom> // here are New workshop maps, for now "..\insurgency\logs" // server log text files, if it's logging enabled "root\steamapps\workshop\content\222880" // New workshop download folder
5.2) Cvarlist
Before you jump to edit files, you need to know what CVARs are available, these can be obtained manually from your server, or via 3rd party tool.

Thanks to Ballou.J you can use his webpage tool:

or you can generate cvarlist manually by typing this into the server console:
cvarlist log cvarlist.txt
it will store whole cvarlist to a text file located in “..\insurgency” directory. If you choose this method, it’s recommended to generate cvarlist each server update.
5.3) List of gamemode config files and how to edit them
Firstly you must know how Server handles loading of multiple config files before you will be editing them:
server.cfg // this is your primary server config file containing global variables default_server_<mode>.cfg // default file which contains settings for specific mode server_<mode>.cfg // non-default config, overrides default, use this for custom servers server_<map>.cfg // optional file for settings per-map server_<map>_<mode>.cfg // optional file for settings per-map-gamemode
Loaded from top to bottom (from most general to most specific).
If you have conflicting CVARS (Console Variables, simply put: commands) the last loaded config will have highest priority, thus overriding such conflicting cvar.

You just saw that there is possibility to have per-map settings as well as per-map-gamemode. Those config files are not default and you must create them if you want to have such settings.

Now You can proceed to edit files which are loaded by the server and correspond to the current game mode. These files are located in "..\insurgency\cfg" directory and contain per-gamemode settings, the name of the file matching the mode it modifies.

Example of server_checkpoint.cfg, starting with default settings:
"mp_coop_lobbysize" "6" // how many players are allowed in coop modes, maximum 8 "mp_maxgames" "1" // maximum number of games played "mp_maxrounds" "5" // maximum number of rounds played before map changes without reaching winlimit "mp_winlimit_coop" "1" // maximum number of WINS before next map can be loaded "mp_roundtime" "900" // round time in seconds, ATTENTION! for COOP modes, this is time till next objective is captured, not for whole round ! "mp_cp_capture_time" "30" // number of seconds needed to capture an objective "mp_cp_deteriorate_time" "0" "mp_supply_token_base" "10" // number of supply points at start of the map "mp_supply_token_bot_base" "18" // number of supply points for bots "mp_supply_rate_losing_team_high" "1" // how many supply points will player earn on losing team as MVP "mp_supply_rate_losing_team_low" "1" // non-MVP losing team "mp_supply_rate_winning_team_high" "1" // how many supply points will player earn on winning team as MVP "mp_supply_rate_winning_team_low" "1" // non-MVP winning team "ins_bot_count_checkpoint_min" "5" // number of bots on server for 1 player "ins_bot_count_checkpoint_max" "16" // number of bots on server for 8 players "ins_bot_count_checkpoint_default" "0" // when set to 0, it will scale between the min and max depending on player count

Now you can edit this with adding optional CVARs such as these:

"mp_supply_token_max" "50" // maximum supply points (base + earned) "mp_player_resupply_delay_base" "10" // base delay between player resupply in seconds "mp_player_resupply_delay_max" "130" // maximum delay between resupply in seconds "mp_player_resupply_delay_penalty" "20" // penalty for resupply spamming, in seconds "mp_player_resupply_penalty_reset" "45" // time in seconds where penalty resets "mp_timer_pregame" "0" // timer for the pre-game (before the game starts, usually after map change or on mp_restartgame 1), in seconds "mp_timer_preround" "10" // timer for the pre-round (before the round starts, usually after a previous round ends or on mp_restartround 1), in seconds "mp_timer_postround" "8" // timer for the post-round (after the round starts) "mp_timer_postgame" "10" // timer for the post-game (at the end of a game / map rotation) "mp_timer_preround_first" "10" // timer for pre-round right after the map loads (additional timer, it counts towards “mp_timer_preround”) "mp_checkpoint_counterattack_always" "0" // enables/disables “always counterattack” for Checkpoint mode "bot_damage" "1" // the amount of damage bots give off compared to normal players, 0.1 - 1.0 (in 0.1 increments)
5.4) Custom server.cfg
Here i’ll explain optional CVARs for your already functional basic server.cfg, bare in mind, there are a lot more CVARs than in this guide, see Cvarlist.
"mp_friendlyfire" "1" // enables/disables friendly fire "mp_tkpunish" "2" // How to punish team killing ( 0 = none, 1 = warning, 2 = kill ) "sv_vote_failure_timer" "10" // how many seconds before you can vote again after failed vote "sv_vote_issue_changegamemode_allowed" "0" // enables/disables vote option for changing gamemode "sv_vote_issue_changelevel_allowed" "1" // enables/disables vote option for “changelevel” "sv_vote_issue_nextlevel_allowextend" "1" "sv_vote_issue_nextlevel_round_count_delay" "0" "sv_vote_issue_kick_allowed" "1" "sv_vote_issue_botdifficulty_allowed" "0" "sv_vote_issue_botcount_allowed" "0" "sv_map_voting" "1" // enables/disables map voting "sv_vote_issue_nextlevel_choicesmode" "1" // enables/disables eng game map choice screen "mp_spectator_allow_chase" "0" // enables/disables chase cam for spectator "mp_allowspectators" "1" "spec_allow_bots" "0" // enables/disables spectating of bots "sv_deadvoice" "1" // enabling this will allow the dead and living to VOIP each other "sv_deadtalk" "1" // enabling this will allow the dead and living to chat text each other "sv_deadtalk_team" "0" // is deadchat limited to just your team? "sv_alltalk" "0" // enables/disables voice chat between team sides (Insurgents/Security) "mp_voice_use_3d_voip" "1" // enables/disables 3D voice chat "sv_hud_deathmessages" "0" // death messages (kill feed) "sv_hud_scoreboard_show_kd" "1" // show k:d on scoreboard "sv_hud_targetindicator" "1" // show friendly player names/diamonds when looking at them "sv_weapon_manager_cleanup" "1" // enables/disables weapon manager (WM is responsible for cleaning dropped weapons and bodies) "sv_weapon_manager_drop_timer" "1200" // how many seconds will dropped weapons remain till they vanish "sv_weapon_manager_max_count" "50" // how many dropped weapons can be on map at a time
5.5) per-map and per-map-gamemode configs
As you already know, you can make such settings, it will use same CVARs as you put into your server_gamemode.cfg, i pick Skirmish mode with sinjar map as an example:
Create text file inside “CFG” folder, rename it to “server_sinjar.cfg” (again, you need to have disabled “hide known file extensions” in windows to be able to change TXT to CFG). Now you can put whatever CVAR you want to be active for that map.

Same goes for per-map-gamemode: Create text file in “CFG folder” rename it to “server_sinjar_skirmish.cfg

Both Config options MUST start with “server_” as shown in the guide, otherwise your Server will not load them.
You can have both optional config files at the same time, this purely depends on your preferences.
5.6) Custom mapcycle file
Now you can create your own mapcycle.
Create text file and rename it to mapcycle_whatever.txt (mapcycle_mixed.txt for example) in “..\insurgency” folder, open it and add copy&paste your desired map names and mode names into it following this example:
buhriz skirmish revolt push revolt_coop checkpoint ministry hunt

You can have all modes at one mapcycle, as well as 1 mode only or a few of them. Your choice.
Now when you have file saved, set it in server.cfg by changing “mapcyclefile”” variable:
"mapcyclefile" "mapcycle_whatever.txt"

Remember to write down “.txt”, otherwise it won’t work.
5.7) Message of the day (aka MOTD)
MOTD is simple text file which shows whatever you write there during client’s map load screen. Keep it as simple as possible.
Create text file in “..\insurgency” directory, rename it to “motd.txt”.
Example file:
Welcome in Arc's COOP server Admin: Arc Rules: TeamKill will result in permanent BAN Gamemodes: Checkpoint, Hunt, Survival
5.8) Matchmaking and Stats
Since update we have New Playlist System, here is a separate guide containing everything you need to know:
5.9) Remote Control (aka RCON)
Server can be remotely controlled. You need to set password for it. You already have necessary cvar line added in basic server.cfg, but for recap it’s:
rcon_password <your password>
Once you are in game playing on your server and want to remotely access to your server, open client console and type there:
rcon_password <your password> rcon status
This signs you as admin and displays current status of the game and disables auto-kick for your person.
Now if you want to change some variable simply put “rcon” before you type cvar, example:
rcon mp_maxrounds 8
5.10) Commenting
This useful feature is visible across whole guide. It’s commenting of lines by adding “//” (double slash) symbol.
All which is behind the double slash is ignored by server. You can create sidenotes with it (as shown throughout the guide) or you can disable cvars with it instead of deleting them, example:
//sv_playlist nwi/coop
Now the whole line will be ignored thus will server have matchmaking disabled.
5.11) External admin tools
Sourcemod is all-kind of admin tool, powered by user scripts (plugins) it can do almost anything on the server.

All documentations:


Jballou's plugins and tools:

There are also other tools like HLStatsX for player stats, web based rcon tools and so on. I’m lacking of knowledge here so search in google or ask in our group about them.
5.12) Scripting possibilities for batch and SteamCMD
You can modify startup batch file to contain “autorestart” feature in Windows. Just modify your existing file and replace it with this:
@echo off cls echo Recovering srcds.exe from crashes... echo If you want to close srcds and this script, close the srcds window and type Y depending on your language followed by Enter. title srcds.exe Watchdog :srcds echo (%date% / %time%) srcds started. start /wait srcds.exe +maxplayers 24 +sv_lan 0 -usercon +map market skirmish echo (%time%) WARNING: srcds closed or crashed, restarting. goto srcds
Replace highlighted code with your own settings.

For SteamCMD you can create script which make it easier to downloading and updating your server in future.

1.) create a blank TXT file in SteamCMD main directory (where the SteamCMD.exe is) rename it to, for example "ins_server" and copy&paste there this code and change path to the folder you want:
@ShutdownOnFailedCommand 1 @NoPromptForPassword 1 login anonymous force_install_dir <path> app_update 237410 validate quit

<path> - full path to folder you want to download the Server into, example:
force_install_dir E:\Servers\ins_server
Bare in mind that if you have space char between any word in <path> you need to bound that via quotation marks, example:
force_install_dir "E:\Servers\ins server"

2.) Now you have the script file, you just need to tell SteamCMD to use it, create shorttcut on your desktop (or wherever you want it to be) of SteamCMD.exe and add this parameter to "Target" line in it's Properties:
+runscript script_name.txt

for example:
C:\SteamCMD\steamcmd.exe +runscript ins_server.txt
5.13) Kicking, Banning and Unbanning
Create following files in “..\insurgency\cfg” directory:
banned_ip.cfg banned_user.cfg

!!!!!!!!if you copypasted my example, skip this step below!!!!!!!!

Now add these commands into your “server.cfg”
exec banned_user.cfg // personal banlist based on user IDs exec banned_ip.cfg // personal banlist based on user IPs writeid writeip

!!!!!!!!end of skippable part!!!!!!!!

To discover player SteamID or IP, type "status" into the Server console, or "rcon status" to the Client console.

kick <name> kickid <id>

<name> is user name
<id> is SteamID and have following format: STEAM_x:x:xxxxxxxx where “x” stands for number

kick arc
kickid STEAM_0:0:12345678

Adding/removing banned users/ips through console (works also via RCON):

Adding/removing IP:
addip <time> <ip> removeip <ip>

<time> how many MINUTES will be IP banned, 0 = permanent ban
<ip> stands for numeric IPv4 address of user (example:
removeip does not need <time> parameter

addip 0

Adding/removing steamID:
banid <time> <id> removeid <id>

<time> how many MINUTES will be IP banned, 0 = permanent ban
<id> is SteamID and have following format: STEAM_x:x:xxxxxxxx where “x” stands for number

banid 0 STEAM_0:0:12345678
removeid STEAM_0:0:87654321

To write banned IPs/IDs to a file, type this command into the console depending of what you’ve banned:
writeid writeip

To view banned IDs or IPs through console, use those resepctive commands:
listid listip

listid - will show you how many IDs are banned, exact IDs and for how long
listip - will show you how many IPs are banned, exact IPs and for how long
5.14) Anti-cheat
Since February 8th, 2017 Insurgency game update we have now an Anti-cheat called BattlEye. It is enabled by default for all NWI PVP servers and community servers running NWI PVP playlist.

If you do want to enable this anti-cheat on your custom server simply add this line to your server config file or playlist:
sv_battleye 1
6.) Custom content
Servers can handle custom content like maps, skins, sounds, theaters server-side, which means it will be forced and uploaded to clients. Some of content works only with Steam workshop support enabled, i’ll explain later.
There are 2 ways how to maintain custom content: Steam workshop and FastDL server (see HW requirements in Basic section)
Workshop is generally easier to maintain and it’s not time consuming to set. But you are forced to use Steam servers which can sometimes be slow or stop responding.

FastDL server can be faster than Steam Workshop, but it’s harder to maintain the content and generally hard to find “Free of use” server for your content hosting.
VPK mods works server-side only through Steam Workshop.

How to Workshop:

How to FastDL:
You need to follow directory structure on your FastDL server
insurgency insurgency\custom insurgency\maps insurgency\scripts\theaters

By use of 7Zip pack custom content to BZ2 format before upload. Maps go to “maps” folder, theater files into “scripts\theaters”, and so on.

Then in your main "server.cfg", add this line:
sv_downloadurl "http_link" // specify link to main "insurgency" folder on your Fast Download server

How to net_maxfilesize:

In case you have high upload speed and small-sized custom files (maps for example), you do not need FastDL or Steam Workshop support set.

The command should go into server.cfg and will look like this:
net_maxfilesize 64 sv_allowupload 1 sv_allowdownload 1

However, net_maxfilesize is limited to 64MB. So Server itself can only upload files which are =< 64MB !!

Also, this works only if you did not set “sv_downloadurl”, otherwise the server will pick the FastDL folder as the one which will client download content from.

If the custom content is larger than 64MB, FastDL or Steam Workshop is needed.
6.1) Custom maps
You should already know how to create a mapcycle file. It has the same rules for custom maps, Workshop maps:

Firstly download your desired map from this site:

then extract zipped file into your "maps" folder in your dedicated server, then make a copy and pack map files to BZ2 format and upload them into "..\insurgency\maps" directory in your FastDL server.
If you have 3 files per map, pack them separately, 1 file per BZ2 package.
6.2) Theaters (aka Scenario scripts)
Theaters can change all kind of things. Weapon weight, restrictions for team, and stuff like that.
How to create one:

To enable custom theater on your server, open server_gamemode.cfg corresponding to settings in your theater file and put this line into it:
"mp_theater_override" "name_of_theater_file_without_extension"

FastDL (non-VPK):
Either create or download theater file, create "..\insurgency\scripts\theaters" directories in your SRCDS Server and put ".theater" file into it.

Make a copy of the ".theater" file and pack it with 7Zip to "BZ2" format, go to your FastDL, make there exactly the same folder structure as in SRCDS Server and upload said zipped theater file into "theaters" folder in your FastDL server.

SRCDS Server: "..\insurgency\scripts\theaters\" FastDL Server: "..\insurgency\scripts\theaters\" server_checkpoint.cfg: "mp_theater_override" "test_script_coop" server_hunt.cfg: "mp_theater_override" "test_script_coop"
6.3) Other custom content
Skins and Sound mods working only via Workshop support, subscribing method is the same as for maps and theaters. Unlike maps/theaters you do not need to activate them.
7.) Known issues
There are few known issues with server.

Changelevel vote options is NOT working if you specified “gamemode” in mapcycle. Reported bug.
Workshop collections are currently not working, use separate mod ID’s only. // FIXED

“-nowsmapcycle” still loads first Workshop map from “mapcycle_workshop.txt”, overriding your “+map” command, after the map finishes, current set mapcycle will be in use.

If you want to have multiple servers at the same IP with Workshop support, you need to have Steam Client or SteamCMD running before you start your servers. Otherwise first server will load and the others will freeze.

Theater script is known for it’s behaving during client download procedure. It’s highly recommended to have this file in BZ2 format on FastDL. For workshop, it will NOT download VPK file to client but only extracted *.theater file into “downloads” folder, it works that way, don’t worry. // Workshop FIXED in version 1579

Port 27020 is pre-occupied by SourceTV so server will not be able to run on this port unless you put "-nohltv" into the command line.
8.) Beta branch
You can sign into a Beta Branch if you want to help with testing new updates.
It’s publicly accessible so you do not need key.

Opting via Steam Client:
Right click on your Server in steam, hit Properties, go to Betas tab, and pick a “beta”, no key needed, let the update downloads. Opting out is reversed procedure, just pick a Stable branch.

Opting via SteamCMD:
Open your steamcmd.exe, type “force_install_dir” and path to your SRCDS folder as shown before, then type:
app_update 237410 -beta beta validate
and let the steamcmd download Beta update.
Opting out:
app_update 237410 -beta none validate
9.) Additional notes and info
Always make backup of your config files. Every major update of server or validating files will result in re-downloading default files and configs (default_server_gamemode.cfg, mapcycle_gamemode.txt, etc.).

Additionally you can visit our Official Steam Group for more information about a Insurgency server and stuff like that:
11.) Guide and game/server updates
This guide is up to date for version
23.11. Guide "day 1 patch":
modified - 2.1), 4.1), 10.) sections
added: - 5.12) section
Thanks for "R3M" for pointing these out.

24.11. Guide hotfix patch:
modified - 5.12) section
startup batch script error, srry for that

25.11. Guide patch 1.2:
modified - 3.2), 4.1) sections and modified 11.) section format

5.12. Guide update:
modified - 5.12), slight change of startup script to include "date"

13.12. Server and Guide patch
Modified guide to correspond new changes in update 1579

12.1. Guide patch 1.3:
modified/added - 6.) "net_maxfilesize"
modified/added - 5.11) and 10.) added link to Jballou's web page for Sourcemod Plugins and Tools

1.2. Guide patch 1.4:
added - 5.13) section,
modified - Few sections with bad quotation marks fixed, thanks to "[SG] F. Falls" for pointing that out

24.2. Server and Guide patch
modified/added - 5.8), competitive mode

12.6. Server and Guide patch,
modified several sections and extermal files to correspond with latest update

15.6. Guide update:
finalized separate matchmaking/playlist guide and edited Matchmaking section to include the link to it

30.10. Guide patch:
modified bits and pieces to accomodate changes in latest game update
updated maplist and list of gamemodes

24.11. Hotfix:
edited Section 6 due to missing sv_downloadurl info

26.10. Minor fixes, ensuring everything is up to date
added info about SourceTV port

8.2. Added section 5.14) Anti-cheat
RaccoonT34 Dec 8, 2023 @ 4:57pm 
Hola tengo un problema me sale el error "Could not establish connection to Steam servers" porque?
BesS Sep 10, 2023 @ 9:42am 
Thank you very much!
Arc  [author] Sep 10, 2023 @ 8:28am 
For your wrong game mode:
Specify exact map and game mode via launch script, if it won¨t work, enclose it in quotation marks: "+map MapName GameMode"
And sometimes it is glitched so try different quotation mark places

For your "red zone"
A plugin for "SourceMod", search for it on the internet

For your mods:
That depends which mod, read the guide for further instructions.
BesS Sep 10, 2023 @ 6:39am 
shootout - firefight (I am writing through a translator)
BesS Sep 10, 2023 @ 6:36am 
Hello. Thanks again for your help with the maps. But for some reason the server starts in 'shootout' mode. When changing the card through the admin panel, everything returns to normal.
I also wanted to ask. How to add mods to the server (I did it as in the guide with adding maps, but there is no mod).
Well, one last thing. How to remove the red zone?
samue1 Jan 25, 2022 @ 11:33pm 
nepomohlo skúšal som to stiahnuť zo steam klientu a aj z steamcmd a obidva sú rovnaký výsledok
Arc  [author] Jan 25, 2022 @ 11:19pm 
To vypadá v pořádku.
Jde se na ten server připojit někomu jinému, nebo to všem hází stejnou chybu ?

Ještě bys mohl zkusit smáznout ten server komplet manuálně a stáhnout ho znova třeba do jiné složky. Občas ani verifikace souborů nepomůže.
samue1 Jan 25, 2022 @ 11:02pm 
mám "start.bat" s " start srcds.exe -usercon +maxplayers 10 +sv_lan 0 +map "market skirmish"
" a firewall je na server počítači vypnutý úplne
Arc  [author] Jan 25, 2022 @ 12:36pm 
Hmm, to je podivné.

Jak startuješ server ?
Hoď sem parametry při startu.
samue1 Jan 25, 2022 @ 7:02am 
verzia klienta je správna
ip adresa je správna
srcds.exe ide v poriadku
hostujem to na inom pc (ovládam ho cez tightvnc)

mimochodom ten server sa neukazuje ani na LAN