Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition

Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition

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Last Knight: 100% Achievements
By Jepp and 1 collaborators
Notes and tips on how to get each achievement.
Story Achievements
All of these are pretty much self explanatory.

Back to Front
Finish the normal Story mode campaign.

Complete the last level in the normal story mode.

Last to First
Finish the first person Story mode campaign.

Complete the last level in the first person story mode.
This mode is unlocked with total score of 100,000. You should get this before completion of normal story mode.

Bottom to Top
Finish the bird's eye Story mode campaign.

Complete the last level in the bird's eye story mode.
This mode is unlocked with total score of 200,000. I'd recommend playing the 'Vertical' variation of this mode, as you can see further ahead. Both variations of bird's eye view share the same progress.

Heavy Bronze Medival Metal Medals
Finish all 3 Story mode campaigns with at least bronze medals in all levels.

Heavy Silver Medival Metal Medals
Finish all 3 Story mode campaigns with at least silver medals in all levels.

Heavy Golden Medival Metal Medals
Finish all 3 Story mode campaigns with gold medals in all levels.

For each of these, you must get the specified medal rating on every level. This includes Knightmare levels.
A gold medal is awarded for completing a level without falling from start to finish.
Kill Move Achievements
These achievements are awarded for killing buckets, skeletons and/or creatures using specific methods.

Recipe: take a bucket and smash it to a Smashing then let it fly for 1 sec, lastly behead the bucket. Shazam you have a Smashtastic! - Make a Smashtastic. #Smashtastic

Smashtastictacalur Achievement
You truly know how to smash those buckets to pieces when you manage to do it 10 times! #Smashtastic

This move you will easily get while playing the rest of the game's content. You can get a Smashtastic while playing in any mode.

Smashing Scientist
Recipe: take a bucket, then powerful push a wooden stick to the center of his chest. Lastly let it fly with enough force and you get a Smashing. Repeat 10 times for a delicious achievement. - Make 10 Smashing. #Smashing

Once again you will build this up over time. You shouldn't need to farm for it.

Bucket Executioner
Bodies need to fly and heads need to roll! - Behead 10 Buckets. #Beheaded

Aaand again, you won't need to farm this.

Medival Batter
You have to get all medival in this game, when there are no balls you gotta use bucket heads and skulls to make your Home Runs. Just joust them very far! - Make 10 Home Runs. #Home-Run

I seemed to get this more often with skeletons, despite the achievement icon containing a bucket head.

Buckets Full of Water
Buckets are not only good for jousting, they are also useful for filling them with water! - Throw 20 Horned-Bucket-Heads into the water. #Water-Bucket

Buckets Full of Lava
Sometimes those peasants want to drink something hot instead of lousy water, so you gotta fill some buckets with lava. - Throw 10 Horned-Bucket-Heads into the lava. (Kicking with your foot prohibited.) #Lava-Bucket

Aim for the middle of the chest of buckets so they travel the furthest, especially in volcano and isle regions. 10 buckets into lava, 20 buckets into water.

Play of Water
Big or small, cute or nasty, nice or mean, just you make it splash! - Throw 50 creatures into the water. #Splashy

Crispy Critters
Sometimes burned and scorched is not enough, sometimes it needs to be really crispy! - Throw 25 creatures into the lava. #Crispy

Similar to the previous, but usually Toads for Splashy (50) and Dragons for Crispy (25).

Batman Is Not Amused
Throw those bats like they were batarengs and hit some bright green glowing popping popculture baloney ballon things in the batcave! - Pop 10 mushrooms with bats. #Batareng

This one I had a lot of trouble with, so much so, that I still haven't got it. I've managed to get 2 total. This can be achieved in any mode, with some very good luck. (While in cave region)

Pass you shall
Let someone else open the gate for you. How about a bucket near to it and if he doesn't get the idea you might need to force him. - Throw a bucket through a graveyard gate. #Bouncer

Again luck, but you only need one. Should get it fairly early on in endless mode.

Jousting Redefined
You always had a feeling that those bucket's were capable of more. Use your inner rocket scientist, apply higher physic mathematics and calculate the parable with the force and some luck. - Joust 10 buckets or horses into wooden targets. #On-Target

You'll want to wait for endless mode to go for this one, as I don't know anywhere to go for this in Story Mode.

Eight-Armed Lumberjacks
Lend you some hands or arms, the finger is pointed at those spiders, they are armed with some, lay your hands on them, it is in your hands to use them in a handy way where they will fell some trees for you without you lifting a finger and keeping them at arm's length. A achievement may be handed to you! - Use 10 spiders to fell 10 trees. #Eight-Armed-Logger

This can be farmed at the beginning of Story Mode on level 3-3 (Forest: Light Rays). Can be achieved in other modes.

Medival Michael Bay
Add some explosives to a joust and you get a medival blockbuster! - Joust a bucket or horse into a mine. #Bucketbuster #Horsesplosion

Exploded Steaks Please
Just because everything gets more delicious with a big portion of explosives. - Throw a creature into a mine. #Busted

#Bucketbuster/#Horsesplosion is fairly easy, as there is a chance to get this in Story Mode.

#Busted is a fair bit harder, as it's once again complete chance. I don't know of a spot for it in Story Mode, but got it in The Isles region on a toad.
Destruction Achievements
Burning Bridges
As the old worldly wisdom says: successful men burn all their bridges but only after they passed them first! - Destroy 200 bridges.

Jump onto bridges to break them. Includes bridges in road and isles regions. Not sure about trees in the forest region.

Banners and Trees Chaos
Someone said those roads could even be more dangerous if those banners and needle trees would be knocked over and lay on those roads. Nobody says here that someone should do that. Someone else said your right hand would get cut off as punishment when you get caught. On the other hand someone distributes gold in your hands for each knocked over. - Destroy 200 banners/needle trees.

Banners and needle trees appear at the side of the road region.
Eating Achievements
Eating a Giant Burger without Exploding
Get yourself a giant meat burger and eat it all up. But first check your belly radius or just pray that you don't explode!

Eating a Giant Cake without Exploding
Yes, this cake, including the cherry on top, is not a lie! Let your horse eat it and make sure it does not explode while doing so. To clarfiy: the horse is what you have to keep from exploding while the cake needs to get absorbed by the stomach.

These can be achieved in either Starve or Blow Up Endless Mode or Rogue Rider Adventure. They can be found randomly while playing in either mode, or in a shop in Rogue Rider Adventure.

Nom Nom Nom
Eat overall 1000 meat and/or apples in the Starve or Blow Up mode.

This one includes Starve or Blow Up mode, xmas chow down mode and Rogue Rider Adventure. Your progress can be viewed in the stats menu.
Endless Achievements
During Play
Beyond Golden
Reach a golden bridge in one of the Endless Journey modes.

Beyond Spectacular
Reach a diamond bridge in one of the Endless Journey modes.

Bridges appear in endless modes after certain distances. The distances are different for Squire and Knight endless modes.
Gold Bridge
Around 2600-3000
Around 2600-3000
Diamond Bridge
About 5,900
About 4,800

Safety Rope Is Safe To Use
Make use of the safety rope while not fearing any consequences which could occur. (All possbile outcomes of the usage have been clearly hightlighted in the fine print of your safety rope manual. We can not be made responsible for any missing manuals that could have been lost in the transport of your safety rope nor will we replace any missing manuals.)

The safety rope must be purchased for 100,000 gold from the endless journey menu. Then run into obstacles in-game in such a way that the horse would survive. (No frontal collisions)

x10 Scratches Combo
Contract an insurance then ensure a big payday by making a scratches combo that it atleast x10. (Yes, insurances work with combos but only in video games.)

After owning the safety rope as above, the scratch insurance can be bought from the same place for another 100,000 gold. Scratching against fences, rocks, trees, banners, barrels etc. builds up your combo.

A Hat for your Head
Hats are head enhancement gear, hats are free, hats can be found in presents, hats are randomly generated, hats can be shared, hats look nice on your head but hats can not be bought. Find one of those hats in the Endless Mode.

Hats are found during play in the form of presents (and eggs). Pickup one to get this achievement.

Santa Claus All Around
You got to find Santa and then poke him. -Why? Ask Santas glorious belly. It basically begs for it!

In the Xmas Chow Down mode, the mines are re-skinned as Santa Clause. Mines/Santa usually appears after the golden bridge.

Can't Stop Won't Stop
Travel overall 500000 feet in Endless Journey.

Self explanatory, will build up over time. Can be tracked via the stats screen.

Characters & Power-ups
The Full Cast
Unlock all 7 Characters: the Knight, the Soldier Knight, the Master Knight, the Princess, the King, the Skeleton King and the Horned Bucket Head.

Each of the characters can be purchased from the 'customize' menu.
Thanks to Harest for the numbers!
The Knight
The Soldier Knight
25,000 gold
The Master Knight
50,000 gold
The Princess
90,000 gold
The King
180,000 gold
The Skeleton King
300,000 gold
Horned Bucket Head
240,000 gold

A Hat for each Head
Collect those hats and equip each of the 7 characters with a hat! Those hats need to be something else then the default ones. The hats have to be of randomly generated types. They can not be special extra hats.

These are the hats I used for this achievement: {LINK REMOVED}
Though you shouldn't have any particular problems finding the hats.

You Got the Power!
Unlock all 6 power ups: Big Boom Cannon, Ghost Rider, Pegasus Wings, Second Sight Clock, Shield & Armor and Unicorn Rainbows.

Power ups can be purchased from the "Power ups" menu for 50,000 gold each.

Enormous Crafted Castle
Craft the new castle with enough gold and treasures after finishing the story mode.

There is a button on page one of the stats menu with which you can 'craft' a castle. It requires 499 treasures (power ups) and 999,999 spending gold from endless journey mode.
When requirements are met, the button to craft castle will be here.
Quest Achievements
These will of course be far easier if the power ups are all upgraded.
Skewed Balling
Complete the quest for a trickshot where you have to hit two things with one cannonball.

When I got this, I didn't even see what I hit with it. Basically shoot a fully charged cannonball whenever you can. You'll get it eventually.

Anti Physicalizational
Complete the quest for inbetween where you have to be inside physical things for at least 100 feet with a single ghost power up.

After activating the power up, just try to walk through as many rocks, fences, trees etc. I'd recommend attempting this in forest or cave regions.

Colorful Tieing
Complete the quest for rainbows where you have to ride over 7 Rainbows with one power up.

I originally thought this would be best in volcano or isles regions, but managed to get it in the road region. Chance once again with this one.

Destructively Jostling
Complete the quest for crushing where you have to destroy 8 things with a single shield and armor power up.

This one is fairly easy. It counts banners, barrels, bridges, enemies etc.

Circular Chronophobical
Complete the quest for slower time where you have to slow down time for a total of 20 seconds with a single clock power-up.

Though it says 20 seconds in the achievement description, it's actually 3 seconds.
A trick I used to get this is dying while in slow motion at just over 2 of 3 seconds, as it still counts the slow motion as you die.

Aerial Attraction
Complete the quest for flying where you have to fly a distance of 30 feet.

With this one, if you hit the ground, even with the same power up, the counter will reset. I got this in the Isles region, and had more luck there than the volcano region.

No More Questionable Quests Asked!
Complete all 35 quests.

Quests are found during game play. There are 5 quests for each character.
Kill Achievements
Bucket Smasher
Now you get the idea: there can be never enough smashed buckets! - Smash 100 Buckets.

Spider Squasher
When you manage this you are a true white knight who throws out each and every one of these that make those princesses squeak. - Throw away 100 Spiders.

Bat Smacker
To them you are just a tinned snack. Better don't let them put their teeth in you and instead smack them through the air. - Smack 100 bats.

Toad Striker
The want to lick you, take you and then swallow you! Strike them and they might reconsider their plan. - Strike 100 Toads.

Skeleton Shatterer
Those Skeletons are always moving clumsly into your way, make them all pay and shatter them to pieces! - Shatter 100 Skeletons.

Little Dragon Slapper
They might be little but their fireballs are devastating. It is time that someone cut them down to size with some good old slaps! - Slap away 100 little dragons.

These are pretty simple. 100 kills on each enemy.

Snowmen Massacre
Make no difference between evil and good snowmen and just smash them all to snowy bits! - Destroy 100 Snowmen.

Snowmen are found in all modes when it snows. Rarely for all except the Xmas Chow Down mode, which is always snowy.

Hitler's Last Stand
You have been chosen to eliminate the most evil snowman of all the evil snowmen! In this completely free DLC special extra mission (that was already in the game and still is) you have to put a lance through Hitler's frozen heart and destroy him for once and for all. (He is hiding between all the other evil snowmen.)

Kim Jong-un's Last Glorious Anthem
-He is cold as ice -Wins all fights -His cheeks those of peaches -There is nothing that could reach it -His powerfulness and his bum -Only over shadowed by the power of the sun

These two appear rarely as snowmen. This means they are far more common in the Xmas Chow Down mode.
Rogue Rider Adventure Achievements
This mode can be confusing to jump right into, and I don't go into a huge amount of detail here. Here is a great guide by fellow achievement hunter, Corsario:

So Shiny So Polished
Equip yourself with the highest tier armor which will guarantee you to make a glorious impression on every knights party. It also increases your chance for survival in this cruel world.

Once you find a blacksmith, either at the end of a region or in a village, there is a chance that they have the high tier armour in stock.

Feeling Kinda Naked
Destroy a tier 2 armor or higher till it breaks off and everyone can see your underpants! You better laid out the best, this morning, for this occasion. (Your underwear is generated by a algorithm that takes your personality in account.)

Once you complete your first region successfully, you will be awarded a tier 2 armour. Number of remaining scratches can be seen in the top-left. Scratch against rocks/fences/trees etc. to take away armour health.

Hard Work
Let a Blacksmith repair a armor which is completely destroyed. With all those pieces missing, in no time and that all for a flat price - he really is the most talented and most humble craftsman from here to the edge of the world!

Same method as previous, but go to a blacksmith and have your armour fully repaired. This costs 5000 gold. (Regardless of armour strength)

Hire Squire
And you thought only a fool would want to step into your boots and set out in this cruel world. But here is someone to proof you wrong, that is of course when you give him a nice sum of extra motivation.

A squire can be hired from a village to continue your game after you die. Hire one for this achievement.

Time to Grief
There is no shame or weakness in mourning on the old mans grave (which is basically the grave of you your previous self). Take this achievement to give you some comfort in your pain.

To get this one you must have hired a squire already. When you die somewhere and continue with the squire, you must replay the region in which you died. When you complete it, you will automatically go to a scene where the squire is at a grave.

Death in the Inventory
This achievement is just here to document this embarrassing incident. Well, some people will insist that managing to do such thing is also a accomplishment.

For this one, you have to eat food stored in your inventory that will explode the horse or rider. Easiest way is to buy a cake or burger from a village. The food item tells you how much hunger it restores, and hunger of the horse and rider can be seen as bars while in the inventory.
It's also possible to get it by removing a hat that increases stomach strength, while the subject is over the 10 fat limit.

Bling Bling
Carry 5 of each diamond type with you but remember you can't eat them!

Diamonds are found randomly during play. There are three types.

Legendary Hat
It is magical, glorious, magnificent and all out spectacular while you wear it on your unworthy head. Show some respect for the hat and bow in front of it! All glory to the hat!

When you find a hat during play, you will un-box it at the end of the region. As you do, it has a random chance of being a simple, magic or legendary hat.

Eat more then humanly possible or horse-ly possible. In the Rogue Rider Mode you have to eat more then the maximum of 10 fat without exploding. You got to use magic to make this possible!

For this one you have to use a magic hat that increases the stomach strength of either the horse or the rider. And eat up to 11+ fat with either.

Shopping Tour
When you manage to make it to a village it is time to spend all your hard earned gold! Visit all the shops a village has to offer.

When you get to a village, simply visit every shop. You don't need to spend any gold.

Rolling with a 100 Inches Boulder
The boulders you are rolling with are the biggest but you gotta make sure to show it to everyone while the beats are banging out your ...wait, just speed it up 3 times with your lance and don't mind any casualties it rolls over!

The ability to roll a boulder can be purchased from a village or magic shop. When you throw one out, hit it three times with your lance.

Careful! Explosive!
Throw a mine bomb and then roll it for 100 knight feed without having it explode. Make sure to make it hop over obstacles and don't accidentally hit the ignite button!

Similar to the boulder achievement, but you must roll a mine for 100 feet.
Wonder Achievements
The Artifact of Insanity
Find and reach The Artifact of Insanity wonder of the world.

The Colossus of Bogussus
Find and reach The Colossus of Bogussus wonder of the world.

The Garden of Paradise
Find and reach The Garden of Paradise wonder of the world.

The Gargantuan Pearl
Find and reach The Gargantuan Pearl wonder of the world.

The Pillar of The World
Find and reach The Pillar of The World wonder of the world.

The Stairs to The Sky
Find and reach the Stairs to The Sky wonder of the world.

The Tree of Life
Find and reach The Tree of Life wonder of the world.

Mindblowing Wonderful!
Find and reach all seven of the wonders of the world over the course of multiple games.

The wonders can be found randomly around the map throughout RRA. After finding all seven, you'll gain all 8 achievements.
Other Achievements
Bite the Dust
Let 500 heroes die. (Not necessary on purpose)

Total deaths over all modes. Progress can be seen in the stats menu.

Honor To The Fallen Heroes
All your dead heroes get saved in the cloud. Somewhere in the menus you will find a button that will lead you to them so you can honor their deaths!

At the top of the first stats screen is a button where you can honor dead heroes' deaths.

Chocolate Apples
Let your horse(s) poop 10000 horse apples.

Not completely sure when this happens. I think it only happens during modes with food: RRA, Xmas, Starve or Blow Up. Tracked in the stats menu.

A pooptastic achievement.
A horse is the fastest way to travel for an adventurer in the medieval times but it poops. - Let your horse take a dump in the Endless Journey main menu.

This one is easy. Just idle in the endless journey menu for a few seconds.
highdox Mar 29, 2016 @ 12:25am 
good Guide Thxxx :ily:
Jepp  [author] Mar 13, 2016 @ 1:42am 
@Malone, Oh thanks for clarifying and glad it worked out! Sorry I couldn't help you out!
Will Hunter Mar 13, 2016 @ 1:23am 
My bad : I was playing the Chow Down Mode with Skeleton Horse so he was starving very fast and it was impossible ^^
I succeed to find Sant with an another horse ! :D
Will Hunter Mar 13, 2016 @ 12:53am 
Hey Jepp ! :)
In fact, there is two modes in the Xmas theme ;
The Chow Down when you have to eat very quickly food to survive (it is impossible to reach golden bridge)
The Mow Down when you don't have any food and you can reach golden or diamond bridge but there is no mine re-skinned in Santa.... :/
Jepp  [author] Mar 12, 2016 @ 4:16pm 
@Malone, Hey, I haven't played this game in a long while, but I'm pretty sure you can only get that achievement in the Xmas Chow Down mode. (The christmas themed mode)
Will Hunter Mar 12, 2016 @ 10:41am 
Hi ! Very nice guide thanks ! :)
BTW I need help with "Santa Claus All Around" !
Do you have to play the Chow Down Mode when you have to eat to not starve or can you play in Mow Down when you don't have to eat to live?
Because I try to find Santa's mines in Mow Down and I have not find any of them ... Even after the diamond bridge ! I try also the Chow Down Mode and it is impossible to reach the golden bridge, it's too hard... :/
Any help please?
Jepp  [author] Jun 18, 2015 @ 8:05am 
Hey Tathendal, it's actually been quite a while since I played this game, but I remember having trouble with this one.
The counting does seem buggy, but I don't know what else to suggest other than what I already have there - die in slow-mo, which you said doesn't work for you but I wouldn't know what else to tell you.

Sorry I couldn't help you out more, but good luck if you keep attemping it all the same!
Tathendal Jun 18, 2015 @ 7:58am 
So any tips regarding that quest/achievemt are welcome, please?
Tathendal Jun 18, 2015 @ 7:58am 
Dammit the quest Circular Chronophobical is impossibruuu! Tried 100 times probably

The time slowing seems somehow buggy. If I just ride behind some fool (that goes same direction as me) I can slow time like 6 seconds but I only get maybe 1 second to the timer. Also, many times when I die in slow-mo, it says that "Quest objective completed" but I still don't get the quest or the achievement.
Harest Oct 30, 2014 @ 12:12pm 
About the gold bridge, the last one, i got it at 3000 feets in Knight endless mode.