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Fold the Adventure
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
Oct 11, 2014 @ 1:04pm
Nov 3, 2014 @ 7:06pm
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Fold the Adventure WEB DEMO available NOW!
Release date: Q1 2015
Hello Steam and Greenlight community!
We are indie developers and we are happy to introduce you our first game for Steam!
We hope that you all will enjoy this adventure!

Fold the Adventure is a unique paper folding game that combines puzzle and arcade gameplays. Your goal is to help prince Nezo in his quest of brining back stars stolen by an evil alchemist.
The basics of the game are very easy to master, yet it would take some time to excel at every aspect of it.

* Unique combination of 2D puzzle and 3D adventure
* Windows, Lunix, MacOS
* Stunning 3D graphics
* Innovative paper folding gameplay
* Adorable character loved by children
* 40 levels to solve
* Epic and funny mind challenge
* Available in English, French, Deutsch, Japanese, Russian

Fold the Adventure has it's own story:

Once upon a time in a faraway land there was a magic Forest, and many wonderful and amazing creatures lived there. The Guardians and Keepers of the Forest were called muridai. They were small deft creatures, who learned to live in an complete harmony with the nature. All Forest dwellers revered Prince and Princess of muridai, and it was even said that they were born under a lucky star. Truly, it seemed that one can never find stars so beautiful, as those adorning the sky over the Forest. In short summer nights the stars descended on earth and danced among the trees illuminating the Forest with their magical golden light. Under this light the Forest enjoyed eternal summer and it's inhabitants prospered, knowing no suffering or illness.

Many people from all over the world came to witness the miracle, and once a famous alchemist, who spent all his life trying to create a philosopher's stone and dreamt of turning any metal into gold, came to the Forest. Indeed he has uncovered many secrets of creation, but he never succeeded in his main tasks, he has never created any gold. The moment he has seen the golden starlight, he realized that this was the very ingredient he was so eagerly looking for. He came to the keepers of the forest, looking to buy the stars, but they only laughed at him.

How can we sell the starts, if they live on their own, and they come to dance in our forest on their own, - answered prince, smiling, - And you, as any other, can come freely at any night to watch them.

The Alchemist remained silent. He was no longer able to admire anything, he was wholly consumed by the though of enormous riches he could possess, if he manages to create the philosopher's stone. So he decided to steal the stars.

He used his arcane knowledge to create sophisticated traps, placing them all over the forest. When the stars came down as usual, the traps shut. The golden light died out immediately, and the terrified forest creatures hid away, and the Alchemist collected the stars in a giant sack and went off to his Tower, far away in the Northern Mountains. In the morning the winter came the Forest for the first time. The forest creatures have never seen snow before and none new, how to protect their dwellings from the cold. With great sorrow watched Prince and Princess their forest withering, and the prince swore, that he would bring the stars back whatever the cost.

Meanwhile, after reaching his tower, the Alchemist started his experiments, but once he touched the star, her light faded. He tried to take them in bare hands, the wore gloves, he tried all sorts of his alchemy instruments, but nothing ever worked. Desperate, he ran to his library, hoping to look for remedy in his ancient grimoires. However his search was fruitless, and he had to return to the laboratory.

And just at that time the prince, who managed to chaise alchemist and followed him through, sneaked in the laboratory, but he barely managed to touch the stolen stars, when alchemist returned. Seeing how prince touches the stars without dimming their light, alchemist demanded, that prince reveals his secret.

The prince refused, and, enraged, alchemist cast one of his most terrible spells, and the prince along with the stars were trapped in the pages of a magic book. Alchemist declared, that he would set prince free only when he reveals his secret, or when the book pages seize to be flat.

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