Turnip Boy Robs a Bank

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank

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A guide aimed to help you earn 100% achievements.
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Guide is a work in progress and it will be updated as soon as possible.

Game information:
Time to 100%: Around 4-5 hours.
Missables: None. You are able to choose where to spawn after the game is over. Other than that, everything is unlocked by completing every task.
Multiplayer: None.
Difficulty: You can choose an easier difficulty & upgrade your character. The game got meta progression. I'd say 2/10.

Game tips:

  • All of the achievements are earned by completing the story & all of the tasks. Talk to every NPC, check the task progress in "Tasks" and make sure to visit every elevator type & do the tasks there as well.
  • Elevators are randomly generated. The rooms are always the same, but which room you will get is random. You may get two of the same room in the same map.
  • Laser Pointer is used to open the small safe
  • C4 is used to open the big safe.
  • Robo-Roid got a lot of useful upgrades.
Story/Natural Progression
These achievements should be earned naturally by completing the story and/or progressing through the game.

Natural progression:
    Breaking & entering
  • Break into the Botanical Bank

This achievement is earned after finishing the tutorial. Once you enter the bank, this will unlock.

    Illegal goods
  • Purchase an item off the dark web

Access the PC down by Annie. Purchase anything off of the dark web.

    Woah! Guns!
  • Use the weapon rack

Story quest. Talk to Twin #2, and he will let you access the weapon rack. Open it, and this will unlock.

    For science!
  • Research a weapon

Story quest. This is for recycling your first weapon at Twin #1's blueprint board

    Better, faster, stronger
  • Purchase a Robo-Roid

After reaching a full backpack (of $1000), it will now prompt Robo-Roid to open his shop so you can upgrade. Purchase anything in the shop, and this will unlock.
    Buy yourself something nice
  • Steal $1,000 total

    Rolling in it
  • Steal $10,000 total

    Hiding your wealth
  • Steal $100,000 total

    Please stop asking me for money
  • Steal $1,000,000 total

If you somehow don't have this, at the end of the game when you find the motherlode, there is a diamond worth $1,000,000.

    Ol' natural
  • Puchased all the Robo-Roids

You should easily be able to afford everything before even earning 1 million gold.

    Five head
  • Reached the max level in weapon research

Level 10 is maximum. Keep selling weapons to Twin #1 until you reach Level 10. You get free weapons from Twin #2, so don't be afraid to drop both to bring back two guns.


  • Find the Mysterious Motherlode

Once you unlock the crowbar, (which should unlock after 4th boss IIRC), head to the Center Courtyard. Use the crowbar to open up this sewer hole. Take the right paths until you hit a door with the number 4 on it.

Use the crowbar here
The number 4 door

    Found dad's old stuff
  • Find dad's stuff

Open this chest here for the achievement.

After this, you will be called in by Dillitini. Purchase the Booster Rockets from the dark web.

    See you later space turnip...
  • Steal the Botanical Bank

You have to then beat all the bosses in the same run. If you have trouble with this, try using the money gun found in the vault before Stinky's office. The boosters are all placed where the boss is. Once all 4 are placed, you can head back to the control room.

You can now press the button, and you will "steal" the bank. After stealing the bank, you will reach the Botanical Bank.

    But at what cost...
  • Defeat the final boss

Here you have to backtrack & turn off all the boosters you placed. So head to each of the boss rooms again. Be sure to watch the movement of the big ship following you, as most of the shots are easy to dodge if you pay attention to it. Once all 4 are shut off, the game is done.

4 main bosses:

    Down the rabbit hole
  • Defeat Yeehaw

    Sour apple
  • Defeat the Rotten Candy Apple

    Thiccc & snatched
  • Defeat Mecha-Chad

    Killed another human...?
  • Defeat Uncle Rigsby
Dark web
There are a total of 17 dark web items. Only the top 14 listed are required for the achievement to unlock. Most are unlocked from story, but a good bunch are unlocked from completing tasks
    Five star customer
  • Purchased all the items from the dark web

List of all 17 dark web items in chronological order:
  • Disposable Camera
  • Body Pillow
  • Crowbar
  • Tangerine Dog
  • Premium Train Ticket
  • Goop Boots
  • Lantern
  • C4
  • Laser Pointer
  • Pickaxe
  • Cardboard Box
  • Foodfolk Seperator
  • Build-a-bridge
  • Jet Boosters

    Once all of these are purchased, the achievement will unlock.

    These 3 aren't required, but including them in the full list:
  • Haunted Brick
  • Poisonous Flower
  • Bath Water

Unlocked from tasks:

I don't remember all that came from tasks. Please feel free to contribute which items and where they went!

  • Disposable Camera - Wilma will ask for a camera. You can now purchase it and bring it.
  • Body Pillow - Gregg(?) will ask for a bodypillow. You can now purchase it and bring it.
Most photos are taken in areas with a photo sign, but some are earned from tasks.

    Photography student
  • Take all the photos

The photo locations are shown by a camera being displayed. There are a total of [X] camera spots on the map. Interact with the camera to take a photo.

You do not need to show them to Annie for the achievement, but you need to do so for completing Annie's task.

List of photo locations:

You will find a camera spot by the graffiti Peas.

You will find another camera spot in the top right of the Rotten Junkie Candy Apple's boss room.

You will find another camera spot in the top right of the Dark Dock, before you pass the Foodfolk. There is a small area with a camera.

You will find another camera spot also in the top right of the Dark Dock, before you pass the Foodfolk. Just next to the previous one, just left of the Foodfolk. There is one hidden in the dark.

After defeating Mecha-Chad, you can now progress into a door below. You will come into a new hallway with purple carpet. Follow the path, and go up instead of down, continue following the path and you will stumble upon a room. In the bottom right of that room is another camera spot.

You'll eventually be tasked with making a bridge. Follow the path after the bridge, and another camera spot will come on the road.

This one is a bit hidden. In the sewers, you will meet a blueberry talking about controversy. If you continue forward, you can walk through the wall above the blueberry. You will now find a secret room, with another camera spot.

    High fashion
  • Obtained all the hats

Listing these hats in the same order I have them.

Hat list:

Robo-Roids Merch
Purchase from the Robo-Roid store
In the base/hideout
Graffiti Hat
Complete the Tagging Fancy Foyer quest
Top of Fancy Foyer
Cryptid Hunter Extraordinaire
Complete their quest of buying/giving a camera.
Cryptid Hunter
Top left of the Seed Stock
Acorn Cap
Complete the Estate Exortion quest
Seed Stock
Don's Fedora
Earned in the Motherlode vault
Check your inbox
Motherlode Vault
Fox Hat
Defeat the Fox boss
Dr. Dogna
In the "Lab Lab" elevator.
Rubber Duck
Complete "A Little Sippy Treat Quest"
Conductor Onion
Locker Room Elevator
Rat Hat
Complete Rat Pass
In the sewers
Goblin Ears
Complete Gregg's Waifu Pillow quest
In the Dark Dock
Legally Distinct Space Visor
Finish the game
Chad Sunglasses
Defeat Robo Chad.
You're on fire!
Cat Ears
10 Gallon Hat
Defeat Sergeant Yeehaw
A Rabid Dog
Alien Glasses
Complete the game
Talk to "Mailbox" in Cryptic Crypt.
Dillitini's Fedora
Complete the game
Hard Hat
Coffee Order
Defeat Uncle Rigsby
Pitiful Pit
Candied Turnip
Defeat the Candy Apple
Failed Festival
Spooky Mask
A Frog
Operator Hat
Electrician's Hat
Complete the Rare Artifact Quest
Watt Melon
Vault Elevator
Complete the game
Artist Hat
Finish "A Painter's Payment Quest"
Fancy Foyer
Subscriber Crown
Golden ♥♥♥♥
Complete ROcks and More Rocks quest
Underground Elevator
Explorers Hat
Complete the "Say Cheese!" quest. (Show Annie all 11 photos).
Complete "Put a Ring on It Quest"
Flower Crown
Fancy Glasses
Violet Webcap
Fly Agaric
Verdigris Agaric
Turnip Girl's Bow
Completionist (all tasks)
List of all the required tasks that needs to be completed. Some that aren't too obvious I will guide where to go as well. Feel free to contribute to this list.

  • Complete all tasks

List of tasks:
(in progress)
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Hickory Feb 26 @ 4:12pm 
Completed the entire game except I wasn't able to find Gregg until I read this guide. Thanks for the help!
Magickiporg Feb 12 @ 1:29pm 
on the way to mother load there is a dude who will drop it to you if you talk to them
Malinda Feb 11 @ 9:17am 
Anyone know where to get sodie pop?
Malinda Feb 11 @ 8:50am 
@rriley826 mine popped up after giving the candy ring to the lesbian blueberry. The ring is from exchanging messages with the vamp pom and underworld grancran. However it could also be from the mushroom with a quest to destroy old world furniture.
rriley826 Feb 5 @ 3:36pm 
does anyone know how to get the crowbar on the dark web i cant find it on there
Sapphire Feb 4 @ 6:24am 
Does anyone know where the neck-pillow guy is?
lePzycho ♡  [author] Jan 28 @ 11:38pm 
so down in seed stock, I interacted with some tree
and I got a blueberry that I put a face on lol. Should be top right of that area somewhere
KaikiNeko Jan 28 @ 11:19am 
Does anyone know where I can find food for Gimblar?
Origin Jan 27 @ 8:11am 
I can't seem to talk to Crancran again for the Blind Date one?
metaspectra Jan 21 @ 7:37am 
is there any other way to get hats besides doing quests? because i got completionist before i got all of the hats.