Prison City

Prison City

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All Health & Weapon Upgrade Locations
By Yaerveth
This guide will help you find all permanent health and weapon upgrades scattered throughout the levels.
The first health upgrade you will come across is pretty easy to find. Just go down the ladder below...

...and you'll see it on that small ledge.
The first weapon upgrade however, requires you to destroy a large mech to collapse the bridge, then you'll have to pull off a slide jump towards that platform and go down.

The rest is pretty straightforward. Be careful not to fall down; otherwise you'll have to pull off another slide jump!
The second health upgrade is a bit difficult to get on Modern and Classic difficulties thus, I advise you to bring a grenade along. You'll have to make your way here and destroy the wall behind that guy you see across.

Then use the grenade to finish off two ball-throwing, sports-loving nuisances and after doing some wall-clinging, your reward will be waiting for you.
Cold Storage
The second weapon upgrade is a bit tricky to get. Jump straight down from here and hold the left input.

If you did it right, you'll end up here.

What awaits you ahead is a simple platforming section. Nothing too fancy.
The third health upgrade is a sneaky one. You'll eventually end up here, and see that pipe over there? You gotta pull a Mario stunt to reach your reward.

Power Plant
Alright, the third weapon upgrade plays a bit hard to get. Take a good look at this switch. It needs to be turned OFF!

"But why?" you ask? You don't want to turn into a fried chicken on your way to MORE POWER, do you? Entrance to this section is located below the boss room, by the way.

There. It doesn't look so big from where you're standing, right?
The final health upgrade is quite easy to get. See that fence up there? Wait for a big crate or an explosive barrel to reach there.

After burning some calories on a treadmill, grab that hot dog and go back because you're going to burn the extra ones you just gained!
What's that? The final weapon upgrade? Oh yeah, break those crates and slide into that opening.

After a tight platforming section, your power shall be absolute!