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100% Achievement Guide AND All Evolutions for Loddle Lovers!
By Bela
There is currently only one other guide for this game so I figured out I would try to help out fellow loddle lovers and achievement hunters with a guide!

Please go pet your loddles for me :>
Hello fellow loddle-lovers!

I am still working on this guide so if there is missing information or out of date information please let me know. Also if you are struggling somewhere please let me know in the comments and I would be happy to help figure it out!

The story took me about 3-4 hours to get through and now I am working on the rest of the achievements. I'm sure if you focused on the story you could get through it in 1-2 hours, but I love collecting me some garbage so it took me a little longer :)
A New Friend
Get close to a contaminated loddle and it will follow you!
Squeaky Clean
You can clean a loddle by going through the rings around the home cove. I personally carry around a crafted recharge ring so I can quickly decontaminate any loddles I find. Recharge rings are very useful when exploring new areas because they recharge your energy and oxygen.
Cleanliness is next to Loddliness
You are able to get this achievement by going through the story quests.

Over time the biomes will keep becoming contaminated, but this does not affect the achievement as long as you have fully cleaned it once.
Learning the Ropes

This one is self explanatory. I did get stuck at one point where I was not sure what piece of trash I was missing and the game did not instruct me until after that I could hold "F" to show trash around me.
After you collect the trash you need to recycle them into the proper bins in your home cove.
Lost and Found

Find a Holo Badge!

Under "Employee of the Month" achievement in this guide there is a map of all the locations!
Picky Feeder
Each loddle will have a different favourite food. Just keep trying different foods with your first few loddles until you are able to find it's favourite food~
All Grown Up
Keep feeding a loddle until it cacoons itself! Then it will evolve into an adult. Usually takes ~8 pieces of fruit. Loddles will not eat more if they are full, but they become hungry pretty quickly. You can see a loddle's status by pressing "R" when facing them, then clicking on "STATUS"
Vroom Vroom
After completing the first part of the story you will be able to craft this at the "Shipping Station" using:
4 pieces of metal bits
2 pieces of glass bits
10 pieces of plastic bits
3 pieces of electric bits

All of which you can receive by receive by recycling materials. Except for the electric bits, those you have to find.

I had to actually equip the item to get the achievement; which you can do by *right clicking mouse*, then selecting the puddle scrubber.
Packed Like Sardines

The maximum capacity in the home cove is 20 loddles.
The Ripple Reef/GUPPI Campus, are the quickest way to complete this achievement since the maximum loddle population is 10 loddles.

Working on a map to show you how to get all loddles!
You don't need to have all the loddles for this achievement since they can lay eggs at Ripple Reef~

Loddle Lover
Go up to your favourite loddle and with an empty hand *hold E*! Make sure you hold "e" all throughout the animation because you can cancel it by letting go too early.
Rock Bottom
You can complete this by following the story quests.
Taking Out the Trash
This one is pretty easy! I was able to finish it about a quarter way through the story.
Snack Time
You need to craft the "Cooking Module" at the Shipping Station under "Structures" in order to be able to cook snacks.

Once you do that you can cook snacks at the "Crafting Station" next to it!
A Job Well Done
You can complete this achievement by following the story. You only need to 100% each biome once, even if they decline after it does not affect the achievement.

If you are having a hard time cleaning biomes, remember to *press and hold F* to show where goop, trash, etc are hiding.
In Deep Water

You can complete this achievement by following the story quests.

If you're having a hard time finding it, it is the highest floating building in the GUPPI Campus. You will know when you get there because it activates monologue from Dave.
Loddle Squad

The maximum number of loddles is 5!

Interact with 5 loddles and have them follow you, sometimes they will stop following you if you feed them. So I would just bring them to your base as you progress and then have them follow you from there.
Employee of the Month

I was able to complete this by using an incredibly helpful community post by HeartSarah! Thank you!
Employee of the Month - Location Screenshots
Thank you Wobblegong for this image!
Thank you Wobblegong for this image!
So long, and thanks for all the trash!

The story will guide you all through this achievement.

Once you have completed all the story quests you have to go back to home base and pack up all the equipment. Then you can go back to your ship and end credits will roll.

You will not lose your save and you can skip the credits. As far as I can tell there is no impact on the game-play and you can keep playing in your save afterwards :)
Crate Crusher

May seem like a lot, but I was able to complete this achievement before I finished the story. Just open every crate you see, they have good supplies so its worth making a couple drop offs with your inventory.
You do need the upgraded gun to complete this, which you can do at the shipping station
The trenches have a ton of crates if you are struggling with this one.
Farewell, Friend
How cruel! But we are here for the achievement.
When you place a loddle in a clean environment other than your cove this option will appear when you interact with the loddle.

Loddles Rule the World
Easiest way to complete this is to put as many loddles in clean biomes as you can. Then once those start to reach the max, start filling up your home cove. Loddles will not lay eggs in your home cove, so fill that one last.
Who needs oxygen?

Pretty easy and self explanatory! Easier to do at the start of the game without the upgrades. I started a new save file to complete this one.
Loddle Possibilities

You do need to have all of them in the same save file. The numbers of fruit on my screenshots don't mean anything. I fed my loddles about the same amount of each fruit i gave them ~3 for 3 fruits, about ~4-5 for double fruits.

All cleaner evolutions

All pollinator evolutions

Thanks for reading!
I hope this guide helped you with at least some of the achievements!

I am going to try to make this guide easy for people who want to read information and visual learners. There is another guide released recently that is in video format! I will attach that for people who prefer that format or are getting stuck!

I am still working on the information so please let me know in the comments if there is anything I can add. Feel free to also ask questions and I will answer/help to the best of my ability!

Bela  [author] 5 hours ago 
Of course!
CallMeMrMayor Jun 11 @ 5:11pm 
Thank you!!
jenson1011997 Jun 10 @ 10:47am 
Not sure if anyone has said this but if you need more eggs to spawn but are at max loddle capacity in a biome release a few adults and the ones left will start producing eggs again. Then just wait for the baby to hatch, kidnap it and take to your home cove, there you can feed them for desired traits.
acibi Jun 10 @ 6:24am 
Extra tips on Loddle Possibilities:
1- Go to your biomes
2- Find babies.
3- Check their growth progress. Best if it is 0. If they are close to maturity, no need to waste time on them.
4- Bring the eligible ones to home cove. So they don't eat random in the biomes.
5- Rename them to target evolution name so you can keep track
6- Feed them what they need to evolve.
7- After they evolve, take them back to the biome you need to clean or resupply. This is same with step 1.
8- Check for new babies. Get them on the tow. This is same with step 2. Also repeat step 3 when you find them.
9- Clean and/or resupply in the biome. Continue form step 4.
Bela  [author] Jun 7 @ 6:17pm 
Wow ok good to know thanks!
ItsMoon_Shadow Jun 6 @ 11:49pm 
I got confirmation a few hours ago from the official discord (and from my own gameplay) that the loddles can reproduce completely solo, and that there's an egg/lifespan cap. One loddle can only ever lay two eggs before it becomes permanently infertile.
Bela  [author] Jun 6 @ 6:49pm 
Loddles will breed on their own in different biomes (not in your home cove). I'm not sure if there need to be multiple in order for them to breed, but the biome does need to be on the cleaner side and loddles wont reproduce if they are polluted.
Bela  [author] Jun 6 @ 6:48pm 
To empty your hands you can deposit any trash you have into the recyclers to get other items!
ItsMoon_Shadow Jun 5 @ 11:45pm 
Do loddles breed on their own, or does there need to be a pair of them?
是兔兔呀~ Jun 4 @ 1:18am 
what should I do to empty my hands?