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American Arcadia 100% achievements
The guide on how to get all of the achievements in the game.

In this guide you will find detailed information on how to get all of the achievements in American Arcadia. You can complete all of them either through a single playthrough or after finishing the game and loading a specifc scene from the Scene Selection in the main menu (if you missed any).

Most of the achievements are pretty easy to get or unmissable. However, there is one called "Crazy Cat Lady" where I'm pretty sure you have to perform certain actions in 3 multiple scenes in a single playthrough or one by one after loading the first scene (you can read more about in the specific section below).
There are 2 achievements in the prologue.

The very first achievement in the game you can get it is

Take your time getting out of bed.

In Scene 1 after you outrun the helicopter, you will see yourself sleeping in the bed with the alarm clock ringing at 07:00. Don't press anything and wait for Trevor to automatically turn it off and get up when it hits 07:01.

The Arcadian Way of Life
Complete the Prologue

Story related, can't be missed. You should get it after completing the prologue.
Chapter 1
DunGene's and Dragons
Snoop on a colleague's computer.

In Scene 3, after you switch to Angela for the first time, you need to go to the server room and log into Gene's computer. You can do it by using either one of the following methods:
  • When you pick up your phone to hack Kendra's PC, you can enter Gene's IP instead first. The IP is (can be found in the server room on a sticky note first). This should unlock his PC without getting admin's permissions.
  • After entering the server room and giving yourself admin's permissions, you will be able to log into Gene's PC right after.
The achievement should pop up as soon as you see what he has been doing all this time...

Intrincate Lies
Watch a TV show

Story related, can't be missed. You should get it in Scene 4 after watching the video where Angela reveals you the truth about Arcadia.

Destination: Nowhere
Be back after the break.

Soon after in Scene 4 after climbing through a vent you will find yourself in a huge studio with a giant screen where you can see Vivian recording a video for Trevor. After she says "Anyway, let's take five and we'll record it in one go, okay?" simply wait here for her to return on the screen and you'll get the achievement (takes about 2 minutes).

Complete Chapter 1

Story related, can't be missed. You should get it after completing Chapter 1.
Chapter 2
It wasn't worth the wait anyway...
Go on dark ride

Story related, can't be missed. In Scene 9 you will take the "Elijah Walton's: Dream of Tomorrow" ride. You should get the achievement after you finish the ride.

Get a fancy key.

Soon after in Scene 9 you will get access to the luggage room. There is a key hidden in one of the lockers here. The exact location with the key:

Simply pick up they key and you should get the achievement.

Wrong Tourist
Be confused with another person.

Next in Scene 10 you will enter the hotel's room as Trevor in order to obtain the badge. However, the robot will prevent you from getting it. You have to trap it inside the bathroom by turning on the lights and quickly moving the cart to block the exit. After you get the badge you need to free the robot and it will confuse you with another person. Now interact with the luggage again and you should get the achievement after.

Klutziest Activist
Fail a test miserably.

In Scene 11 Marcus Javert will ask you questions to "test your loyalty". In order to get this achievement you need to give specific answers:
  1. Arpad Kovacs (the right choice)
  2. The shut jail door (the right choice)
  3. Choose the left choice twice
  4. The Molotov cocktail (the top right choice)
  5. The yellow and orange Comet pattern (the bottom right choice)
  6. Trevor Hills (the left choice)
If chosen correctly, the achievement should pop up.

Complete Chapter 2

Story related, can't be missed. You should get it after completing Chapter 2.
Chapter 3
Cross the road without any help.

In the end of Scene 12 you need to cross the highway. After crossing the first part there will be an option to use Angela's camera to help you see cars. Don't use it and cross the road without any help.

Crazy Cat Lady
Isn't she a beauty?

Now this is the achievement I've mentioned before. You can get it by interacting with the cat in all 3 separate scenes (either in a single playthrough or after loading Scene 13 and playing through other two scenes sequentially).

The first time, you arrive at your home at the end of Scene 13. The cat will be right in front of you. Interact with it 3 times (I'm pretty sure each time you get a different voice line first and then they repeat randomly. I don't know if it matters, but hey, just in case).

The next time, you should interact with the cat in Scene 16 of Chapter 4 after Kendra inspects your apartment (there is another achievement in this scene first which I will mention down below). After she leaves and the dialogue is over, go upstairs to your bed and interact with the cat.

The final time, you should interact with the chat at the end of Scene 20 of Chapter 5. After Trevor is stopped from signing the contract by the song, you will switch to Angela. Make sure to immediately go and interact with the cat. She will be chilling under the staircase on her tower.

if you didn't miss any of these interactions, you should get the achievement.

Roll on Down the Highway
Complete Chapter 3

Story related, can't be missed. You should get this achievement after completing Chapter 3 (Trevor gets into the car).

Chapter 4
Comin' right up!
Clean up your house and open the door to an unexpected guest.

In Scene 16, after you notice police cars driving towards Trevor, Kendra will ring your doorbell in order to inspect your house for any suspicious materials. To get the achievement you need to clean up your appartment AND open the door to Kendra yourself (before she manually unlocks it herself!). I suggest to do it in this order:
  1. Turn off your PC (it will take a while for it to shut down) and both monitors;
  2. Close the table's drawer with Kovacs' book in it;
  3. Use the button next to the window on the right to cover your windows with blinds;
  4. Get the file case on the coffee table in front of the TV;
  5. Get the Breakout's booklet from the kitchen's table;
  6. Get the Breakout's poster from the wall next to the staircase;
  7. Wipe the drawing board under the staircase.
After all of that you should open the door to Kendra yourself (make sure to do everything as fast as you can). You should get the achievement after you open the door to her.

Don't forget to interact with the cat right after for the second time towards another achievement.

Car Crash
Crash a car.

Story related, can't be missed. You should get this achievement as you proceed to Scene 17 after crashing the car at the end of Scene 16.

Occupational Hazards
Worry about someone's physical wellbeing.

In Scene 19 after losing the helicopter and exiting the water treatment station 4, proceed further until you have to trick an interceptor to fall into a hole. After he falls, jump over the hole and then go under the platform until you hit the fence. There will be a small dialogue between Trevor and an interceptor. After that you should get the achievement.

Complete Chapter 4

Story related, can't be missed. You should get this achievement after completing Chapter 4.
Chapter 5
Don't forget to interact with the cat at the end of Scene 20 (after Trevor almost signs the contract and you switch to Angela) for the third time towards another achievement.

Dear old pals
Find a lost couple.

In Scene 21 Angela will sneak into Hexagon. There will be a room where you should get the access to pentagon level by solving a swap puzzle. But first, check one of the computers in this room. One of them will show you a short video with a romantic story about a couple. After watching this video you should get the achievement.

Get even.

In Scene 22 you will be helping Trevor to escape the facility. At one point, Angela should be able to hack into one of the drones that fly around. Now, what you need to do is to taze ALL of the interceptors that you see through the drones (total of 6: 3 inside, 2 outside and 1 inside the small room before the button). Makes sure not to fail after you get the drones (watch out for that last interceptor), otherwise the scene resets and previously tazed interceptors will be revived. You should get the achievement after you taze the last sixth one.

Complete Chapter 5

Story related, can't be missed. You should get this achievement after completing Chapter 5 (Trevor escapes the facility).
Chapter 6
Make your own kind of music
Play the piano.

Story related, can't be missed. You should get this achievement after Trevor finishes playing piano in Scene 24.

An Inconvenient Truth
Disobey a direct order.

In Scene 25 inside of Realignment you will come across the first button with a hexagon access level on the left of the corridor. Number Six will tell you to stop after you interact with it, but you should continue to repeat it over and over until you finally activate it. You should get the achievement after the windows open and you see what's inside.

What a Trip!
Monitor Trevor.

In the beginning of Scene 26 Trevor has to go through the white screen lit up by your car lights. Once you're inside, press the camera button (Tab or right stick) and you'll see Trevor sitting in the car trippin. You should get the achievement right after.

Local Hero
Complete Chapter 6

Story related, can't be missed. You should get it after completing Chapter 6 (Trevor escapes the dream world).
Chapter 7
Car Crash: Part Deux
Crash a car. Again

Story related, can't be missed. Scene 28 of Chapter 7 starts with Trevor driving his car towards the tower. After he successfully crashes (again) you should get the achievement.

Discover Number Six secret identity.

In Scene 33 you will arrive as Angela at the tower. After you go up the elevator, you will enter the room with monitors and recording equipment. BEFORE you insert the USB pen in the PC, first turn around, you'll see an open vent on the right. Go through it and you will uncover Number Six secret identity.

Here's the vent:

You should get the achievement as you exit the vent.

Leave me the f*ck alone!
Complete Chapter 7

Story related, can't be missed. You should get the achievement after completing Chapter 7.
Complete the game.

Story related, can't be missed. You should get the achievement after completing the game.

And that's it. These are all of the achievements you can get in the game. I hope this guide helps you get the last missing achievements!
Button Eyes Jun 12 @ 10:07pm 
Just 100% the game, can confirm that Crazy Cat Lady needs to be done without closing the game. So you either start 13 and never stop until 20, or you use chapter select. You can exit to menu and select another chapter as soon as you pet the cat in the 3 chapters

Also I think it would be nice to add more info, like for Dear old pals, its on the laptop next to a flamingo drink and a reference to their previous game Call of the Sea. And for TPK, the 6th and final guard won't be shootable before you press the button.
Frankie Spankie Jun 8 @ 9:09pm 
Crazy Cat Lady has to be done in one session without closing the game. I pet the cat in all 3 locations on my first playthrough but closed out of the game at some point to take a break and it didn't unlock.

After I finished the game, I just went through them scene by scene to try them again, I quit to the menu immediately after petting the cat each time, and I unlocked it after I did it in all three instances.
Pandemo Apr 14 @ 6:19am 
It looks like for Crazy Cat Lady, you can do it by selecting the 3 scenes from menu, but cannot quit the game before you have done all 3
Reqruiz Apr 9 @ 6:32pm 
Thanks for the guide, I was able to get all achievements, even the Crazy Cat Lady by doing it from scene choice menu. Cheers! :)
Pandemo Mar 17 @ 10:35pm 
Couldn't get the Crazy Cat Lady achievement even though I played through scene 13 to 20. Only thing I can think of is I crashed once in the middle of it. Will report again when I got it
Laxiana Mar 10 @ 12:32pm 
Hi, can I translate this guide?
Redsoul Mar 8 @ 1:51am 
Thanks for this guide! Helped me a lot especially for the cat interactions. I got the achievement by interacting with each cat using the scene selection in one play session. :steamhappy:
rogermorse Feb 11 @ 9:08am 
Ok was not too bad, less than 2 hours I could replay all spots, though some spots at the end of the scenes really need a long time lol.
rogermorse Feb 11 @ 7:41am 
Nice guide but it could be better explained that most of the achievement, though unmissable, are NOT "mostly" story related. I did a blind run (because the game is good and didn't want to see any screens or achievement descriptions) and ended up with something like 18/29 achievements. Getting the chapter related ones is a chore because you have to repeat many scenes and dialogue are will take a lot of time, would have been much faster to follow the guide chapter per chapter so arriving at that particular spot, the achievement would have been a matter of seconds to get.
Arnulf Jan 28 @ 10:34am 
For the achievement DunGene's & Dragons you _have_ to hack Gene's computer with your phone _and_ log into his computer in his office. Otherwise Angela just says there's nothing interesting on his computer.