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Version 1 guide to Heros
By robbie.price
Some Day 1 thoughts on heros, for the Day 1 version of the game. May or may not expand.
Types of Heroes and their Properties.
There are 12 'standard' heroes' and an unknown number of 'unique's.

There are 3 colours (4 if you consider unique): Blue Red Green, [ BRG }

4 shapes Circle Up-curve Square and Down-curve. [CUSD]

And 3 rarities, Normal, Elite, Rare

The combination of colour, shape and level fix all the predetermined parts of a hero. which is the first power line, the bottom power or ability, and the overall power level of the hero.

All Circles boost one type of resource boost on click.
All Up-curve give base weapon damage
All Squares boost one type of resource per second
and all Down-curve boost food per second.

Blue heroes have auto like abilities: Auto Research, Combat ,construct, use militia to defend.
Red heroes have Combat like abilities: Resourses for risk, Stun , Extra food, ignore some attacks.
Green heroes have active play abilities: reduce risk kill people, Damage , click bonus, Militia bonus.

Normal heroes have 1 random power in addition to the fixed.
Elite heroes have 2 random power in addition to the fixed.
Rare heroes have 3 random power in addition to the fixed.

The Random powers are a real grab-bag from extra authority, to uses for authority, to bonus resources if a given building is working, to extra stun. ... it's a big list.

Currently the max level appears to be 43, and I don't have a way to improve on that... at least yet.
Teams you Might want to make:
There are 4 ish teams you might want to make:

A stunning team: AKA pacify the neighborhood. Due to how damage scales your best weapons are the spear and crossbow ( technically crossbow has the most damage per wood harvested but not by much). The Key to this team is to get enough stunning to make a new weapon and attack again. A stun-lock build. With 2.5-3 ish seconds of stun per attack you need 50 wood per second or 30 with holding [S] to click.
NOTE: USING THE STUNNING TEAM REQUIRES YOU STOP RESEARCH BEFORE UNLOCKING A WEAPON THAT TAKES TOO MUCH WOOD, SPEAR 100 wood, OR BOW (220 wood, phalanx is 750 wood and probably too late, unless you're doing a Tower of babble run).
Consists of Red Circle, Blue or Red Up curve ( Blue if the others have enough stun, red if not), Blue Square and Down.

Build priority: Stun, Wood, Damage, Authority + Authority used for Clicks
Properly built this team can at level 7 take down level 40 barbarians.

A Research team: Get from peace to prosperity.
Consists of: All 4 blues.

Build priority: Wood (for building homes), Research, and maybe workers, but really only in early ascensions

Build Priorities: Wood, Research, Workers.
This team starts up once the world is pacified, and finishes all the building / research.

3 or 4 Single Resource focus teams ( one for each type of resource and maybe food, but there is little one can do for food)
Each consists of: Red Circle, Blue Up, Green Square, Blue Down

Build Priorities: All powers boost the same one resource type.
This team is called manually to rush build a given item, swap between them as needed.

Late game damage,

Each consists of: Green Circle, Green Up, Red Square, Blue Down

Build Priorities: Damage, Weapon Auto refill,
In the late game weapons take ... forever .... to rebuild. if your Late game damage team has any power that isn't fixed, it should be Weapon regeneration, but preferably damage.
Step 1: get to the point you can make level 43 heroes. (it's possible to use level 42 and down heroes for building dream teams ... but it's really miss or miss and low odds so just dismantle them all and be done with it)

Step 2: For each of the 12 types of heros, when you get a new one check this list, and compare to your existing best in class. If it's not better than the best you have got, Junk it and try again. If it is good, upgrade it until rare, junking if it turns bad.

Blue Circles: needs to be Wood, Research, and workers more or less exclusively
Blue Ups: Either : needs to be Wood, Research, and workers more or less exclusively
or: All producing the same resource type.
or: Stun -> Wood -> Damage
Blue Square: Either : needs to be Wood, Research, and workers more or less exclusively
or: Stun -> Wood -> Damage
Blue Downs: Either : needs to be Wood, Research, and workers more or less exclusively
or: Stun -> Wood -> Damage
or: Damage, Weapon Regeneration
or: All producing the same resource type.

Red Circles: Stun -> Wood -> Damage
or: All producing the same resource type.
Red Ups: Stun -> Wood -> Damage
Red Square: Damage, Weapon Regeneration
Red Downs: Just huck'em in the trash

Green Circles: Damage, Weapon Regeneration
Green Ups: Damage, Weapon Regeneration
Green Square: All producing the same resource type.
Green Downs: Just huck'em in the trash

Goodluck happy hunting.
robbie.price  [author] Jan 29 @ 2:52pm 
Hopefully that helps.
robbie.price  [author] Jan 29 @ 2:52pm 
Honesty, It'd been a while and I had forgotten,
but I fired up the game and after some checking around you're right it's not super clear.

However, at the bottom of the heroes screen on the left, bellow the heroes panel, and above the 'merge' area are the 5 culture point totals, and to the right of them a hammer.

Click the hammer, then click the hero you want to 'dismantle' that should give you your culture points.
Glamuria Jan 28 @ 5:57am 
How to sell heroes to get culture power? I tried everything please help me.
robbie.price  [author] Jan 12 @ 8:23am 
No you have to find it. there is no way to bump a level above the highest hero level you currently have.

The level of generated heroes is tied to your tech level. So Finish all techs, then gain heroes I think they have to be the type made by the workshop. . . combat heroes are capped at 42? Or the other way around.
Crackability Jan 11 @ 11:29am 
Do you get level 43 heroes with combining 4 level 42s together?
robbie.price  [author] Dec 19, 2023 @ 10:09am 
I couldn't find numbers on the magnitude of the 'higher quality heroes' so ... I didn't add a section on that, but yes. force suicide-ing your society for fun and profit is clearly in the design specs for the game :- P
jakobalindquist1 Dec 18, 2023 @ 11:37am 
i don't know if there is an easier method to farm heroes at level 43 but i found researching all technologies followed with dieing getting the 20 minute buff of +100% quality heroes then using the mill to get two uses out of the theater charge that spawns heros over and over, then when the buff wears off build 100 homes then sell stone to die of plague starting the cycle again. getting heroes that reduce charge time of the library helps so you can stack the time of the -40% charge time to hours fairly quickly to make the theater charge faster but sadly i haven't found a hero with a theater charge time reduction to make this more effcient.
ME FORGIW Nov 20, 2023 @ 10:00am 
i also found caesar a green up who gives base damage 23% plus dmg and 1 damage for every owned village while he has nationalism
robbie.price  [author] Nov 18, 2023 @ 1:50pm 
yup not really telegraphed well.
Harlequin Nov 18, 2023 @ 1:18pm 
Never mind, I see the dismantle get's you those culture points.