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Arthurian Legends

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How to enable "Cheat Menu" without beating the game
By wolfinston85
Simple guide detailing how to enable the built-in "Cheat Menu" without beating the game first.
1. Edit the "settings.txt" file
Go to your config folder after launching the game at least once.

The folder should be in: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\001\Games\Arthurian Legends\data

Pic of the folder path for clarity sake:

Once you're in the folder open the "settings.txt" file with a text editor.
2. Find the "Cheats=0" line
Inside the "settings.txt" file, there should be a line called "Cheats=0", if you have trouble finding it, simply type the default key shorcut CTRL+F to find the line.

Once you locate the line change the value to: "Cheats=1" instead of "0".

It should look like this:
3. Open the game and start a new profile
A very important step is to open the game and start a new profile, you can't use this method with an existing profile that I know of -thankfully-, the game has three profile slots.

After starting a new profile hit the "Back" key (by default) to open the cheat menu in-game. You can change this binding through the "control" settings of the game, if you want.

This is what the "Cheat menu" looks like: