Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower

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Where to Find all the Funny Pumpkins
By Furret24
Open that pumpkin door LIKE A BOSS!!!! (very spicy goodness)
Here you can see a screenshot of where every pumpkin is. If you don't see it directly on-screen, Peppino is standing where it is.

John Gutter
It's like right there as you go. Listen for the music fading to help identify it.

Climb the wall to your left when you get to the area with the pits.

Ancient Cheese
Climb up the wall to your right when you see John.

Bloodsauce Dungeon
Also in the way as you play, like John Gutter.

Oregano Desert
When you fall down from the stupid cows, just climb back up.

Also on the way, its a bit after the secret where you use the ghost.

Fun Farm
On the ceiling during the escape, where you super taunt the red guys. A giant root will help you locate it.

Fast Food Saloon
You'll see it during one of the horsey races. You'll probably lose the race, but that doesn't matter since you can just leave the level after grabbing it.

Crust Cove
You'll bypass it while the water throws you around after the green guy tries to kill you, just climb back up.

Gnome Forest
It's on the normal path as you just play normally, not much to say.

Its on one of the walls during one of the courses. Not much to say, you'll find it as you play normally.

Deep Dish 9
Its in the first room after you use the rocket to go to space. Just slow down a bit and you'll find it easily.

Pig City
It's in the first room after you switch to Gustavo and Brick, very easy to find.

Peppibot Factory
Its in the room where you get turned into a pizza box for the first time. Just slow down a bit and you'll find it easily.

Oh ♥♥♥♥!
It's right after you smack John. Just climb up and don't get hit by the cheese ball.

First room where you hit the heater. You'll hear it when playing, just backtrack in the room slightly after hitting the heater to free it.

Its in the second room, just jump over the ramp. You can grab this in like 10 seconds.

Don't Make a Sound
Its in the room right before all the pizza monsters try to gang up on you. You'll need the Sausage Monster to break the sockets surrounding it in order to reach it. I recommend entering the following room and heading back to make the Sausage Monster a non-issue.

Right next to Gerome, you'll find it very easily.

Crumbling Tower of Pizza
It's on the way, should be easy enough to spot.
The funny pumpkin door will now open! ENJOY!
Here's a short walkthrough of the challenge. Just route a little and its easy. Go left on the first two splits, right on the second, and be ready to superjump in the vertical pumpkin shaft at the end so you can break the mach blocks. Pretty easy challenge otherwise. The flashing BLUE ARROWS (as opposed to the flashing green arrows) point towards pumpkins that are out of the way and must be visited first before following the green arrows.