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List of Technologies, Materials, Upgrades, and More.
By Knuks
This guide is full of spoilers. Please do not continue unless you want some very strong hints to the end game.
The guide contains a summary of the technologies, materials, upgrades, manufacturable items, drill tech, and the encyclopedia. I put it together so I could have a list of items on 1 screen while I played on the other, allowing me to keep track of what was needed next.
I have posted my spreadsheet here so that others can use it if they find it useful.
Again, it contains spoilers as it shows some of the items you can create in the late game.
Table of contents
This section lists the technologies that can be researched and opened over time

This section lists the materials that can be mined, refined, or created.

This section lists the upgrades that can be researched and applied to your drill.

This section lists the elements that can be crafted, along with their resource cost.

This section lists the items that the encyclopedia displays, once you have discovered them.

Drill Tech
This section lists the upgrade modules that can be found in the caves, and applied to your drill.

Other sections
Other sections may be added based on comments received, or gaps identified

The following table shows the technologies that can be unlocked over time, usually by gaining enough research points from scanning new ores at base, or by scanning items found in the caves.

The list below is presented in numeric order. This is NOT the order that they are unlocked. I will leave that as something for the reader to find out.

The tables below show:
  • The ores that can be mined
  • The ingots that can be produced
  • The alloys that can be created
Ores can only be mined if you have the appropriate drill toughness technology applied to your drill. The technologies are upgraded over time as you research items (such as lower tier ore)

The tables below are not sorted in any special way, except to make the following sections easier to follow (subjective of course).

Table 1
Shows a summary of how materials can be refined or alloyed

Table 2
Shows all the mine-able items, and how many are used to produce the next item in the chain.
  • 1 x Copper (B13) is refined from refining 1 x Malachite (C13)
  • 1 x Steel (B19) is made by alloying 1 x Carbonide (H20) and 1 x Iron (M20)
Note: There are some ores that do not get refined (Bionite, Feverite), but these ores are used in other processes.
Drill upgrades
The following tables show the drill upgrades that are available throughout the game, and the costs to apply them. Upgrades are made available when enough research points are generated, and can be applied to your drill once the correct resources have been created.
Note 1: I may have listed some Tier 2 items incorrectly (Marked with '?' as screenshots lost)
Note 2: You must go through each tier of upgrade in sequence.
Note 3: Once the research is available, you can create the technology by building it with the appropriate ingots and alloys (EG, when Tier 7 Navigation speed is unlocked, build it using 20 Copper, and 20 Mantorium)

Drill Navigation Speed
This affects how fast your rig can travel through open ground, not how quickly it can mine.
Note: Level 8 is the max speed.

Drill Storage Capacity
This affects how many ores and manually collected biomass can be stored inside your rig combined. If you have 10 ores in a tier 1 drill, you can only collect a further 5 biomass.
Note 1: Level 8 is the max capacity
Note 2: A large capacity + lots of drones effectively allows you to stay out indefinitely - Load up your drones (or get them to mine), then send them home while you drill some more.

Drill Mining Shape
This affects the shape and size of the mining recical. (1x1, 2x1, 2x2, 3x2, 4x2, 3x3)
Note 1: Level 5 is the max size
Note 2: Use 'R' to rotate the shape when appropriate.

Rock Drilling Strength
This affects which rock tiers you can drill through in your rig. As your drill strength increases:
  • You can start to drill through harder rock
  • The speed at which you drill through softer rock increases
Note 1: Level 8 is the max toughness. This does NOT allow you to drill through everything. Some ground is still too tough to drill through

Mining Drone Count
This affects how many drones your rig can carry, and is only available once the appropriate drill tech has been found. (Hint, it is in one of the caves)
Note 1: Level 11 is the max strength (and the highest tier item)
Note 2: A large capacity + lots of drones effectively allows you to stay out indefinitely - Load up your drones (or get them to mine), then send them home while you drill some more.

This section lists the items that can be crafted within (or just outside) your base. Each item also shows its resource costs. The sections listed correspond to the order they appear in your crafting device.

Press 1 when holding the crafting gun.
Note: To place a door, place the corridoor first, then the door over it

Machines / Terminals
Press 2 when holding the crafting gun.
Note: Not all items are available immediately, they need research

Press 3 when holding the crafting gun.
Note 1: Not all items are available immediately, they need research
Note 2: Some items need to be found and scanned before you can create them

Press 4 when holding the crafting gun.
Note 1: Not all scannable flora can be planted
Note 2: To plant flora, you require 2 Bionite per item
Note 3: To plant outside, you need to be near the glowing pool by your base
The following list shows the items that can appear in the encyclopedia (console) once you have researched / discovered them. I considered placing them behind a spoiler block, but if yoiu have read this far I assume:
  • You have read everything else here, and spoilers are not something you are interested in
  • You want to check what you may have missed

  • Lantern Bulb
  • Trapdoor Spire
  • Antenna Pod
  • Crimson Stool
  • Vaporspit
  • Pyrodrip
  • Titanshroom
  • Neoncap
  • Magishroom
  • Sentinal Fungus
  • Emberheart Enclosure
  • Amber Lumisphere
  • Puffstem
  • Roundroot Melon
  • Meanderthorn
  • Thorny Frond
  • Tangle Bulb
  • Fossilised Arbor
  • Crystalflora
  • Ivory Spindles
The following section shows the title of the various logs you can find while exploring caves. They may help players who are missing some logs.
Note : the log model in the game does not disappear when you scan it.

  • Mission briefing (Available from start)
  • Hades delver drill (Available from start)
  • Alien artifacts
  • Alien glyphs
  • Log: Sorry
  • Log: Dear diary
  • Log: Dr. M. Carter #14
  • Log: Stuck
  • Log: Emergency recording
  • Log: K Nebeah #5
  • Log: Deeper
  • Log: Dr. M. Carter #19
  • Log: Safe
  • Log: Dr. M. Carter #26
  • Log: SOS
  • Log: Corrupted message
  • Log: Dr. M. Carter #31
  • Stats (Available from start)
Drill Tech and Other Technologies
This section lists some of the technologies that can be found / unlocked / applied to your rig.
I have 100%'d the game, but I may have missed an item or two off this list (due to screenshots getting corrupted).
This section also needs rewriting to be a little clearer.

Drill Tech
Drill Overdrive
Unlocks the ability for the rig to increase speed for a short period, then it needs to cool down
Drill Autopilot Home
Unlocks the ability to instruct the rig to head home by the shortest path, drilling if necessary (same pathing algorithm as drones use)

Drone Tech
Drone Capacity
Allows a previous cap on number of drones to be increased.
Drone Mining
Unlocks the ability to instruct a drone to start mining rock to uncover resources.
  • Line (1) - A drone starts mining in front of the drill. Each deployment sends another drone
  • Cone (3) - Drones start mining in small triangle in front of drill
  • Cone (5) - Drones start mining in larger triangle in front of drill
  • Circle (>=4) - Drones start drilling from all points of drill
Drone Mine Resources
Drones will start mining nearby resources. When sent, the drill identifies the resource pile and the maximum number of ores it can mine, and the rigs inventory is updated immediately. Drones choose the nearest ore, you cannot select which ore. Once up to 4 ores have been mined, the drone will return to the rig. Each press sends 1 more drone (up to 15 drones, and 60 resources)
Drone Return Home
Allows drones to take up to 4 resources from the rig, navigate home, drop them off, then return to your rig. Each deployment sends another drone and up to 4 more resources (up to 15 drones, and 60 resources)

Hidden within the cave systems are six Geoworms. Collecting all six completes a Steam trophy but otherwise does not affect any of the game-play.

Some are quite easy to find, popping out at you as you search a cave. Others are more tricky to find as they are more carefully hidden and need you to search even more carefully. None are especially difficult, but one did require a couple of attempts.

Location hint : (The colours of the worms identifies the sort of biome / cave system it came from - See the screen shot below)

When enough research has been gained, you can even gain the ability to build a Geoworm terrarium for your base.

This section has some extra spoilers...

To complete the main quest, three artifacts need to be created and delivered to an appropriate location. The artifacts can be created using the "Artifact Fabricator" and it takes a fair amount of high tier resources to do so.

What is not obvious in the game (even though there is some text displayed on the fabricator) ...
  • Once an artifact is created, pick it up and carry it to your rig.
  • As you enter the rig, the cupboard to the left of the main door console will open up allowing you to deposit it onto one of the shelves.
  • Repeat this for each of the three artifacts.
  • You can only build 1 artifact and store it at a time.

Take the rig to the aliens cave. Take each artifact in turn and place it onto the matching coloured pedestal. When all three are placed the doorway to the chamber will open.

Note: There are two possible endings and both are triggered from this room. I am adding this here as I spent an hour trying to search for the means to trigger the 2nd ending (I though I had to deposit the artifacts elsewhere.... You do not).
This section covers the possible endings to the game - Big spoilers ahead, so added behind spoiler blocks.

Credit to other gamers who found and posted the solutions:

Ending 1
This is straight forward.
  • Go to the end cave and unlock it
  • The "ghost" at the end will point to the wall to your left
  • This shows the combination for Ending 1
  • Press the glyph buttons in front of you in that order
  • Cutscene

Ending 2
This occurs in the same room, and takes the same format.
  • Go to the end cave and unlock it
  • Ignore the ghost and approach the glyphs
  • Press the glyphs in the following order:

  • Cutscene
Funreaver Apr 20 @ 12:59pm 
For the people wondering, the new ending is achieved by:

1. scanning the new stuff in the alien containment cave (800)
2. then getting to a different cave on 800 getting the translation datapad
3. going to 1000 depth and visit all 4 caves to scan and collect 1 splinter each cave
4. assemble the 4 splinters into a cylinder
5. with the cylinder you get back to the alien containment chamber insert it in the correct machine
6. use the new third ending sequence with the alien runes as stated in the datapad for the purification
Waladil Mar 15 @ 11:10pm 
I figured out how to figure out the second ending's code. Took a little reverse-engineering from the answer above.

HINT 1: The answers are in your PDA

HINT 2: The Alien Glyphs log has images of the glyphs that you've found.

ANSWER: The Alien Glyphs log has 6 images of 2 glyphs each, but the code is 7 digits. There are also duplicates within the images! However, each individual glyph is only depicted once, so you can "stitch" the images together. Image 1 leads into image 2, 3 leads into 4, 4 into 3, 3 back into 1 -- we've made a loop, which means that we're in the middle of the code. It can't start in the first four images, and we can clearly see that 5 leads into 6, which means it starts with the image 5, then 6, then 4, then 3, then 1, and finally 2. So look at the pictures in order 5-6-4-3-1-2, and overlap the duplicate glyphs. This gives you the code in the guide.
shabingus gaming Jan 15 @ 2:02am 
what cave is the extra drones found in?
Green Knight Dec 31, 2023 @ 4:40pm 
No idea how you figured out the code for the second ending, but excellent work my dude. Thansk for the help with these.
Crystal Core Oct 28, 2023 @ 9:13pm 
This is to save the headache for some people, here is the Cave name for every Geoworm (i could be confusing color locations but the caves should be right)

Brown Oasis
Green Flora Grotto
Yellow Abyss
Blue Sunlight Topaz
Red Inferno
Pink Mushroom Maze
Knuks  [author] Oct 26, 2023 @ 4:31am 
I have added an "Endings" section to the guide for convenience. All credit to the original posters.
Knuks  [author] Oct 26, 2023 @ 4:09am 
Hi Cheez, I found the comments I used to complete the 2nd ending. Its in the steam forums at:
All credit to the author(s) for documenting these. I may add a summary to this guide behind spoilers as well.
Rofander Oct 26, 2023 @ 3:14am 
{LINK REMOVED} the 2nd ending
Rofander Oct 26, 2023 @ 2:05am 
in which cave is it located Trapdoor Spire?
🧀cheez boy🧀 Oct 25, 2023 @ 2:58pm 
Ah okay! Ill check back here, I couldnt find any forums at all with it on. But I'll look now