Forgive Me Father 2

Forgive Me Father 2

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Useful Configs For Visuals, Performance and Optimizations (WIP)
By Zeptomonkey
Hey guys I found out how to solve most of these issues for the time being heres some
instructions on how to configure these to your liking. I hope this helps.

Note: Currently this guide is a heavy work in progress so please let me know if anything was unclear.
I will continue to update this guide with more configuration values as time goes on.
Section 1: Finding The Config File
1. On the windows bar in the bottom left of your screen type in %localappdata% this should
open up file explorer.

2. Then locate the folder named "FMF2_Demo" inside that folder open another one named
"Saved" then open up the "Config" folder and finally open up the folder named "windows".

3. This should take you to a set of configuration files we will be using to configure
the game to adjust said settings.
Section 2: Field Of View
1. Locate the Configuration File named "GameUserSettings" or "GameUserSettings.ini" and
open it.

2. press CTRL and F on your keyboard to open up the searchpad in either "Sublime Text" or
"Notepad" and type in the search bar "FieldOfView=" this value at default is 90 however
you may adjust it to whatever FOV you prefer.

3. Finally make sure you save your file and your good to go.
Section 3: Specific areas of disabling Headbobbing
1. Open up the "GameUserSettings.ini" again.

2. Create a new section at the bottom called "[/script/engine.gameplaysettings]" and put these
variables you are about to read in this section under it.

2. Add "CameraStrafeTilt=False" to stop camera movement from left to right when pressing
the left and right movement keys.

3. Add "WeaponBobbing=False" to keep your weapon still rather than it moving around as you move.

4. Add "CameraShaking=False" to remove shaking effects from the camera as you move should
help with motion sickness.

5. Finally make sure you save your file and your good to go.
Section 4: How to disable Chromatic Aberration Completely
1. Locate the Configuration File named "Engine" or "Engine.ini" and open it.

2. At the bottom add a section called "[/script/engine.rendereroverridesettings]"
and add the following lines below it.

3. Add "r.SceneColorFringeQuality=0" and "r.SceneColorFringe.Max=0" below it
and this should completely remove chromatic aberration from the game.

4. As always finally make sure you save your file and your good to go.
Section 5: Shadow and Ambient Occlusion Quality
1. For these settings open up the Engine.ini file and under the newly put
add these following lines.

2. Add "r.Shadow.DistanceScale=5.0" This setting will allow you to adjust the distance at when shadows are at full
quality personally I think 5 is more than enough. However if you have a higher end PC and
want the max visual quality this value can be set to a maximum of 10.

3. Add "r.Shadow.MaxResolution=4096" This will control the resolution of shadows and dynamic shadows raising
this value will make them look more visually appealing via removing jagged edges and just look smoother overall on higher resolutions.
I personally reccomend using the maximum value for this aka 4096 however if you want more performance you can lower this to 2048,1024,512,256,128,64,32,16.

4. Add "r.DistanceFieldShadowing=1" This setting allows you to see shadows from far which will improve visuals and lighting overall so
I reccomend to have this on for mid to higher end machines, for lower end this can be a a big hit on fps in
more open areas so id have this disabled if its too big of a hit on framerate.

5. Add "r.AmbientOcclusionRadiusScale=2.0" To increase the distance that ambient occlusion will be applied to shadows. Ambient occlusion adds alot of
calculations to shadows to make light react more realistically to them. For higher end machines id reccomend the max value aka 10. For lower end id reccomend 1.0 or 2.0.

6. Add "r.AmbientOcclusionMaxQuality=100" In short this will set the overall quality of the overall Ambient Occlusion, for the best quality set this to 100, for performance
I reccomend either 25 or 50.

7. Add "r.DistanceFieldAO=0" This value will work in tandem with "DistanceFieldShadowing" basically it will apply ambient occlusion to shadows off in the distance, it will make the
lighting look much more natural and better overall however it is an even bigger hit on fps than "DistanceFieldShadowing" so if you want more FPS set this setting off however if
your on a higher end PC and want better visuals set this to 1 for the best results.

8. Add "r.Shadow.CSM.TransitionScale=1.2" This will set the distance for Cascade Shadow Maps, basically what this setting does in a simpler sense is set the distance of dynamic shadows (in short),
the maximum value for this is 2.0 however its a decent hit on fps so id reccomend for lower end hardware to set this to 1.2 or 1.5, for best quality though set this to 2.0 on higher end PCs.

9. Add "r.Shadow.MaxCSMResolution=4096" This value will set the resolution of Cascade Shadows. Set this value to 4096 for best results and visual quality,
if you want more performance then set it to either 2048,1024,512,256,128,64,32,16.

10. Add "r.Shadow.CSM.MaxCascades=4" This setting will change the amount of cascades are visible on the screen at one time. Set this value to 6 or even 12 for the best visual quality,
or 4,3,2,1 for best performance. 0 will mean there will be no cascades.
Section 6: Various Visual Tweaks Not Present In Game
1. For these settings open up the Engine.ini file and under the newly put "[/script/engine.rendereroverridesettings]"
add these following lines.

2. Add "r.DefaultFeature.MotionBlur=0" If this value is set to 1 it will enable motion blur
which can help make the game feel much smoother on lower framerates and inconsistant framerates.

3. Add "r.MotionBlurQuality=0" This value controls the overall quality of the motion blur it can be set to either 0,1,2,3 with 3 being the highest value and 0 being the lowest.

4. Add "r.DepthOfFieldQuality=4" This value will control the overall quality of the Depth of Field in game, values for this setting are 0,1,2,3,4 for
the best results set this value to 4, to completely disable this setting overall set this to 0.

5. Add "r.LensFlareQuality=3" Lens flare controls the effect of when you look a light it will have things translucent artifacts coming off of it as seen through a camera lens,
set this value to 3 for the highest quality or 0 to disable it.

6. Add "r.SSR.Quality=4" This setting will control the overall quality of the Screen Space Reflections, since this game utilizes this setting alot I would set this value to the highest if possible aka 4 however,
to favour performance this value can also be set to 4,3,2,1,0. A value of 0 will completely disable this setting.
Section 7: Performance
1. For these settings open up the Engine.ini file and under the newly put "[/script/engine.rendereroverridesettings]"
add these following lines.

2. Add "r.Streaming.Boost=3" this value will control how fast the textures will load to the highest quality, increasing this value will make them load faster but use up more memory,
if you have alot of memory in your pc I highly reccomend setting this to 3 but if you want to save memory set this to 3,2,1,0.

3. Add "r.Streaming.FramesForFullUpdate=1" This value calculates the total amount of time between texture streaming updates, This setting is mainly reliant on CPU usage and memory so if you have a higher end PC set this value to 1 and it will
make textures load almost instantly and make load times much faster, if you have a lower end then id experiment with higher values to see what works for you.

4. Add "r.Streaming.HLODStrategy" This controls the loading strategy of Hierarchial LOD textures, this can be a bit complicated however in short for best visuals set this to 2 and
for best performance experiment with either 2,1 or 0 and see what works for you.

5. Add "r.bForceCPUAccessToGPUSkinVerts=True" this is hard to explain but basically it will allow the CPU to take control off of some of the GPU calculations for skinning textures and such helping reduce the GPU load.
I hope this manages to help some people.
TheMikirog Dec 17, 2023 @ 1:32am 
Headbobbing options section is now obsolete, since all of them (guide missed one) are available in-game in Gameplay options
Zeptomonkey  [author] Nov 29, 2023 @ 9:21am 
No problem maley
Maley Nov 29, 2023 @ 9:13am 
I also saw that, the good think is that this game is at early access and wish they can fix that, thanks for the help.
Zeptomonkey  [author] Nov 29, 2023 @ 8:32am 
Yeah enabling vsync does help a lot. I have heard that this games vsync currently has a lot of problems at the moment
Maley Nov 29, 2023 @ 7:25am 
I also asked on social media and telled me that is called "screen tearing" it happens every time i move the mouse or the character, depending on the settings it's more subtle but it is still present.

Thanks for the help, also I will try to config my drivers like using nvidia panel on this game to active sync all the time for example.
Zeptomonkey  [author] Nov 28, 2023 @ 3:39pm 
Wait is it the flickering when you move your mouse? As in you see random white lines sometimes?
Zeptomonkey  [author] Nov 28, 2023 @ 3:38pm 
Hmm I’ll try to come up with a solution for you as soon as I possibly can
Maley Nov 28, 2023 @ 1:29pm 
It was present before and afte the changes.
Maley Nov 28, 2023 @ 1:27pm 
I tried only changing the step 4 that was the only that I was interested, idk why this is happening, changed sync on and off, limit fps, etc.. but is still present, only asked if you know something about it, I will try to check how was the config on the first game.
Zeptomonkey  [author] Nov 28, 2023 @ 1:25pm 
Did the issues start after you followed these steps? Or was an issue before?