Agatha Christie - Murder on the Orient Express

Agatha Christie - Murder on the Orient Express

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Agatha Christie - Murder on the Orient Express - Golden Moustaches
By catnip
Location of all Golden Moustaches for the "Catch'em all!" achievement
Prologue - Tokatlian Hotel
1/40 - Starting location, between the railings to the right side of the stairs near the hotel entrance.

2/40 - On a small table next to the door to room 401 on the 4th floor of the hotel.

3/40 - In the sink in the toilet in room 411.

4/40 - In the bottom right drawer of the desk in room 411.

Chapter 1 - Departure
5/40 - On a bench at the far end of the station.

6/40 - On the floor around the corner near compartment 101.

7/40 - In WC behind the kitchen.

Chapter 2 - Trapped
8/40 - In the sink in the kitchen.

9/40 - On the nightstand in compartment 204.

10/40 - Under the pillow of the bottom bed in compartment 102 (You need to get very close to be able to pick it up).

Chapter 3 - Daisy Armstrong
11/40 - On a shelf on the right wall as you enter the house.

12/40 - In the toy castle in Daisy's room (pink door).

13/40 - Between two trees with joined trunks behind the cabin.

14/40 - On the floor under the plush toy In the small room in the cabin.

Chapter 4 - The Murder Weapon
15/40 - On a shelf in the storage room behind bar.

16/40 - On a chair in the restaurant car.

17/40 - In a crate in the storage car.

Chapter 5 - The Kidnapping Investigation
18/40 - In a bush near the car.

19/40 - In the wood shed next to the cabin.

20/40 - In the cabin, in a box next to the sofa.

21/40 - On the floor in the corner in the bunker.

22/40 - At the police station behind the water cooler

Chapter 6 - Connections
23/40 - In Poirot's cabin, next to the suitcase.

24/40 - In the cupboard in the Bar/Lounge car.

Chapter 7 - The Plot
25/40 - In the cat cave on the floor

Chapter 8 - Resolution
26/40 - On a shelf in the bar, behind Jean Faucher

27/40 - On a fruit shelf in the kitchen

28/40 - In the sink in compartment 302 (after talking to Pierre)

Chapter 9 - City of Love
This chapter is a bit chaotic since the location is quite open with many streets and alleys. The only navigation points are Tourist Information posts showing your current location.

The map below shows approximate locations of all four golden mustaches.

29/40 - Held by a rabbit at the fountain (letter O on the map)

30/40 - Near the Pranzo Veloce store (south of the M letter on the map)

31/40 - Strada Pesaro, on a gondola opposite the "Al Volto Mascherato" store (letter F on the map)

32/40 - Available after switching back to Poirot. It's in a post box next to the second bridge (letter N on the map)

Chapter 10 - The Thirteenth Wound
33/40 - In the sink in compartment 205.

34/40 - On the blue case in the Storage car.

Chapter 11 - Banque du Lac
35/40 - On the side of the statue in the main hall of the bank.

36/40 - On a chair in Mr Wadi's office.

37/40 - Next to the sink in the bathroom in Mr Wadi's apartment.

Chapter 12 - Revelations
38/40 - On the floor during selecting of the murderer (the only interactive part of the chapter)

Chapter 13 - Gare de Lyon
39/40 - On a seat opposite the WC in the first class car

40/40 - On a suitcase at the station

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