The Jackbox Party Pack 10

The Jackbox Party Pack 10

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100% Achievement Guide - Jackbox Party Pack 10
By tasselfoot
How to solo earn all 20 achievements in Party Pack 10
Hello and welcome! I've made guides for Party Packs 8 and 9, and I'm back to help you with 10. I would highly recommend using the browser add-on SessionBox, as it makes it really easy to set up multiple players within 1 browser!

The number in parenthesis after each achievement name is the minimum number of players needed to unlock the achievement.
Tee KO 2
It's possible to earn all 4 in 1 game, but it's RNG dependent. Easy to get them all in 2 games.

Life's A Beach (3) - Win the final round with a tank top - In the 3rd phase of making a shirt, you get to select from a classic tee, sweatshirt, and tank top. Pick a tank top for every shirt to guarantee this, or just make sure the tank top wins.

Dragon's Favorite (3) - Win all rounds - Have your shirt win both round 1 and round 2. You do NOT need to win each battle within a round, just the final battle of both rounds. Awards after the final round, but since you have both shirts in the final, you're guaranteed to win the final as well.

Domino (3) - Win two ties during a single game - In a 3 player game, have one player vote for shirt A and another player vote for shirt B. Then wait out the timer without having the third player vote at all. Then the game will randomly pick one of the shirts. If you do this for all 4 battles across rounds 1 and 2, you're guaranteed to have one player win twice. However, since this is RNG, you can't guarantee to get both Domino and Dragon's Favorite in the same game.

I Wasn't Supposed To Be Here (3) - Receive no votes during the final round - When voting in the final round, only vote for one shirt.

Co-Author (3) - Get a vote for an edited word, started by another player - Very easy... have player 2 write a word, then have player 1 add more letters somewhere attached (start, middle, end) of that word... then have player 3 vote for it.

Pump it Up (3) - Boost a vote by selecting a word twice - Also very easy... when voting, double click on any word you can vote for to apply a x2.

Bestseller (4) - Get a vote on one word from all voting players - This has to be done with 4+ players, since with 3, all players on a prompt, and you can't vote for your own word, so you can't get all votes. But with 4+, there is a group writing and a separate group voting. Get every person in the voting group to pick one of your words.

Chatterbox (3) - Play a game in each of the 4 conversation categories - I'm not sure if this has to be done in 1 session with the same players, but it probably does. For safety, that's what I did from the start, and it awarded shortly after selecting the 4th conversation category... did NOT have to fully play through the 4th game to unlock this.
All 4 achievements can easily be earned in 1 game with 2 players.

The Perfect Date (1) - Travel to the exact year - Get any question exactly correct.

The Perfect Guest (1) - Get all 3 questions correct in Time Hopping - At the end of round 1, answers all 3 multiple choice questions correct.

Timejinx (2) - Jinx with another player - Have 2 players answer the exact same year.

Did You Even Read the Book?! (1) - Guess 1984 on three separate prompts - Answer the year "1984" three different times. Not all questions will allow you to input this year; it has to be within the question's range.

Can easily be done in 1 game of Hypnotorious.

Brainiacs (4) - Get your group 100% correct - Identify the 3 that are in 1 group and the Outlier, then group them correctly after prompt 1, then keep them there for the next 2 prompts, and then have all four players vote correctly for the Outlier.

Masterminds (4) - Unanimously find The Outlier - Will be earned at the same time as Brainiacs if you follow the above steps.

Self Aware (4) - Correctly identify yourself as The Outlier - Will be earned at the same time as Brainiacs if you follow the above steps.

Galaxy Brain (4) - Be the only person to correctly identify yourself as The Outlier - If you follow the steps for Brainiacs in round 1, you can earn Galaxy Brain in round 2. Do the exact same thing during the prompts and jars as in Brainiacs... but then when it comes time to vote for The Outlier, have each player vote for themselves. That will guarantee that The Outlier votes for themselves and nobody else does.

Dodo Re Mi
Beginner's Pluck (1) - Survive the Tutorial Song - Don't suck at the 3rd section, which is a little challenging, and survive! Always play the tutorial, it's important!

Paper Bladder (1) - Pause at least twice while playing a Song - This has to be done from the main Jackbox game, not a player window, so it's a bit awkward and will likely cause you to miss some notes. But that's ok. Just pause the game, unpause and resync, then pause and unpause again. Finish the song and it'll award during the scoring segment.

It's About Family (1) - Play all the saxophone Instruments - There are 4 different ones... Papa, Mama, Casual, and Uncle. You'll find Papa and Mama after unlocking a few new songs... I used Bird Bossa and Split the Room, but multiple songs have both. Casual can be found in Dodo Re Mi, which is unlocked by watching the credits. Uncle was the last one I unlocked... I'm not sure what actually unlocked it, but I was playing through every song once when I noticed it (and I had also beaten all parts of 1 song, if that helps)... the song is Pop Goes the Weasel.

Noonlight Sonata (1) - Play Moonlight Sonata between 12:00pm and 12:59pm local time - You can unlock Moonlight Sonata by playing 1 song perfectly. I recommend one of the first songs after the tutorial, using one of the Super Easy instruments. Then wait until the proper time and play through Moonlight Sonata once.

Overall, this took me a bit over an hour, and I had to do the heavy lifting of figuring out which songs have Sax, what all the unlock requirements are, etc. Should take y'all a bit less time :)

Shinnizle Dec 3, 2023 @ 6:59am 
By the way, you can unlock all the songs through the options menu in Dodo Re Mi. Just go to Settings => Gameplay => Unlock Everything.
partyrockerz211 Oct 19, 2023 @ 7:40pm 
You really do put these out fast