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So you are interested in a real story of our ancient history? Sit down, little rus, take a cup of Baikal water and listen.
Let's start from afair
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......on Shrovetide, I was present at a scene in a kindergarten. The teachers explained to the children for a long time that they would now burn a rag effigy, that this was such a cheerful custom of seeing off winter. Explained. Burned. A boy and a girl approached the remains of the effigy. Examined. A boy to a girl: "It seems to me that he was already inanimate when he was burned. Otherwise he would have screamed. They probably killed him beforehand…"

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, people who had never lived in a capitalist society began to go crazy. This was actively promoted by the mess going on in government, wars throughout the post-Soviet space, uncertainty about the future. With the fall of the Communist Party, the system of coordinates defining the worldview of the population also fell, which became an excellent help for various kinds of charlatans and scammers, and on top of everything else, it gave rise to a massive search by people for new meanings, points of ideological support that would explain the lawlessness going on around.

Particularly marginal elements, mainly of nationalist views, turned to theories about the "native faith" (Slavic paganism), which since the 90s has given rise to a whole cult, popularly referred to as "dolboslavie". Dressed up in national costumes, people erected idols of Slavic gods, celebrated pre-Christian holidays and actively renamed themselves, putting the suffix "-slav" (from the word "Slavs", which in turn is formed from the word "slavit'" ("glorify")) at the end of their names.

idk what is going on here

Already in those years, the majority of the population perceived them at best with a grin, since most of the "dolboslavs" were non-aggressive, and often even perceived their hobby as a kind of "historical reconstruction" with some religious bias.

A special mention deserves the Russian TV channel Ren-TV, which actively contributed to the dilution of brains, which 24/7 started programs about rewriting history, deceiving the population, conditioned the antiquity of the Russian people with Sumerian inscriptions similar to Cyrillic and other tall tales. I still remember being surprised as a child that the Inca civilization was destroyed by a nuclear explosion :D

Also russian folk, offended by the results of the Cold War, fell in love with the "russian isekai" - books with stories about people who have fallen into the past, armed with knowledge from the future, changed the course of history, sometimes interfering with the collapse of the USSR, then changing the results of the Second World War, or even protecting the Russian emperor from the Bolsheviks. And if we add a pinch of schizophrenia mixed with rodnoverie (another name of slavic paganism), flat earth theories and other pseudoscientific fiction to this love for time travellers, we immediately get the lore, in which the ancient Rus lived in Hyperborea, helped dinosaurs and resisted the Masons, the Zionists, or even alien invaders.

"The Suvorov's crossing of the Himalayas"
Armed with this knowledge, my dear foreign reader, we are moving on
In 2023, the sarcastic YouTube channel "Professor Bagirov" soared in popularity in Russia, which, with the help of a generated voice (including the famous voices of Russian dubbing actors who voiced Warcraft III), told about the "real history" of ancient Russia, based precisely on the confrontation of ancient Rus with lizards.
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  • Jews in the Trojan Horse
  • Lizard Inquisitors
  • History of the Empire of the ancient Rus
  • The Great Dinosaur War
  • Hunting of lizards on Slavs
  • How the lizards captured ancient Egypt
Professor Alexey Sergeevich Bagirov will tell the truth

Fans of MGE memes (so popular in Russia) began furiously making their own memes adapted to this story. Voiced by the voices of the Russian dubbing from Team Fortress 2 and Warcraft III, the heroes told about the exploits of their ancestors in the war with the lizards, about the desire of the lizards to capture water from Lake Baikal, which gave the Rusichs fierce heroic strength, and the god Perun who gave the Rusichs his blessing at the most crucial moments of the battle. The meme became so viral that even the official War Thunder channel began posting shorts about ancient Russians on Is tanks in the style of MGE, who oppose lizards on Panthers and Tigers (there was even an opportunity to buy a premium T-34-85, which gave a profile avatar and the inscription "Baikal Water", which could be hung, for example, on fuel tank of the tank).
And this was the true beginning of our history.
The ancient country of Hyperborea. The Russians are at war with reptilian lizards who seek to enslave the Slavs and take water from Baikal from them (why - no one knows, apparently, so that the Russians do not get it), but with the blessing of Perun Rusichs defend their lands and repel not only them, but also foreign invaders.

And that's it. The Russian gamedev is still too poor to offer something more. But that's for now.
The ending
The potential of such a universe is truly huge, so personally I will look forward for the updates of lore.

Thank you for reading, Rus. Drink water from Lake Baikal, and pray! Goida, brothers and sisters, goida!

Also I'm sorry for my bad english, mostly I used the google translator to make this guide about the true russian history. Hope you enjoyed it and learned something more about modern russian culture and memes

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Obviously they're right.
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Thanks for your review. If you are really interested in russian shizo-history, I can recommend you a YT video from Andrboll channel. It is in russian, but if you can translate it with AI, it will be a great introduction in lore of slavic shizo- and neo-paganism (and of a game too):
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This is awesome, that was a great read. I hope to see more from this meme, I've learned a lot about russian meme culture. I would love to travel to Russia someday, greetings from Argentina!
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Добавлена русская версия:
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Спасибо брат рус. Ты доказал, что не являешься ящером. Да благословит тебя Перун. Гойда
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Сегодня-завтра выложу на русском и прикреплю ссылку в конце
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В целом, можно и по-нашенски переписать.
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А можно то же самое но на языке Русов?
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этот прицел просто имба