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[GUIDE] All Zepolle Locations
By Birkwin
A quick guide to all Zeppole locations for the "Zeppolicious!" achievement.

Howdy all! First time steam guide writer here, collating all Zepolle (hereby referred to as "Zeps" in this guide) locations in the game for your achievement hunting ease! There are 20 in total, and the guide will walk through all locations in the approximate order that they can be found. Finally, if you're viewing this guide after already having collected some Zeps, you can determine which ones you have collected so far by whether or not they have a bite mark in them, as can be seen below.

Beginning Zones ( Zeps 1-4 )
Starting with the initial areas you would explore within the game, the very first two Zeps can be found on the beach zone at the beginning of the game, very close to the giant ice-cream on the east side of the zone.

Just South-East of the ice-cream, in the shallow waters.

Just North-West of the ice-cream, past the locked gate you can enter part of the river and claim your Zep.

If you choose to unlock the gate immediately North of the ice-cream, you can find an easy to grab Zep right in the bed of a truck.

If you instead choose to unlock the leftmost gate within the beach zone, you can head up north, passing guards until you make it to a giant cheese wheel.

You can reach the collectable by scaling the buildings just west of the Zep.
The Docks ( Zeps 5-7 )
The docks, whilst not needed to explore to collect the crown and finish your run, does contain 3 additional Zeps in it. The docks can be accessed by unlocking the gates West of the beach zone.

Immediately upon accessing the docks (just west of Zep 3), you can find a Zep guarded by two dogs. I recommend using an item to help you collect this one.

Once you unlock the second part of the docks zone (unlocked by heading South once you have a key), head to the most South-West part of this zone and you can find a Zep on the pier.

Zoom over to the South-East corner of the zone, and you can find a small island guarded by two dogs containing your next Zep.

The White Brick Buildings ( Zeps 8-10 )
To finish the game, you are funnelled through a region featuring white brick buildings. It is here where you can find your next 3 Zeps.

As soon as you enter the region, move up the staircase then head immediately West, and you can find your Zep on the roof of a building.

Before unlocking any more gates, move to the North-East corner of the current zone and you'll find this garden with 4 bushes and a Zep, perfect for sneakily nabbing it.

ZEP 10
Whilst you can find the 10th Zep within the second area of the white bricks zone, you first need to unlock the below gate to actually reach it.

Once this has been achieved, you can head North and then West to clamber over the bridge and obtain your prize.

The Red Brick Buildings ( Zeps 11-14 )
To have obtained Zep 10, you would have partially entered the red brick zone in the game. It's one of the most expansive regions and contains 4 Zeps without needing any more keys!

ZEP 11
Starting from Zep 10, cross back across the bridge and head immediately West. You can find the building the Zep is on quite easily, but do note that the set of buildings must be scaled from the West side to reach the collectable.

ZEP 12
Heading immediately North of Zep 11, you can find the 12th one just beside the gate. Climb the building to grab it.

ZEP 13
Head South and then West from Zep 12 until you reach the edge of the map. Here you'll find a balcony with your prize guarded, make sure to bring items!

ZEP 14
Head to the South-West corner of the red brick zone and you will find a staircase acting as a shortcut to earlier regions in the game. Whilst heading down the staircase, you can find the collectable hiding behind a waterfall.

The Graveyard and the Vineyard ( Zeps 15-17 )
The last two explorable areas of the game prior to the final stretch to the mountaintop is the graveyard (West) and the vineyard (East). Start by accessing the vineyard by unlocking the gate where Zep 12 is located. Not only are there two Zeps in the region, but the grapes there are also a great source of points.

ZEP 15
Once you unlock the gate into the vineyard, start immediately running to the West-most side of the zone. Here you'll find a building and a staircase containing your Zep.

ZEP 16
Then, head to the North-most side of the map and keep moving West, hugging the walls where possible, until you reach a house built into the cliffside. You can find your Zep outside the green door.

ZEP 17
For this one, you need to head into the graveyard zone. Once you do, head to the East-most side of the zone and follow it until you find a respawn point, with a Zep right outside of it.

The Final Stretch ( Zeps 18-20 )
The final section of the game requires you to collect an absurd amount of keys whilst avoiding a large amount of guards on your journey to the mountaintop. The beginning of this stretch starts by unlocking the gate just North of Zep 17, and following the linear path.

ZEP 18
The first region in the final stretch is quite barren, with only a single item box, one guard, and some bread. Sneak past the single guard (using items, as the path is quite narrow) to obtain your Zep.

ZEP 19
Upon unlocking the second region of the final stretch, you can find your 19th Zep on a table to the left. Sneak past the guards then grab it.

ZEP 20
The final Zepolle in the game is found in the third region of the final stretch, where again, all you have to do is unlock the region, then zoom over to the left for your reward and achievement!

Again, this is my first time writing a guide for a game, so please, if you have any suggestions or feedback I would love to hear it! Best of luck with your achievement hunting and stay safe out there <3
Birkwin  [author] Dec 31, 2023 @ 10:37pm 
Thank y'all for the kind messages, glad the guide helped <3
missiloon Dec 31, 2023 @ 8:56pm 
Thank you for this guide!
Tokuchi OneOuts Dec 25, 2023 @ 7:17am 
nice guide. favourited
Fletcher Nov 17, 2023 @ 11:28am 
Great guide, easy to follow, found the ones I couldn't figure out if I had missed or not.
sPYfromFranik Oct 22, 2023 @ 2:27pm 
Thank you so much. Found all but number 14 by myself. Your guide helped me a lot!
Birkwin  [author] Oct 2, 2023 @ 9:48pm 
Awesome, glad this helped! :D
Smoaflie Oct 1, 2023 @ 10:56pm 
Thanks! I played 4 hours but can`t find ZEP14:steamhappy: