Escape From Mystwood Mansion

Escape From Mystwood Mansion

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Escape From Mystwood Mansion - 100% Achievements
By Hanni
Guidance for obtaining 100% achievements!

Escape From Mystwood Mansion is a fun escape room game featuring 20 Steam achievements.

This guide contains major spoilers (puzzle solutions) which are not marked.
Let the Escape Begin
Escape the Entrance level.

Out of Office
Escape the Office level.

Cellar Conqueror
Escape the Wine Cellar level.

Botanical Breakout
Escape the Winter Garden level.

Literary Escapee
Escape the Library level.
⋗︎ Challenges
Look Ma, No Hints!
Complete the game without using any hints.

Complete the game without requesting a single hint (opening the hint screen is fine):

⋗︎ Endings
The game features two endings - a normal and a true ending. Both endings can be obtained in one full and one partial playthrough. Simply unlock the true ending, then use chapter select and replay the library. Please refer to the next guide section for more details on the true ending.

Mansion Escape
Escape the Mansion.

Leave the mansion through the main door at the end of the game:

First Day On Your New Job!
Become the overseer.

Find all three secrets (see next guide section) and solve the final puzzle behind the safe door:

Deliver the package.

Find the secret in the Wine Cellar.

Clean up in the Winter Garden level.

These are the secrets required for the true ending. All of them must be unlocked during the same playthrough. Please read this section in its entirety before trying to reach the true ending.

Secret #1: At the very beginning of the game, turn around and pick up the package:

Carry the package through all chapters and deliver it via the dumbwaiter in the library:

Important: Most areas can't be re-entered after leaving them. Therefore, always make sure to pick up the package before proceeding to the next chapter. Note that there's also one achievement for delivering the package without throwing or dropping it.

Secret #2: In the cellar, interact with this painting:

Secret #3: In the winter garden, find the broken saw behind this plant:

Then, after unlocking the tool cabinet, place all tools on their correct locations:

Handled With Care
Deliver the package without dropping or throwing it.

Please refer to the previous guide section for more information.

Wait... Did that say fragile?
Throw the package.

Drop or throw the package to unlock this achievement. Note that this action will void the other achievement. Therefore, it's recommended to do this achievement last, on a new playthrough.
Log-ical Fueling
Add two logs to the fireplace in the office.
Chapter: Office

Find the two logs in the lower drawer behind the suitcase and place them in the fireplace:

No Loose Ends
Solve the wire puzzle in the office without any "loose ends".
Chapter: Office


Cork Recycling
Use the cork from the wine cellar to stop the water flow in the storage room.
Chapter: Wine Cellar

There are two corks in the level. Use the one from the first room on the vase in the second room:

Food Chain Expertise
Turn the food chain statues before opening the door to the greenhouse.
Chapter: Winter Garden

Solve the puzzle with the rotatable statues before opening the door to the greenhouse. Solution:

Flip the blackboard in the greenhouse until it has had enough...
Chapter: Winter Garden

Flip the blackboard in the greenhouse 16 times:

Thinking Outside the Box
Escape library part 1 in an unconventional way.
Chapter: Library

Use the screwdriver to remove the screws from the gate (two on the left, and two on the right):

The Translator
Translate the last password of the library from elvish.
Chapter: Library

Spell FRIEND instead of MELLON at the end of the chapter:

Stim The One Mar 26 @ 12:57am 
@GymBEAM Lord of the Rings Reference. "Speak Friend and Enter"
GymBEAM Mar 2 @ 9:53am 
how did you know to spell 'friend' ? Where is this translation?
gg.nadrewod Sep 27, 2023 @ 2:49pm 
...I was stuck in that wine cellar for so long (with 2 locks left but no puzzles and no key), and I didn't interact with that painting.

BRB, throwing the package in a new game, then doing a second speedrun.