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How to get the "Vroooom" Achievement
By kasjmir
A guide for earning the "Vroooom" achievement in Pool Cleaning Simulator
How to earn the "Vroooom" Achiement in Pool Cleaning Simulator
I've been stuck on this achievement for quite a while and found out how to earn this achievement by joining the Discord server. The owner was kind enough to tell me how to earn it :). This achievement is quite easy lol, it's just kinda hard to figure it out without a guide.
Entering the job
You can get this achievement straight from the start of the game. The RC car is located on the first job "Neighborhood Pool: Part 1".

Enter this job with the required equipment.
Locating the RC car
Once you've entered the job, we will start locating the RC car. The RC car can be found on your right when you've just spawned. The location of the truck is at the back of the house near your equipment truck.

Using the RC car (Earning the achievement)
Once located, start walking towards the RC car. When you're near, start facing your cursor onto the RC car. If done correctly, it should have a yellow glowing outline

While hovering over the truck, press the [E] button on your keyboard to pick it up.

When picked up, press your [Left Mouse Button] to enter the RC car and to trigger the achievement.

It's as easy as that!
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