Power Champions

Power Champions

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Character Empower, Cards and Ascension
By PowerChampions
Cards are extremely important items that empower the champion. They are obtained in treasures found in farming maps (Ancient Stone, Way To the Gods, Dirty Lands, and IronLand). In addition to regular cards, there are Mythic Cards, which are acquired in special treasures in the same farming map locations as regular cards. However, Mythic Cards are dropped when the player selects a Mythic card, goes to the farming map, and defeats the special boss that appears there.

The cards are divided into 3 groups: Damage Cards, Defense Cards, and Speed Cards. Here are some examples:

Damage Cards:

Chance to Summon 4 Daggers around you when you Attack
Chance to throw 4 Swords when Attack
Chance to Summon 4 Axes around you when Attack
Chance to Summon a Hammer when you Attack
Increase Your Damage Points by 100%

Defense Cards:

Chance to Reflect Attacks
Area to Increase your Defense Points by 100%
Chance to Summon a Shield that reduces the damage you take
Steal Enemy Health when dealing damage
A Big Fire Stone will Take part of your Damage and explode after reaching 10% damage after you've been attacked

Speed Cards:

Increase Resources gained, Reduce Dash Cost in Half
Increase Special gained, Increase Time Received from Mini Boss to 5 Seconds
Dash now deals damage
Chance to Reduce Enemy Speed
Chance to Increase your Speed Points by 100%