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Physis Hideout + The Death Secretory Achievement
By sf
Location of Physis Hideout + Location of Enemies to kill
Physis Hideout Location
The location of Physis's Hideout is located 2 maps right of the elevator in Celestial Waterway.
Locating the hideout would unlock the "Knight Clubhouse" Achievement.
Enemies required to kill for "The Death Secretory" Achievement
  • Flame Demon (x10)
  • Axe Knight (x20)
  • Rock Knight (x20)
  • Minotaur Knight (x20)
  • Gladiator (x15)
  • Charge Knight (x15)
  • Granite Knight (x10)
  • Hammer Knight (x10)
  • Torch Knight (x20)
Note: You can check your kill counts via Menu > Enemies
Flame Demon
Circled area in Harbor Entrance, a few maps above the 2 bells.
(Re-enter the map after you defeat it to respawn)
Axe Knight
Rock Knight
Minotaur Knight
Teleport to Celestial Waterway Door
Charge Knight
Teleport to Celestial Waterway door
Granite Knight
Hammer Knight
Teleport to Shifted Sanctuary door
Torch Knight

sf  [author] Apr 28 @ 7:56pm 
Apologies, the image somehow disappeared. I have re-uploaded it, just move in and out of the portal near Celestial Waterway Door to respawn the one gladiator there.
Libra of Ry Apr 28 @ 5:31pm 
I think you accidentally skipped the part for Gladiators?