MareQuest: An Interactive Tail

MareQuest: An Interactive Tail

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(Spoilers) All 3 Endings + Neutral Ending Strategy
By Tetrahedron Dash
In this Guide, I tell you the conditions that need to be met to get one of the three endings of MareQuest: An Interactive Tale. I had lots of help from one of the testers of the game when I was streaming it on Steam to them.

My Guide For All Achievements:
List of Endings
There are three endings to the game,

The Good Ending

The Neutral Ending

The Bad Ending

Ending Conditions
Good Ending: Beat the game with all two of your friends. This is easy as you have to choose the nice options of dialogue. Even if they lose certain points for certain choices that will make the other friend unhappy, this doesn't affect anything much if you always choose the good options, they will still remain happy.

Neutral Ending: By far the hardest ending to get. You need to lose one friend and somehow manage to keep the last friend to the end of the game. This is very hard. Once your first friend leaves you, your other friend will start losing happiness very quickly IF their happiness is low when your first friend leaves.

Bad Ending: The worst ending to the game that still makes me cry whenever one of your friends leave you in the game... You need to be mean to your friends and make sure that you have no friends before the end of the game.
(For Neutral Ending) Ways to prolong your last friend
1. Buy the Mind Control perk which will save you for a bit of time (only available in perks list if you're a Witch instead of a Adventurer)

2. Buy some relationship for the friend to increase their happiness a bit more (best way if their happiness is high)

3. Be nice to them and choose the nice dialogue options
Neutral Ending Guide
I FINALLY got the Neutral Ending! Here's the best way how to get it!

Keep one friend (preferably Pegasus since that's the one I got the Neutral Ending with) at high happiness and the other one very low so you can lower it quickly when ready to make them leave you. Before getting to the flashback part in the game, try to choose the neutral dialogue options that don't raise or lower any of your friend's happiness, and if able to, try to do certain interactions that raise your happy friend's happiness even more without lowering your other friend's happiness any more, such as when you get items to give to a friend.

After you see the flashback of the beach area or temple, start lowering your unhappy friend's happiness until they leave you. If done right, your other friend will still be very happy and will only lower slightly their happiness, giving you enough time if done right.

It is also recommended to have the perk that resets your danger level after beating a Shadow Horsies horde. Try to get encounters with other mares to do nice dialogue options to raise your last friend's happiness more to prolong it even more.
Starlight Glimmer Jan 23 @ 4:13am 
If you pick Adventurer path at the beginning and get the evil perk that lets you steal, you can wait until just before you get to the ending and steal from a few mares to make one of your friends leave, and then quickly finish with the other to get the neutral ending.
Piemaker Sep 18, 2023 @ 9:05pm 
That neutral IS indeed a challenge.
Tetrahedron Dash  [author] Sep 15, 2023 @ 9:07am 
Np x3
Alkari Scientist Sep 15, 2023 @ 9:02am 
Thanks so much for making this! I know I'll need this eventually. XD