Yujiro's Mansion

Yujiro's Mansion

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100% Achievements/Walkthroughs Yujiro's Mansion
By Miyu
"the strongest creature on earth" A genius fighter, he is known to have mastered all styles of unarmed combat. His repertoire apparently includes all of the well-known fighting styles like karate, taekwondo, boxing, judo, ju-jitsu and wrestling, as well as some more esoteric ones such as the secret udondi style, passed onto only the eldest sons of the Ryukyu Kingdom royal family. He has been fighting on the battlefields, using only his bare hands, since the age of sixteen, when he fought against both American and Vietcong forces in the Vietnam War. Since then, it appears that he has obtained respect from the American forces even going so far as having them recognize him as his own national power, with each U.S. president swearing friendship to him. He is sadistic and referred to as a monster, even by Baki, who claims he can not go a day without hurting someone. When Yujiro flexes his back muscles, it appears to take the shape of a demon or ogre's face, increasing his strength and combat abilities. It is said that when he started fighting for pleasure rather than survival, the image of the demon's face appeared on his back. His many physical displays of sheer strength include: stopping an earthquake with a punch to the ground, being struck by lightning with no effect on health, ripping a wooden table into two and then those two pieces together into quarters, cutting a glass table in half only using his finger as if it were a diamond, drinking a whole bottle of high grade Brandy in one gulp with no intoxication. Since his fight with Baki went viral, Yujiro is annoyed to find that he has gained unwanted fans and public attention, and has referenced several young children asking for his autograph since the fight.

i mean you can check out Wiki

is a simple game you can play only like 20-30minute
or if you are speedrun can be like 5-10minute
World's Strongest Creature
go in Mansion and let him Caught you
Unmatched Thief
Collect All Of Yujiro's Items

so here the thing

1st floor has 3 items

2st floor has 7 items

3st floor has 5 item
Find And Drink The Cola

so The Cola is on 3st floor
You can't get it because you don't have 15 items yet

Collect 15 items so you can take it
So close...yet so far...
The Normal Ending
at this ending you Collect All Of Yujiro's Items and Escape The Mansion "with out Drink The Cola"
World's Strongest Son?!
The Secret Ending
at this ending your need to Collect 15 Yujiro's Items and "Remember To Drink The Cola" and Escape The Mansion

[G]Manlove Oct 21, 2023 @ 4:59am 
Thanks for the guide. Newest update changed things. Now there is 4 items on the 1st floor and 6 on 2nd floor
Miyu  [author] Oct 20, 2023 @ 2:30am 
@Flowreen That's really a good idea for players
Flowreen Oct 19, 2023 @ 5:32pm 
For "World's Strongest Son?!" I found really easy to wait for Yujiro to start patrolling floor 3 and him to go UP AND LEFT on stairs while player waits on RIGHT side top of the stairs.
Cause when he goes up the stairs he rotates in a way where he never faces you. A perfect moment to run to entrance without him ever detecting you.