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Beginner Starting Guide
By Bluez
Starting tips for someone with no experience from Online version.
Hi. Thanks for clicking on the guide. This is a fun game, but can be a bit overwhelming on who to focus your resources on early game. I never played the online version, so there may be better advice. This is what I gathered from asking a few pros and looking up things on the interwebs. I grabbed the icon from @submanuts in case you want to know. Snippet my in game account for everything else.
Who should you focus your resources on? Lots of choices early on, I found the game is easy to progress with someone with a shield.

Black Zero gets his shield at 4 stars.
Ferham gets her shield at 2 stars.
Cinnimon gets her shield at 3 stars.

Black Zero was my unit of choice that pretty much carried me through the majority of the game. I like his dash, shield, melee game play compared to the other two. You can probably go for Ferham for a quicker road. Her ability is easy to use. Cinnimon is more defensive based compared to the other two.
Progress Characters

Your shield starter can last you til near mid/end game.

I am a big fan of SuperBass. You will want him no matter what as he moves about the map very quickly, great for rushing. Also really good for race mode. He has a heal for sustain too so you can clear the game with him if you so choose.

A few levels later, Dive Armor X is a strong player that I finished the game with. He has a good charge move and a good heal that can keep you alive if you want to ditch your shield.

Via and Next Dive are the two I clear things with after I beat the game.
Weapons are up to you. I found that melee tends to be stronger in this game. If you going a shield character I suggest you pick a decent sword.

Triangle Saber will last you early game. Demon blade will last you til Nightmare which will carry you to end game.

Gattling gun and Tush are good for early game. When you can Bio Buster or Sniper Buster are good picks to get you through end game.

Miracle is my post game sword along with Ultimate blast.

Batton is a great card when comboed with a green. It provides a heal. Early game I rock a range machine gun. I used Tusk in combo with Triangle Saber. Commander Yammark and Batton is a good combo giving you more damage and a heal for sustain. You can pick any Blue card. I went with black zero since he was my starting choice.

I switched out Commander Yammark when I switched to a Buster weapon. I picked Gareth for some minor defense while maintaining the Batton heal.

By end game I mainly run this tank setup. With a Buster/Sword combo you get a ton of defense and offense. This setup will give you quick and easy clears while keeping you tanky. Notice that one card is 4 star. You can have the same card twice, but the effects only count once at the same star levels. That is why I leave one at 4 star.
Other things
Upgrade your weapons! I was pretty cheap, but be sure to upgrade your weapons to the max.

Upgrade their skills and all their attribute.

You can reset them for some minor resources. You get back everything else except the cards you used to 5 star them. You will get power anyways so it isn't a lose to upgrade cards.

Same goes for armor. When you upgrade your armor it stays with you so upgrade them to whater + level you can.

Be sure to max your skills. I went with subtank/crescent shot for most of the game. Upgrade every skill you can as it increases your power level.

When you are done 5 staring your choices, buy every single card, weapon, and character you can. You don't have to 5 star them, but get them unlocked as it boost your power level from the gallery achievements.

Buy a few continues in case you want the >30% requirement for 3 staring a mission.
Thanks for reading. I hope this was helpful. I was a bit overwhelmed when starting and hope this helps you with some basics.
galladionknight Nov 13, 2023 @ 12:37am 
What do you think of the spreadshot-type machine guns? I've dabbled with Shotgun in global, and it does lots of damage up close!
Raven Sep 8, 2023 @ 12:29pm 
@Kain same as any other card? Just get multiple copies of itself (so you want 6 copies of a card in total to max it) and then power it up by combining them together.
Chaos 混沌 カオス Sep 8, 2023 @ 8:37am 
Thanks. That card combo really helps.
Kain Sep 6, 2023 @ 1:52pm 
Draziell Sep 5, 2023 @ 6:40am 
Awesome!! I found out about the shield by luck because I love Black Zero... But I was totally lost about which cards and weapons to use. Thank you