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Cheesing the +30% HP Clearance Condition
By Necrobern
X DiVE might have kept some Pay2Win mechanics. And now that is Free2Win you can use them for this completion achievement.
What's This About?
Every stage in X DiVE has three complete conditions: Beating the stage, beating it in less of 300 seconds (5 minutes), and beating it with 30% or more HP. While the second condition can be spedrun in most levels, the third one might become tricky if you can't predict certain enemies or against cheesy traps and invisible hazards. But more specifically against bosses.

However, what if I tell you if you grind a bit of currency, you can easily cheese the HP condition no matter how good you are at the game?
Very Simple Steps, Even a Reploid can Do It
1) Go to the shop

All you have to do is get the Reorganization Program, these are 1-UPs you can use right after being defeated. YOU CAN ONLY USE THREE PER RUN, so you can get as many as you like, but three is all you have for a stage.

These are expensive, so don't forget to farm Zenny in the Zenny Missions. They usually take a minute at most, and the higher your level and the difficulty, the more money you'll have. So with a run or two you'll be able to purchase plenty for a while.

2) Go to the Level

Pick any character no matter if is the most broken one, your waifu, or your husbando. Some skills and characters can give heal or shield to also cheese this achievement (e.g. Tron's Gustaff), and depending of your level and upgrades this might become very easy to do anyways in very late game. But nonetheless you can choose your favorite.

I found out about this trick in level 10-5, which might become very nefarious to do this achievement without the 1-UPs. Not only you have to avoid lava and residual damage (Fire and poison), but in the second half you will have to deal with AOE heat waves which are very hard to avoid (Specially depending of your position) and can deal a very lot of damage.

3) You are dead. Not Big Soup Rice

If anything make sure you can die the longer on the level as possible. If you are bad at the game or wanna speedrun and take as much damage as possible, you might end using all your 1-UPs before a boss, a big wave of enemies, or a hazard like this level.

Nonetheless, confirm that you want to use the 1-UP. You will also have a few seconds of invulnerability. So if any big attacks or in this case AOE hazards continues, you can ignore it.

4) Completion Completed

Congrats. Now you don't have to worry that much about having only 29% when you beat the level, spending days and weeks grinding to max out a specific character and/or skills, or having to rerun bosses over and over. If anything, this allows you to get all three stars right away without having to wait until very late game. So keep playing the game and farm some Zenny every now and then, and go full braindead speedrun to beat the most troublesome stages.
razmoudah Mar 17 @ 3:06pm 
Myst Leissa has it right about that Chapter 10 stage. I'm a long-time Mega Man X fan, and I made it through that stage on the first try with a 3-Star result because I already knew about those areas. They are REALLY easy to spot, just look at the background. They are the areas where there aren't any rock on the wall in the background. Make sure you fit inside the area and you'll be fine when the lava wave comes through. For those of us who played the original game learning those locations was vital, as the lava wave was an insta-kill hazard.
Myst Leissa Sep 27, 2023 @ 3:22pm 
Also you can only use 1 "Continue" per challenge stage, not 3, and some event stages you can't even USE continues.
Myst Leissa Sep 27, 2023 @ 3:14pm 
Also Volcano is one of those stages you really need to have played the original MMX4 to understand, there's chasms in the background that SHIELD you from the waves of flame, getting into that one is tricky but there's always backtrack and wait strategy.
Myst Leissa Sep 27, 2023 @ 3:08pm 
I use a maxed out Ciel to Restore HP JUST AFTER landing the final hit on most bosses, strangely enough the reflexes needed to preform this after the boss's HP bar hit 0 are not that hard, there's a significant time gap between the death and the actual loss of input in the stage, and the 30% is only calculated AFTER the stage is finished (e.g. Heal as much as you want, as long as your HP is greater than 30% when the stage clears your golden)
Hiroshi Sep 2, 2023 @ 11:31am 
You could use a 5-star Batton with a non-5-star Batton and a green card on a 5-star character. You gain healing and the Subtank also helps. Weapons with built-in healing like Crimson Sycthe can also mitigate HP loss with hidden skill HP Absorb at 5-star.

50K Zenny a revive is a bit trivial but you better off using someone like Ferham or Black Zero, who have shields built into their skill sets at higher star rankings.