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Create your own translation
By Laurasesina
Where to find each phrase (both from mods and from the original game) to be able to replace it with the one you want. Easy, fast and with images.
First of all, sorry for my English, it isn't my native language.
Any questions?
  • What is this guide about?

    I will show you what you have to edit in the game so you can have custom texts. You will be able to change the description of the food, the name of the statistics, of the activities, what your friends will see on Steam while you play...

  • I don't know anything about programming :(

    You don't need to know programming. You only have to open the documents that I will tell you in the guide, see the line of text that I indicate and change the text that you want.

    To understand the guide:
    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 216
    [Document you must open] ▶️ [The line you should edit]
    Where it says "Feed" put "Shop" or "Store". You would see this example like this:

  • What folder is it in?

    You can access the document in two ways:
    - In "This PC" go to Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > VPet.
    - In Steam, right click on the VPet game > Manage > View local files. The VPet folder will have been opened.

    Once here, follow this path > mod > 0000_core > lang > en to edit the base game texts, or read below if you already have a mod that translates to your language (but want to edit/customize it).

  • What program do I open the document with?

    Open the documents in the program Notepad++, Brackets or in Notepad that you will have by default on your computer. In all those programs you can see the line number of each sentence on the left side of the window or at the bottom. The line number is what I will use throughout the guide to mark the Lolis phrases for you.

  • There is already a mod with my language but I want to edit it, how do I do it?

    Go to "This PC" go to Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > workshop > content > 1920960 > (your language mod folder) > lang > (code of your language). In this folder you will have all the files that I mention in this guide, the lines that you must edit are the same.

  • I have mods that add jobs, games or meals and their name appears in Chinese, how can I edit it?

    To edit the texts of the workshop articles, access the Disco local (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > workshop > content > 1920960 > (mod folder) > pet > vup.lps

    For example, the 白い約束[Linger]'s mod 原版动画扩展-原神启动! it is among the most popular. This mod adds the action of lying on a bean bag while looking at the phone, but it is named in Chinese. Once subscribed to the mod, access its folder on the Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > workshop > content > 1920960 > 3023184003 > pet > vup.lps. Once there, edit in the second line after where it says "Name#" put what you want the action to be called. For example "Name#Chat", so in Steam "Lolis Chat Happy" will appear.

  • I want to change a single word in the whole game

    You can, for example, replace Lolis calling you "master" with "sensei", your name or whatever you want. I'll use this example to tell you how to do it (with the docs already open):

    In Notepad, click Edit > Replace... In Search type "master" and in Replace with type "sensei". Also, turn on Auto Fit and tap Replace All. You will need to do this on each document.

    In Notepad++, press Find > Replace... In Search type "master" and in Replace with type "sensei". Press Replace All or Replace on all open files (previously have all VPet documents open).

    In Brakets, click Search > Replace or Replace in Files, and fill in the bar that will have appeared at the top of the document.

  • Tips

    The lines should look like this 缩放等级#Zoom level:|
    Be careful to not erase these symbols # : |

    Always remember to save any changes you make to documents before closing them.

    The changes will not take effect until you restart the VPet game.

    Put \r if you want to put a line break in some sentence.

    To edit the mods documents you must first subscribe to them.

    I recommend saving all the documents and images you edit in a separate folder, since the game creator and the mod creators constantly update it and this way you won't lose anything.

    The creator has removed and added lines from the Base2306.lps document.
    He has removed lines from the Prog2308.lps and Prog2307.lps documents.
    He has removed the CGPT2308.lps and CGPT2309.lps documents.
    He has added the Base2309.lps document.
    This guide is now updated with these changes. October 2023.
Menu bar 🌏 菜单栏
  • Panel 🌏 面板

    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 210 to Line 217
    Panel of the pet's parameters, such as hunger, experience...

  • Interact 🌏 互动

    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 70
    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 218 to Line 222
    On line 219 there is "Learn", if you edit it it will change both in the Interactions submenu and in the Learn submenu itself.

    Prog2308.lps ▶️ Line 3 to Line 5
    Prog2308.lps ▶️ Line 17
    Prog2308.lps ▶️ Line 21

  • DIY 🌏 自定

    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 108
Feed 🌏 投喂
  • Menu

    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 216

  • Submenu

    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 235 to Line 236
    Gift2308.lps ▶️ Line 28

  • Product Category

    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 187 to Line 195
    Line 187 is the name of the store, you can call it whatever you want.

  • Sort by

    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 196 to Line 205
    Prog2308.lps ▶️ Line 16

  • Food parameters

    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 210 to Line 215

  • Window, products and their description

    Prog2308.lps ▶️ Line 18 to Line 20
    Base2309.lps ▶️ Line 29 to Line 33
    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 294 to Line 449

  • Gift system

    The creator has added this entire document for everything related to gifts. Line 28 is the one that defines the name of this section in the Feed submenu.
System 🌏 系统
Exit, Console, Feedback, Settings

Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 231 to Line 234

Console 🌏 开发控制台

Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 248 to Line 269

Feedback 🌏 导出未翻译文档

Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 270 to Line 288

Settings 🌏 设置

  • Graphics

    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 16 to Line 45
    Base2309.lps ▶️ Line 34 to Line 35

  • System

    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 46 to Line 69
    Base2309.lps ▶️ Line 1 to Line 5
    Prog2308.lps ▶️ Line 14 to Line 15
    Base2308.lps ▶️ Line 1 to Line 9
    Prog2308.lps ▶️ Line 32 to Line 35

  • Interact

    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 70 to Line 107
    Base2309.lps ▶️ Line 6 to Line 13
    Base2309.lps ▶️ Line 15 to Line 17
    Base2308.lps ▶️ Line 19 to Line 25

  • DIY

    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 108 to Line 115

  • Diagnostic

    Prog2308.lps ▶️ Line 23 to Line 26
    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 116 to Line 131

  • MOD Management

    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 132 to Line 145
    Base2309.lps ▶️ Line 14
    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 180 to Line 186

    If you want the mod names to appear in your language (not in Chinese) go to your Steam folder > steamapps > workshop > content > 1920960 > (mod folder). When you open the folder there will be:
    A. A .png image that will be the icon of the mod.
    B. An info.lps text where you can edit the name and description that will appear here, in MOD Management (if you do this, you will have to restart the game, enable the mod and restart it again). On the first line > vupmod#(mod name):| and in the second line > intro#(mod description):|
    C. A folder that, depending on what the mod does, will be called one way or another. If it add tasks, it will be called pet, in it there will be a folder called vup where the mod images will be and a vup.lps text where you can edit the name of the interaction that will appear in the tasks submenu. In the second line > work:|Type#Work:|Name#(name):|
    On the other hand, if the mod adds food or gifts, the folder will be called food and in it there will be a gift.lps text, where you can edit the name and description of each one.

  • About

    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 146 to Line 168
    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 179

More phrases
  • Random dialogues

    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 2 to Line 12
    They are quite useless phrases like, for example, "You know? With right click you can open the menu." You can write whatever you want and Lolis will eventually say it.

  • Triggered dialogues

    Text2307.lps ▶️ Line 1 to Line 24
    Lolis will say these phrases when she is hungry.

    Text2307.lps ▶️ Line 25 to Line 46
    Lolis will say these phrases when she is thirsty.

    The entire document is made up of phrases that it will say if you touch it when it studies, does one of the jobs or broadcasts live. There are 146 different phrases to customize.

    They are dialogues between you and Lolis that you can start with her by starting the VPet chat. In these lines you can customize both your questions and their answers.

  • Charging screen

    Base2308.lps ▶️ Line 10 to Line 12
    When loading VPet, these phrases will appear in a blue box, but it will go from one to another very quickly. The ones you have time to read are lines 11 and 12.

  • System information

    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 206 to Line 209
    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 223 to Line 225
    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 232 to Line 257
    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 298 to Line 302
    Base2308.lps ▶️ Line 30 to Line 37

    They are phrases that will inform you of Lolis' status (for example that she is sick or does not have enough level for x activity), phrases about failures in opening mods, etc.
    In line 299 and 300 I recommend adding a colon and a space ": " so that it can be read better as in the second image.

Base2309.lps ▶️ Line 18 to Line 28
Of these lines, the one you will see the most will be line 20. It is a dialogue from your pet that will appear every time she finishes a task, informing you how much exp it has earned for how long.

  • More information about the system

    This entire document is system messages. I am going to point out some relevant lines here:

    Prog2307.lps ▶️ Line 1 to Line 7
    Touching her head reports that she loses energy and gains mood, reports when she has finished an activity about how much experience or money she has earned and how long it took him, the description of the task while doing it (remaining time, accumulated money...), etc.

    Prog2307.lps ▶️ Line 27 to Line 29
    Some phrases about starting and configuring the VPet chat.

    Prog2307.lps ▶️ Line 58 to Line 59
    Checks whether to exit the game or whether to restart it.

  • Info for Steam

    Base2308.lps ▶️ Line 26 to Line 29
    When you play VPet, your profile will show the status:
    [name of your pet]
    + [activity it is doing]
    + [mood]
    In these lines you can edit the mood.

Edit images and more
  • Food

    Enter in "My PC" > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > VPet > mod > 0000_core > image > food.
    There you have all the food images in .png format, so you can edit them in Adobe Photoshop and customize them. Remember to save them in .png format.

  • Lolis

    Enter in "My PC" > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > VPet > cache.
    There you have all the images of each action that Lolis does in .png format.
    You can use them to change the color of her hair, her eyes, or even add elements (but be patient because there are more than 300 files in which Lolis is repeated up to twenty-some times).

    In case it helps you, I have used it to clear an error from the action of playing video games (it has an orange stripe in the upper left corner that should not be there) in the images 500_2706105073273982419_8.png, 500_3191017398895222380_15.png, 500_3861852189110773805_8.png, 500_5968274225653914180_8.png, 500_7386235638289352396_15.png, 500_8239142015298320943_15.png.

  • Configuration window

    You can change the width by editing the numerical value of this line:

    Base2306.lps ▶️ Line 462
    If you increase the number, the width of the window will increase and vice versa.

I have not found the following phrases in the documents, so they will remain in Chinese:

In the shop

In the food parameters this will sometimes appear:
恢复 which means "Recover / Recovery".

It will only appear if you have made Lolis eat that food very regularly.

In the system menu:

In the Feedback example:
详细描述 which means "A detailed description".

I hope you liked and found this guide useful. Any questions you have and if you see any errors throughout the guide, please let me know through the comments! Also, sorry for my English, it isn't my native language.

Here is the link to this same guide in Spanish:


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