Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew

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Isle of Penance - Badges
By Voit Peak
Logbook → Islands

!!! Contains Spoilers !!!

This guide describes how to obtain most (more under Info) badges for Isle of Penance.

Please comment if something isn't understandable or if anything is missing
Some badges are so straight forward that they're not specified in this guide:

  • Back To the Marley (Use all Tears)
  • Choose your landing (Use all landing spots)
  • First Step (Finish the mission)
  • Just Leave Them Be (Don't attack the Kindred)
  • I Don't Go Up There (Don't set foot in or on any of the towers)

Island Badges
Chain Reaction
Kill a Custodes with an environment kill so his death turns 4 guards catatonic

For this, I recommend taking 1 or 2 crewmates that can easily lure guards away (It is possible with Gaëlle alone, since her Firecracker skill has a fast enough cooldown to use again while the guards are still on the lured location) and one random teammate that will send of the crate that kills the Custodes.

While the Commisarius is already in the Castodes' radius and one of the Acolytes is patroling inside it at times, you have to lure the 2 Acolytes that are standing right at the doors.

Swift Penance
Kill all guards within 8 minutes

This one isn't quite as hard as the 3-minute one on New Krucbury. But for now this will be a flaw in this guide. I tried to come up with a strategy, I just tried it and actually achieved it on the first try (with something like 7:56). So until I come up with a definite guide for this, I recommend either taking some time and trying or looking up a walkthrough on youtube, normally these games have some great speedrunners that show how to do stuff like this.

Nobody Leaves
Kill the guard on the Inquisition ship

Fire In the Hole
Throw Gaëlle's Firecracker down the soul urn shaft

Piling On
Throw a guard down the body chute

This one seems bugged, but it still works. What you have to do is, take the body, walk down the chute as far as possible (entry is inside the walls, right behind the little house) and then throw the body down on the ground.

Bone and Fingers
Our Own Way Up
Nobody Likes Doors
Don't use any ladders or ivies and Don't use any doors/gates

I put these together, because they can easily be done together, with the combination of Gaëlle and Quentin. Instead of climbing, shoot your mates and then fish Gaëlle with Quentin's Treasure Rod. Instead of going through a door, shoot your mates over the walls and repeat with Quentin. It takes only a little of practice to master this strategy, but it's extremely helpful, especially for those kind of badges.

Peaceful Beach
Do not attack any guard outside of the main fort

This should be quite easy and understandable. You are only allowed to kill guards inside the forts walls. If you choose the Gloomy Beach landing spot, you actually only have to distract a single guard to get into the Fort. Be careful when you're about to finish the mission. You can attack the Custodes, but still not anyone else.

Crusader Nov 1, 2023 @ 11:59am 
"Swift Penance" can be completed through the bug with saving and loading.
Voit Peak  [author] Sep 10, 2023 @ 4:08am 
@BOREWICZ It should be if they haven't patched it out.
BOREWICZ Sep 10, 2023 @ 1:27am 
Kill all guards within 8 minutes - does the trick with saving and loading works on this badge?