Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew

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Twins of Nerechtemeresch - Badges
By Voit Peak
Logbook → Islands

!!! Contains Spoilers !!!

This guide describes how to obtain most (more under Info) badges for the Twins of Nerechtemeresch.

Please comment if something isn't understandable or if anything is missing
Some badges are so straight forward that they're not specified in this guide:

  • Back To the Marley (Use all Tears)
  • Choose your landing (Use all landing spots)
  • First Step (Finish the mission)
  • The Bridge Must Hold (Don't attack the Kindred)
  • Not That Kind Of Magic (Do not enter the cave)
  • Lights Out (Kill all guards that carry lanterns. Only have John in your team)

Island Badges
Deadly Ascent
Kill all guards on the island in ascending order.
Guards on the same height level have to be killed before ascending to a higher level

The community isn't quite sure if this is bugged or just really complicated. Some of us tried this a lot and didn't get it, but one smart person figured it out which enabled us to finally get this badge. These are the rules you have to follow:

  • We recommend doing this on the mission Prepare for Trouble
  • Do not ascend to a higher level unless you have killed every guard on your current level
  • Do not make any guard catatonic by killing the Custodes near them. Kill them first and kill the Custodes last.
  • Ascend with every character and only then start killing again.
  • After you killed every guard on one height level, do not descent back again
  • The last guard killed has to be the one on the rooftop of the small shed on top of the island "mountains"

If you meticulously follow those, you should get the badge. I will update this if needed.

Update: This badge has been reworked in the last patch, but I can't tell yet what exactly was changed. Here's what the Patch Notes say:

Deadly Ascent: Adjusted evaluation algorithm and added a badge failed notification. Badge is granted on mission completion if successful.
NOTE: Due to technical limitations, this badge can only be completed in the mission “Prepare For Trouble”

Just Fun and Games
Finish a mission without attack anyone

I recommend doing this in the mission John's Revenge (Ch. 1), since in Prepare for Trouble you have to kill guards and put them in the magic bushes. There are environmental kills that trigger automatically, but you can't get the guards from under a falling rock, so you would have to lure a third guard to the cargo without triggering it which is an annoying thing to do.

Just take crewmates with you that can easily remove guards from their position like Gaëlle or Suleidy and you're good to go.

Kill each Kindred while they are on the half of the island their partner is normally posted on

This basically means, each Kindred has to die on the other Island that they stand on per default. You can either be sneaky and lure them there or you just knock them out (without tying them up), carry them to the other islet and then kill them.

That Silend Secret
Find the message in a bottle

Salt-Soaked Caverns
Find the ominous door

Prepare For Trouble
No Favourites
Hide at least one body in both the red and the blue bush

Well, kill one guard on each Islet and put each of them in the respective bush. To make it easier, take at least one crewmate with you that can swim.

It Was Enough 10 Bodies Ago
Hide 20 guards in the magic bushes

Even when the objective is cleared after you put a couple of bodies in the bushes, you can just continue. Just remember to not put them in other bushes!

For All the World To See
Finish mission without touching any hiding spots

Hiding spots always basically only means bushes. You can still go inside the cave, into the water or use John's Anchor Down/Pull Below

John's Revenge (Ch. 1)
Enough Of the Below
Don't use the Anchor Down skill more than 4 times.
Only have John in your team

  1. Greg
  2. George
  3. Remedy
  4. Remedy (way back)

Minimalist Approach
Don't use any distractions

This only counts for skills. Things like tracks in sand or bodies on lying on the ground can still be used to distract guards.

Don't extinguish any lights

Remember to either not kill guards carrying lights, or, if killed, do not walk over them because you might accidentally extinguish their lamp

Land Route
Finish the mission without swimming

This is quite easy. Touching water is fine, instead of swimming to the other islet, just take the cave.

Philadelphus Dec 29, 2023 @ 1:04pm 
For Just Fun and Games, you can actually accomplish it on Prepare For Trouble (I just did it with Suleidy solo). Simply knock the guards out, tie them up, and put them in the bushes as required (tying up both Kindred simultaneously put them out of commission). Sure, their bodies disappear, but the game doesn't register it as killing.
AQ♠ Dec 24, 2023 @ 9:10am 
This is an amazing game but Deadly Ascent may just be one of the worst achievements I've ever experienced. I just wasted so much time despite doing absolutely everything correctly and not getting a fail message. This is simply not fun.
Andrewick Nov 26, 2023 @ 4:03am 
OK, I think I found the missing puzzle piece, in case anyone else is still struggling.
* There are 3 guys killed environmentally by the Twins. One gets a rock dropped on his head, 1 or 2 get smashed by wooden boxes. These do not count as player kill so you have to kill them from distance (because getting too close triggers the environmental kill). Use Virgilio-Theresa or just Theresa or any other preferred character with a pistol shot (pistol shots require getting close, but with shadow mode or good micro you should be able to shoot these guys before the rock/boxes count as kill.
Andrewick Nov 26, 2023 @ 2:36am 
I am beyond pissed right now. I tried the Deadly Ascent like 5 times, every single time the badge doesn't "fai", it just doesn't register as successful. Here I thought the speedrun challenges will stump me, but I'm starting to think the Deadly Ascent will be the last one and I'll never get it. Is there like a fail-proof YouTube tutorial for this POS?
Crusader Nov 9, 2023 @ 7:35am 
Got it on my 3rd attempt on "Prepare for Trouble". There were a few changes I made with respect to my first two attempts:
* I decided NOT to raise the alarm (so I didn't get reinforcements swarming the map, let alone kill them);
* I did NOT use Peruse Mind on any guard;
* I killed the guards surrounding the two Custodes first, before killing the Custodes themselves (in particular, I avoided getting any guards catatonic);
* I did NOT complete any mission objective before killing all enemies on the map first;

I have no idea which of these made the difference, but keep it in mind if you're struggling to get this one.
Crusader Nov 7, 2023 @ 8:22am 
I did learn a bit more about the way the mechanic works:
* Guards get their elevation hard coded at the very start of the mission. Luring them to a lower elevation and killing them there doesn't work, the game still counts them as being killed on their starting elevation;
* The game keeps track of the highest elevation you've killed a guard at - I refer to this as your "registered elevation";
* Whenever you kill a guard, it will compare that guard's elevation against that registered elevation:
*** if the guard's elevation is LOWER than your registered elevation, you get a "failed" message on the badge;
*** if the guard's elevation is EQUAL to your registered elevation, nothing happens;
*** if the guard's elevation is HIGHER than you registered elevation, or when making the very first kill, your registered elevation is updated to the guard's elevation value for all future kills;
Crusader Nov 7, 2023 @ 8:22am 
"Deadly Ascent" still doesn't work in the "John's Revenge (Ch. 1)" mission. Although you properly get failure messages when you kill guards out of order, you still don't get the badge at the end if you do it the way it should.

Note that you do NOT get a failure message when you kill a guard at higher elevation, while there are still lower elevation guards alive. As such, you might only get a failure message much later when you kill such a lower elevation guard. Keep this in mind! Carefully observe the map and meticulously scan each elevation for enemies before moving up to the next elevation.
Dagroth Nov 4, 2023 @ 8:37pm 
"Deadly Ascent" is a bit easier to get now (than described):
You can descend to lower levels - I attempted it together with doing the solo mission with only Suleidy, so it forced me to descend to swim between islands, and it worked.
For the final part (the guard on top of the shed, who has to be killed last, and the Kindred that he watches over):
1) I placed a bush just behind the Kindred on the part with the shed, and hid in it.
2) Used Wander Dust on the roof guard to get him to walk away to the other end of the shed.
3) Immediately (using Shadow Mode) stabbed the Kindred, then also using Shadow Mode, ran to shoot the other one as soon as I could.

The roof guard raised an alarm, but there was no one other than him left at that point.
When he gave up and was returning to the shed's roof, I had Suleidy run across the bridge (since he was looking the other way), and kill him (on that roof, not before, just in case).
Dagroth Nov 3, 2023 @ 1:12pm 
Also, Land Route and Not That Kind Of Magic can be done in the same run if you have Gaelle to shoot people across and maybe Quentin to pull her in (I got it with just Gaelle, operating with two crew on the other side).
Dagroth Nov 3, 2023 @ 1:09pm 
Shooting a crew member out of Gaelle's Kanol works for Salt-Soaked Caverns, too. (and Gaelle can get them back the same way)