To The Core

To The Core

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100% Achievements
By Racer911-1
My Honest Opinion
This guide is completely useless as every single achievement doesn't need an explanation on how to obtain them. Only what the fastest method to obtaining them is. The best I can do here is give my own thoughts on how to approach certain achievements that are a massive grind. The rest is just me learning on how to make more useless guides that look half-decent while trying to stroke my ego.
Good at following Directions

The tutorial here is adjusting your settings that the game prompts on you right at the beginning. Unfortunately there is no setting for the bloom that the game overdoses on.

Vision 1/2/3/4/5 unlocked

Located at the center of your shop, this and the subsequent vision upgrades allow you to visit more planets with different ressources. You will naturally buy these upgrades as you progress through the game

Get 1 x-illion coins

Similar to the Vision upgrades, you will get these achievements as naturally as it comes. In order to finish the game you need way more than a quadrillion coins

1/10/50/500 cores

In this context, prestiging is targeted towards the planet. By destroying the core of any leveled planet you prestige once. It does not count up on a planet whose core you've already destroyed.

Break X blocks

The most grindy part of the game. As the title says it in the shortest way possible, all you have to do is break the blocks. There are a few special occasions in the game that spawn in asteroids and creatures indefinetly, however I don't recommend that method as it is far slower than to restart.

The end

Destroy the core of Black hole. It will appear after destroying the core of the sun and the following supernova. As the blocks are spinning around the core ontop of being dense, making a straight path to the core won't be possible
For the Grindy achievements
Overall all achievements can be easily obtained before you even complete the game. However there are two achievements in particular that require some grinding. One extraordinarily more than the other.

500 cores
This achievement is relatively fast to get. Equip the Infinity Box (You will need the damage) and select the Moon as it is the smallest aswell as heaving one of the weakest blocks. Doing each presige takes hardly five seconds. If you don't have the achievement and the planet starts becoming too tough, then you should quickly change your planet Endura or Home.

Break 10M blocks
You might want to use an autoclicker as it can take multiple hours to get this achievement.
Select Mortem as it is the biggest planet (number-wise) with the weakest blocks. The tier of the planet doesn't matter as the amount of blocks don't change.
In the settings you can rebind your restart key if your autoclicker only provides a limited amount of hotkeys.
As for the Autoclicker itself, having it set to 15 seconds was the most efficient method. However you might want to adjust it a little if the game slows down at every cycle.
Fex Sep 1, 2023 @ 11:45pm 
I used my Logitech G Hub, because I have a Logitech mouse, but there should be generalized software for it
Racer911-1  [author] Sep 1, 2023 @ 7:13am 
Neat to hear it being able to go faster. Although I don't know how to set up macros so I would have to learn a bit about that first.
Fex Aug 31, 2023 @ 11:53am 
Using a Macro that holds down d, presses right click enough to deploy all lasers and clicks r after about a combined 3-4 seconds got me the 10M blocks achievement within less than 45 mins, not multiple hours