Thriving City: Song

Thriving City: Song

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Efficient layout
By [BLK] Telu
A series of layout with a steady efficient production
I try to find efficient layouts to produce items. If you have good layouts, feel free to share, i will add them.

For now, i manage to find something only for producing wood and coal more efficient since it's pretty chaotic if you let the lumber cabin alone in the woods and the coal mine. There is not so much thing to improve in this game. The rest of the industry is pretty automatic since there is mill and jerky shop to be buffer between the harvest and the deliveries.
Lumber layout
Lumberjack behavior :

- They drop wood in the closest storage (lumber cabin or warehouse)
- When they drop their wood, they go back into the cabin before going to plant or cut trees.
- They always come back to the lumber cabin after planting a tree.
- When a lumberjack cut a tree, the game roll a dice (1 to 4) to give the number of woods harvested.
- A worker who pass through a building is slowing down.

Actual bugs :

- Sometimes, lumberjack plant a tree on a tile where there is already a tree. The tile is reset with a new tree.
- Sometimes a lumberjack get stuck without moving. The only way to fix it is to close/open the lumber cabin. (Or remove workers from the pool)

About coal mine : Coal mine are more efficient near a lumber cabin. In basic stats, a lumber cabin can provide two coal mine. (If output > 100+ woods) And you get a bunch of extra woods for building stuff.

You can provide three coal mine in theory, but don't forget than other buildings need wood (Funeral home, ...). The best is with two coal mine, so you can provide wood to other buildings.

Steady production of woods with output of 105 to 125 woods.
- Wood consumption with two coal mine = 60 - 70
- Wood consumption with three coal mine = 90 - 95
- Coal output with two coal mine = 120 - 125
- Coal output with three coal mine = 180 - 190

Of course, with research unlocked, the wood output and the coal output will be higher, with more jobs. So, in that case, you can add more coal mine and make the area wider.

Note :

- The roads can be replace by industrial building or farmlands/plot.
- The tiles chosen are fertile lands. (Didn't try on lower fertility)
- Irrigation and water well doesn't seem to have an impact of trees.
- Without the 4 warehouses on the edge, the production is less efficient due to travel time.
- A lumber cabin is more efficient if there is coal mine around it. Best score in terms of production wood output are with three coal mine.
- The warehouses on the top need to supply the warehouses near the coal mine, else the wood will stack up and never be used. (The wood always need to be store near the coal mine anyway)
- Didn't test with a single warehouse worker per warehouse.

Don't look at the well, it's just here to avoid fire during testing.