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Basic Tips to Make Life Easier.
By Dracula420
I have been playing for a few days now and thought i would make a list of basic, non-spoiler tips to help people have an easier time playing the game and hopefully more fun. This list of tips will be updated semi regularly so be sure to favorite it for future reference. And if you have any non-spoiler tips that can give people some help post them in the comments section and i will add them.

Second section is tips that spoil things. They are blacked out for a reason.

have fun! 07
Non-Spoiler Tips
1. You can pick up barrels and crates into your inventory and put them down again later. This includes chests you cant unlock yet, explosive barrels and a few crates to stack up and use for high ground or to barricade doorways and control how many enemies you have to fight at once. You can also move stuff like this by simply clicking and dragging but if its red the people or creatures nearby may get mad. There are a lot of things hidden behind stacks of crates.

2. Speak with animals lasts until your next long rest, as does speak with dead. Some spells (like produce flame) will add a little extra button bar on the far right you can use to recast without use another spell slot. Use them! They are basically required if you want to learn all you can before encounters.

3. Stealth is always an option. Send a stealthy character on their own to scout ahead. Also the silence spell stops the sound of you killing somebody from traveling and will stop enemies from calling for help. combine this with minor illusion or the cat familiar and you can pick enemies off one by one. Be wary of line of sight or cut it off with a darkness spell or stacks of crates and barrels.

4. Send everything you can pick up but dont need to your camp. You can hold down shift or control to select multiple items at once in your inventory. Also make sure to empty your camp supplies at camp once in a while so the weight doesn't build up. You dont need them in your characters inventory to use them despite what the game says. And have your highest charisma character sell the stuff. You will get more gold for it. EDIT: If you are using pouches and backpacks to keep your stuff organized you can fill one with stuff you want to sell and sell the whole container at once then buy the container back for a couple gold. Thanks for the tip Manus Terra!

5. You can change you prepared spells around after a long rest but before you leave camp. Plan ahead for your next encounters! EDIT: you can change spells whenever you are not in combat! thanks for the heads up somebodybond!

6. Your wizard can learn spells from scrolls. Try not to use scrolls until after at least one wizard (like Gale) has learned the spell.

7. Don't be afraid to try to push things off high places! Thunderwave is great for this but high strength characters can use the push command much more effectively, or you can just right click and throw to yeet things where ever you want. Yeet Queen Karlach is great for this.

8. Jumping uses less of your movement then moving does. You can use it to get a little more distance at the cost of your bonus action. Sometimes its worth it.

9. Don't be afraid to try and talk your way into places even if you plan to wipe them out later. Worst case scenario you get to scout things before battle starts. Best case scenario you can create a number of opportunities to reduce numbers and make future fights much easier.

10. You can use the throw command to toss potions at your downed party members to heal them. As a bonus this gives the potion a very small area of effect. EDIT: I saw in a video of similar tips that you can put the potion on the ground and hit it to increase the size of the area of effect.

11. You can dual wield Salami. Yes you read that right. Do with that what you will. XD

12. Dip your weapon in anything you can! Extra effects are great. A common one I see in videos is carrying a candle around to put down and dip your weapon for some fire damage but this also works with the acid left by spells and probably other things as well.

13. You can use Disguise Self and turn yourself into a gnome to fit into small places. Gaseous Form and Enlarge/Reduce also work but Disguise Self can, with the right set up, be ritually cast so as not to use up a spell slot.

14. Disguise Self can also be used to question the dead if the corpse does not wan't to speak to you because you killed it. thanks Rumci3.
Spoiler Tips
This ares is for spoiler tips that will add as I play the game and read them in the comments section.

if you want the devils flaming sword but don't want to fight him every time you start a new character, you can switch one of Shadowhearts spells out for Command. If you get lucky (or save scum, I wont judge) you can make him drop it, then just grab it and run.

Also you can pick up those explosive purple tanks and save them for later. Things that go boom are always fun.

Goblin Camp and Fort
you can poison the goblins ale but you have to be sneaky about it. also if you want to take out a lot of them at once you can draw them in as a bard or with minor illusion of the cat familiar. there are several areas in and out of the fort where you can reduce numbers with a sneaky character. having Karlach or Lae'zel push or throw goblins into the spider pit works very well. the Silence spell works wonders here as does putting out the torches and other light sources.

Goblin Bosses
the goblin priestess can be killed easily and without alerting anybody if you use silence to keep her from calling for help and kill her before she can run.

the drow woman can be killed the same way. silence and good timing.

Dror the hobgoblin seems to be the hardest boss as he alerts everybody in the fortress to converge on you and has a permanent set of admirers. You can Thunderwave him into the spider pit or do what I did and blow him up after reducing the number of goblins and placing explosive barrels around him.

Shadowed Battlefield
This place is cursed with shadows that will kill you pretty quickly. If you don't want your characters giving up a weapon or shield hand to carry torches you can have Shadowheart use the Daylight spell on herself. It wont protect you from all the areas but it works wonders at letting you explore the area somewhat more freely.

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Rumci3 Sep 2, 2023 @ 11:01am 
13. Sometimes you can speak with dead body of a person you killed a second ago using necromancy. But this ghost don't want to speak with the killer so you can use Disguise Self, to change appearance and then speak with the body without being rejected
Ignatius Aug 22, 2023 @ 12:41am 
13. Dont fall in love.
DrFeltcher Aug 20, 2023 @ 6:34pm 
No need to keep ANY camp supplies with you at most times. I send every single camp supplies to the camp. If they are all in storage and you try to long rest you will get a message that says you don't have enough supplies to long rest, but that doesn't matter at all once you are in camp. Just rest like normal and you can still select the supplies from your camp chest. But if you are in an area where you can't go to camp just keep 1 camp supply pack with you.

There is really no need to keep camp supplies on you, only in a couple places in game really. I have only used a long rest with supplies that I carry on my person once my whole playthrough.
Dirkradix Aug 20, 2023 @ 12:12pm 
You can add the tip of Throwing healing potions, the AOE can heal 3 people at most.
GemCityDad Aug 20, 2023 @ 3:18am 
You can get drunk off consuming alcoholic beverages. I am assuming few know about this as no one has got the kill 20 while drunk achievement. Alcoholic beverages when picked up go into the camping supplies. There are pros and cons of being drunk.
fallenj Aug 20, 2023 @ 2:10am 
Fill a bag with potions and scrolls and drag it to your action bar. It'll save room on your action bar and a quick pop up for you bag when you click it.
aurajitsu Aug 19, 2023 @ 7:29pm 
just a quick thing, about passing potions to your party members, instead of throwing you can open your inventory (the I key) and right click to send to a member. It may not show in your action bar but you can always open your inventory like thus during battle. Its also better than missing a throw .
Bytor144 Aug 19, 2023 @ 2:28pm 
I like focusing in on my targets to see them get hit. Is there any way to keep the camera from bouncing around in combat?
The Custodians of The Cosmos Aug 18, 2023 @ 8:28am 
A level 10 Cleric obtains the "Divine Intervention" ability. This ability lets you choose from 4 options, one of them being a legendary mace that does a fair amount of damage, I would HIGHLY advise you obtain a hireling Cleric once you reach level 10 to obtain the mace without using the Divine Intervention on your main cleric. In fact, respec EVERYONE who isn't a cleric for more maces (if you wanted and have the gold to cover the costs). When you use the ability, you'll get an item in the cleric's inventory which you can then freely move to other characters.
LArc7thHeaven Aug 18, 2023 @ 12:04am 
in Shadowed Battlefield using light cantrip will work, if you had blood of lathander it also work just make sure not going too far away