Athenian Rhapsody: Thunder Goober's Personality Dungeon

Athenian Rhapsody: Thunder Goober's Personality Dungeon

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TGPD Full Achievement Guide
By PairOfPears3
TGPD is a very small game and it's hard to find information online about it. I Aim to fix that with this guide!
Non-Boss Achievement
EVERY achievement in Athenian Rhapsody: Thunder Goober's Personality Dungeon is tied to a boss but one. And that is

Started a Token

The Started a Token achievement is unlocked after you finish the game. No tricks, no fuss, just beat the game one time and you got it. If you're going for a few of these other achievements, you will absolutely get this one.
General Tips For Bossfights
NEVER use 'Hard Knuckles'
Hard knuckles is a 45B ability on the player character that increases the damage for your next attack. It might sound cool, but it really isn't very impactful, and it's better to save your Burst points for healing.

Know About Burst Mechanics
Burst isn't explained too well during the in game tutorial so I'm gonna give it a more in-depth explanation.
  • You get Burst whenever you Fight or React to an enemy.
  • When you get hurt, you lose a small amount of Burst.
  • You can only use one Burst ability per turn, so use wisely.
  • Burst carries over between fights and doesn't recharge at a save point.

Use Your Companion
Your companion's Burst Abilities may be expensive or bad...but you should still switch to them in battle if you're in a pickle!

Companion can let you tank up to 30HP (Level 5) if your level is high enough, and they can tank super powerful attacks like Meesha's demon screech.

DON'T heal with Items if you can help it
It's way better to use Heal Up for 30 Burst than wasting a turn to heal 10 hp. Using Items ends your turn, while healing with a Burst ability lets you Fight or React afterwards for extra progress and Burst.

Fill your Burst BEFORE the fight!
Rigatoni is an item you can buy from the Dog Pizzeria for 25G. It changes your burst by 30 and you can use it outside of battle for an advantage! If you save the game after eating a bunch of Rigatoni, you'll even respawn with the Burst you had before saving.
Defeated Meesha

Befriend Meesha

  1. Get Sap from the orange-leaved tree to the right of the HELP station.
  2. Go inside the grey house in the top right corner of Gooberville.
  3. Speak to the white eyes in the shadows and begin the fight.

The Fight

Meesha is the hardest boss out of the 4 bosses in Gooberville, and it's all because of one attack.

In order to defeat Meesha, you need to survive 8 attacks.

  • Fishbone Spit
  • Bite Attack
  • Demon Screech

Fishbone Spit
The best way to dodge this attack is to stay near the bottom of the screen. If you're near the bottom, some of the fishbones lobbed high in the air will pass right over you.

Bite Attack
Meesha will turn gigantic and stand behind your dodge box, If you see a tooth appear above or below you, move out of the way before she bites down. Usually it's a good idea to stay near the middle since that's where most of the blind spots will appear.

Demon Screech
Meesha will change to a disturbed face

After the dialogue with this face is over, Meesha will let out a loud screech and fire a line of very fast-moving projectiles directly at you. Since TGPD doesn't have invulnerability frames, this attack can easily one-shot you if not dodged properly.

The easiest way to avoid this attack is to hurry to the bottom left corner and then walk all the way up to the top left corner. Alternatively, you can use a speed up, or sacrifice your companion.

Demon screeches happen on attack 6 and 8, so be ready

After the second Demon Screech, Meesha's pink bar fills and you may choose to either kill or befriend her
Defeated Flipper

Befirended Flipper

  1. Find Flipper in the Real Estate Building. He will tell you to find someone who wants to sell their house.
  2. Go to the house right under the clothing store and speak to the Green Fish.
  3. Return to Flipper and begin the fight.

The Fight

Flipper is an incredibly easy bossfight. In order to defeat him, you must survive 7 attacks.

  • House Attack
  • Rival Realtors
  • Bank
  • Money Stealers

House Attack
Stay close to the bottom of the screen, but don't get too close to the border or you'll get hit when the house under you bobs up.

Literally Everything After That
The rest of his attacks can be easily beaten by spamming the shoot button. Even if you get hit, you get 1 Burst for every enemy you destroy with the laser gun.

After he finishes his attacks and his pink bar fills, you can Befriend him, or Fight him to Instakill him.

The Fly
Defeat The Fly

Befriend The Fly

  1. Talk to The Fly next to the Sap Tree and get him to follow you.
  2. Talk to the red NPC outside Meesha's house in the top right of Gooberville
  3. Talk to The Fly again at his spot and start the fight

The Fight

The Fly is second place in terms of challenge for the 4 Gooberville Bosses.

To defeat him, you must survive 12 attacks

  • Pellet Spam
  • Wheel Attack
  • Arrow Spam

Pellet Spam
The Fly will spin around the dodge box, shooting pellets at you. The best way to dodge this is to stay close to the middle, that way you have the maximum amount of time to react from all angles

Wheel Attack
For this attack I recommend staying low. When possible, get inside the bullet circles. When you're inside a circle, it's much harder to get hit by the spinning bullets.

Arrow Spam
Incredibly similar to the Pellet Spam attack except the shots only come from the top and bottom of the screen. Stay close to the middle and you should be fine. The shots curve slightly so be careful.

After the 12 attacks are over, The Fly's pink bar will fill, and you will have the choice to Befriend or Fight him.
Bedtime Boy
Defeat The Bedtime Boy

Befriend The Bedtime Boy

  1. Go into the house leaking Cream Cheese through a pipe and talk to the man in the bathtub.
  2. Go down to the previous area and talk to the plumber
  3. Go back to the house and talk to the plumber. You'll need to pay him $63 (You can easily get this money by touching poop)
  4. Go into the house and let the cutscene play, then go back out of the house.
  5. Go to the bottom left and you will see Bedtime Boy near some TVs. Talk to him to start the battle.

The Fight

Bedtime Boy is the shortest fight out of the four Gooberville bosses, only lasting 5 attacks.

  • Falling Moons
  • Bedtime Snack
  • Intersection
  • Eating Attack
Moons / Bedtime Snack
On the first attack, crescent moons will fall from the top of the dodge box and break upon reaching the bottom, making extra projectiles. Then, Bedtime Boy will ask you for your favorite bedtime snack, and the snack you chose will replace the moons on all following attacks.

To dodge this attack, stay a bit closer to the top of the screen. That way you won't get hit by the fragments when the moons/snacks break

Cars will spawn all around the dodge box. Dodge this attack by circling around the dodge box without stopping.

Bedtime Boy inhales a bunch of food. To dodge it, just stay at the bottom of the box.

After Bedtime Boy does his eating attack, attack him to instantly kill him.

IF you want to befriend him, go into the React menu and use the Rub Belly action to make him fill his pink bar.
Ultimate Wizard (Genocide Ending)
Defeated The Ultimate Wizard

The Ultimate Wizard is the final boss of the Genocide/Lullaby route. Since it's part of the achievement, I'll write down the steps needed to qualify for a Genocide run.

The Journey:

To activate a genocide route, you must kill every enemy you come across. No exceptions!!

If you're doing it right, the area before Gooberville should turn to night. After the Moon Diety talks to you, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to befriend any enemies for the rest of the file.
After that, you'll need to kill all four bosses in Gooberville.

After that, proceed to Thunder Goober's chamber as usual. There, you'll fight the Ultimate Wizard.

The FIght:

The fight is quite similar to Thunder Goober in the sense that you need to play nonsensical minigames during the fight

There are 6 trivia questions and 5 typing minigames

If we count each trivia and typing minigame as an attack, the fight lasts 22 attacks

Trivia Answers:

Which of these is impossible to eat for breakfast?
- Eggs
Which puppy is the cutest?
- Hotdog
Select the image which is different from the rest!
- Poop on the right
Cornball, do you think it's funny?
- Yes
Is it really that freaking funny [PLAYER NAME]?
- Not at all
Are you scared of me? Yes am I a big scary thunder baby?
- I'm foolish

  • Lightning Spam
  • Split Lightning
  • Ball Lightning
  • Shadow Lightning

Lightning Spam
The Ultimate Wizard will spam lightning strikes on you. These can go horizontally or vertically and will always happen right on top of you.

The best way to dodge this attack is to never stop moving

Split Lightning
The Ultimate Wizard will send a vertical lightning strike on top of you with a delay. After the initial strike, two more lightning strikes will come down to the left and right of it.

This attack is not that hard, and the main thing you need to watch out for is getting cornered.

Ball Lightning
The Ultimate Wizard will spawn 4 bouncing balls inside the dodge box. The balls do not disappear until the attack is over.

The easiest way to dodge this attack is to dodge while staying at the bottom of the screen.

Shadow Lightning
Identical to the Lightning Spam attack but with black and white colors and with a much larger area.

The first Shadow Lightning attack will work normally, while the second will never end, causing a scripted death.

After the scripted death cutscene, you will become unkillable. Ultimate Wizard will do two more attacks, and then you will win the battle.

Demonstration Video by Gon UT
Burgizzalard (SECRET BOSS)
How to Reach:

  1. To reach Burgizzalard, first you'll need the Swim Gear.
    You can get this by going into Meesha's house and interacting with the bin of pool toys on the right.
    The Swim Gear is the best armor in the game, so keep it on.
  2. Next you'll need to reach Thunder Goober's castle and take the fast food bag to the left of him.
  3. Use the swim gear and swim through the river all the way to the right (GET THE SAVE POINT)
  4. You'll reach a happy face Slide Puzzle. You can use a website like AnalogBit[] to solve it if you don't want to do it yourself.
  5. After this you'll unlock an Altar. You must place the fast food inside the altar to summon the boss.
  6. The next time you interact with the Altar, the Burgizzalard battle will begin.

The Fight:

Burgizzalard is by far the most challenging boss in the game, even surpassing the Ultimate Wizard

Unlike the midbosses, Burgizzalard does not have a scripted end.

The fight will only end if you wittle him down to 0HP or fill his pink bar to unlock the Make Friends Reaction.

I highly recommend wearing the Swim Gear and Pointy Twig for maximum stat increases.

Before starting the fight, eat Rigatoni from the Dog Pizzeria to start the fight with 99 Burst. This way, you have 3 extra Heal Ups once you start. (If you save the game after eating the Rigatoni, it'll save you some time!)


Burgizzalard has 4 different attacks
  • French FIres + Patties
  • French Fries + Deep Fryer
  • Deep Fryer + Bouncing Burgers
  • Sliding Burger

(Sliding Burger and Bouncing Burgers cannot be one after the other)

Randomly during the fight, a wizard in a car will appear, interrupting your turn and forcing you to dodge another attack. This mechanic can ruin runs.
One time, I got the wizard before the final blow, Making Burgizzalard attack 4 times in a row.

French Fry Attacks:
  • To dodge these attacks, you want to try and time the shots so they fire high and low. The Fries will shoot directly at you, and do not predict your movements.
  • To do this, you'll want to try and move in a circle near the middle of the screen so you can be nice and far away from the shots once they happen.
  • This strategy is easier during the Patty attack, but harder during the Deep fryer attack.

Deep Fryer + Burgers
This is objectively the easiest attack in the fight.
  • All you have to do is stay at the bottom of the screen and move left and right to avoid the grease droplets and bouncing burgers.
  • The safest spots are the corners since it's unlikely that the bouncing projectiles will land there

Sliding Burger
  • The Sliding Burger will always move in a straight line, stopping once it hits a wall. Because of this it's best to move in a circle around the arena to account for the burger's high speed.
  • The fries are mostly up to RNG but it's usually a good idea not to walk in a straight line.
  • Remember to stay close to the border of the screen!

Defeated The Burgizzalard:

No matter which route you go for, Burgizzalard is no joke. I do believe Genocide is harder than Pacifist for this boss though.

If you attack every single turn, it should take around 10-12 turns to take him down at level 5.

Since you don't get as much Burst as you would from the Befriend route, you'll need to use Heal Ups and your companion wisely. Usually I like to switch to my companion when I drop under 30HP and wait until I have enough Burst to cast Heal Up.

Befriended The Burgizzalard:

If you use Order Up! every single turn, it should take around 8 turns to fill his bar if you do well in the minigame

During the Order Up! minigame, you will control a spatula with the movemenet keys and can flip with the interact key. Burger patties will fall onto the border and start to cook, turning from pink to brown.

Once a burger is ready to flip, it will have a blue arrow on it, letting you know to flip it onto its other side.

If the arrow is red, the patty will then fly towards Burgizzalard, feeding him and filling his pink bar. Each time you feed him a patty, you will gain 1 Burst point. This means you should be able to get 30 Burst every 2-3 turns depending on your dodging.

Demonstration Video (By PrismaticAngel)
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I couldn't figure out how to get Flipper to talk to me.
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That area isn't tied to an achievement, so it's not included here
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What about the secret area beyond the goober drone, the water filled intersection that just infinitely repeats no matter which way you go?