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Thronefall Frostsee Quest D+E Guide
By Termii
Thronefall Frostsee Quest D+E Guide, Showcase has 15275 Score, 12500 should be doable for most within 1 hour
Base Score: 6776
Gold Bonus: 590
Mutator Bonus: 7909
Full Score: 15275
Tip: if I picked 3 instead of 4 Mutators, the Full Score would have been 12728.

The Setup
  • Spear

  • Arcane Towers (increased Tower range and attack speed)
  • Castle Blueprints (increased HP for Walls and Towers)
  • Power Tower (closest Tower has x4 attack speed)

  • Challenge the Tiger God (Enemies deal more Damage)
  • Challenge the God of Destruction (Buildings don't heal full after each Wave)
  • Challenge the Wasp God (first three Waves have double Enemies)
  • Challenge the God of Death (Allied units don't revive in nights)

Base Upgrades
  • Builder's Guild (after each night one House upgrades)
  • Castle-Up (reduced cost for Walls and Towers)
Youtube Video
Written Guide and Tips
Wave 1
Build Base
Build 2 Houses (don't place 2 at the top)
Tip: your Ability lasts longer the lower your HP is

Wave 2
Build Fire Archers
Build 1 House
Tip: use your Character to block the enemies so they take longer to reach your Archers

Wave 3
Build Defense Tower Above lake
Build 2 Houses

Wave 4
Build Harbour
Build 2 Houses
Tip: same as Wave 2 just harder
Tip2: use your Ability the moment your Archers shoot. This way it will be easier to keep the Enemies in the fire longer

Wave 5
Upgrade Base (Builder's Guild)
Build 1 House

Wave 6
Build 1 Defense Tower near Enemy spawn
Build 6 Houses

Wave 7
Upgrade the Defense Tower next to the Harbour
Upgrade Harbour and 6 Houses
Tip: Let your Tower fight the Archers. You and your Archers only fight the Siege machine

Wave 8
Upgrade Base (else this wave becomes impossible)
Build Wall
Build 2 Tower & upgrade one
Tip: ensure your Archers stay inside. It is possible to not lose a part of the Wall

(I advice you to watch the Youtube Video for Wave 9-13)
Wave 9
build all Defense Tower (except one) near your Base. Build the second Wall. Upgrade Houses
Tip: you have to stay next to the right-most Defense Tower. Else you will lose Houses
Tip2: building the Blacksmith with Melee resistance for 4 Gold is recommended. This should reduce the Melee damage taken by 1.3, meaning 23% less Melee damage. This will make the Boss fight a lot easier!

Wave 10
Upgrade the Defense Towers left from the lake. The two upper Defense Tower will be Oil Towers. Upgrade the left one to oil. The bottom one will be a Balistae. I advice you to upgrade that one as well.
Tip: you can group your Archers left next to your Defense Tower. They will be able to hit the enemies without the Archers being able to hit back
Tip 2: if you build a House, enemy Archers will destroy it over the wall unless you body block their shots.

Wave 11
Build Archers (else you will lose Houses to this waves Flyers)
Upgrade 2 Defense Towers to Oil Tower
Upgrade Wall
Tip: watch the Youtube Video. Your 2 goals are protecting Houses from Flyers and protecting the Tower outside the wall by staying next to it

Wave 12
Upgrade most Defense Towers
Build Tank Units
Tip: again place your Archers in the same spot as Wave 10
Tip2: use the Tank units to delay the bottom-left wave for a few seconds
Tip3: start the Wave by standing with your Archers. Move to the right side after they are sure to stand still. After protecting your right Tower for two waves, move back to the left side.

Wave 13
Build bottom-most Defense Tower in the map and make it a Ballistae.
Build Spearman
Build left Wall
Upgrade Units for 8 Gold each (32 in total)
Tip: Troops should be gathered behind your Base so they don't suicide. You need them for the last 3 Boss phases.
Update: I just found out that you can make your units stand at certain spots. You press ctrl to group them. You can either press ctrl to put them in a certain region or press and hold ctrl for 2 seconds before releasing. If you do that there will be a sound, circles below the troops and they will stand in the correct spot
Tip 2: your job is to afk next to Ballistae Defense Towers and the correct Oil Defense Towers. Maybe want to watch the Youtube Video

Boss Phases:
1st: bottom right of lake
2nd: bottom left of lake
3rd: bottom right of lake
4th: bottom left of lake
5th: top right of lake
6th: top left of lake
7th: top of the lake (enemies will enter your base)
8th: top right of lake
9th: top left of lake
10th: top of the lake (enemies will enter your base)
白傻子 Mar 23 @ 12:35am 
Voit Peak Sep 4, 2023 @ 12:46am 
Even tho I completely f*ck%d up because I thought "wHy bUiLdInG AlL tHe HoUsEs iF YoU cAn BuY A mInE" which got destroyed basically every night, I still managed to complete both missions with this guide :D
PurpleSquish Aug 13, 2023 @ 12:58pm 
Great guide thank you!
Rainkyusen Aug 8, 2023 @ 6:25pm 
im at 13,864 right now
zhuwa Aug 6, 2023 @ 5:47pm 
Thanks, good strat on forgoing the left side economy (port/mine). You make it look easy!