The Hermit Chronicles

The Hermit Chronicles

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Achievements guide
By Easy Target
Achievements and how to unlock them. ~10h to 100%

Achievements count - 16
Time to 100% - 10h
Broken/Buggy achievements - 2, Carpenter (Collect 50 sticks). Cook/eat 25 meals requires 25 meals with meat&mushrooms/fish&mushrooms or don't work too

[Inventory limits]
Hold Tab to see your inventory. You can carry x meat, 6 fish, 18 mushrooms, 20 sticks, 15 scrap, 8 heal herbs, 8 wood logs, 1 bow, 12 arrows, 3 rabbit traps, 1 fishing rod.

You can save your game by using calendar in your cabin. You can skip time by sleeping.

Place your resources in storage before you will be able to use them in craft on workbench.

Place your resources in kitchen before you will be able to use them in food cooking using pan.
All achievements do smth X times should be done in 1 save file. Save/load won't help to grind stat achievements.

Now you're a hermit.

Start a new game.

come out of the toilet

Go into the toilet, close the door, open it and leave the toilet (it is in front of your cabin).

Forest lake

Visit this place.

Berry eater
Eat 100 berries

You can't collect them, you are eating them right after picking it up. You can eat limited amount of berries each day. Three days will be enough to get this one.

First death
Die the first time

Sleep till night, go out of your cabin and go to the forest. Soon you will hear scream and monster will approach you. Wait until he kills you (safe before that, it is game over). It takes 8 arrows to kill him and by you can avoid him by sleeping until dawn.


Sleep till night, wait 5- mins, go out of your cabin and go to the forest. You will get achievement after hearing wolf's AWO sound.

Workbench Master
Make 25 things on the workbench

Ctaft any 25 things on the workbench. Craft arrows and rabbit traps, then use to be able to craft again.

Scrap man
Collect 50 scrap

Burned helicopter provides unlimited amount of scrap, but you can have only 15 in your inventory or 25 in stash (you can't collect resources when stash is full).

The Mushroom Man
Collect 50 mushrooms

Grows under trees, visit large grades each day for mushrooms. You can't gather mushrooms if you have 18 already in your kitchen.

The rabbit catcher
Catch 20 rabbits with a trap

Craft rabbit traps on the workbench, place them on rabbit habitat (see map below) and wait till next day (You don't have to to collect meat from traps for this achievement). It seems that multiple rabbits can be catched with 1 trap.
Traps placed in the south spot

Arrow maker
Create 50 arrows on the workbench

Max arrows in your inventory - 14 (Craft arrows when you have 11). You can't craft a new ones when you have 12 or more. One craft costs 3 sticks and 1 scrap and gives you 3 arrows. Craft 50 times to get the achievement.

Catch 50 fish

There are 2 places in the game to catch fish. You and your stash can have only 6 fish. Craft a fishing rod and use it on fishing place. Fishing rod brakes after catching ~12-18 fish.

Collect 50 heal herbs

You can have 8 heal herbs in inventory or 12 in stash. Craft healing badges, sleep till night, get damage from the monster and then kill him with 7-10 arrows. Wait ~5 mins, sleep till dawn and collect more herbs.

Collect 50 meats

50 meat = 25 rabbits (catched by rabbit traps or by hunting with bow). You can have 6 meat in inventory or 8 in the stash. 3 meals is enough to increase saturation from 0 to max.

Forest Chef
Cook 25 meals

Light the stove (requires 4 wood logs) in your cabin to use pan for cooking. You can't cook before eating previous meal. Wood logs can be obtained by chopping wood debris.

It's Dinnertime
Eat 25 meals

Cooked meal will be on the table in the cabin. You can't eat with max hunger bar.